Tree of Savior

How about some love for Chronomancers?


They teared apart my full support wiz :sad:

I don’t like DPS wizard, so if after analyzing everything and there’s no hope for support wiz, I will probably reset into Scout…


The saddest part is that it somehow still makes sense to go Cryo(biggestCON modifier)/Rune(best support buffs)/Chrono(?since we going full support i guess this counts?)

But the Chrono part feels completely pointless.


Wizard tree is now pure DPS with some CC. There’s no more support wizards. In this respect, Chronomancer has no space into any build. If you want to specialize in CC, you’ll go Cryo/Kino/Sage.


IMC’s answer to this thread… remove both Quicken and Haste. :joy::joy::joy::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Moving Quickcast from Wizard to Chrono, wasn’t worth it. A bandaid to the outrage. They gutted the class.


to be simple this thread is:
hey i love chronomancer, make it more op please
make it more and more broken
thank you


Don’t let the door hit you on your way out kid…


it wont hit me ever as its not gonna hurt and i wont go back


I’d love for chronos to at least have one damaging spell that is related to gravity.

Time forward sounds okay for PVP, but that’s about it. It’s a really disappointing new skill, if you compare it to what outlaws and assassins got.

Quickcast is nice, but the wiz main attribute you get at lvl 1 now reduces cast time by a whole 30% and therefore doesn’t make Quickcast as desirable, if it got its +50% magic dmg attribute back, though. :satisfaction:


Chronomancer’s new skill imo is PvP focused, I can’t see it being useful for PvE purposes, even for PvP its impact is very limited due its random target:

Time Forward : “Increases the cooldown of a random skill for all enemies in range by 1 second per skill level. Affects a maximum of 10 targets. Max skill level 15. Cooldown time of 50 seconds.”

All classes of Wizard Tree in Re:Build context have at least one damage skill, even Alchemists and Taoists, Chronomancers should have one too. Time is a powerful force, time passage steals the youth, strength and life from living beings, it deteriorates the architecture of mighty empires into ruins and can turn a great mountain into dust. So, I believe that Chronomancers are too underestimated in Re:Build. My suggestion for this new skill is the following:

Time Forward: Increases passage of time for all enemies in range inflicting damage as a result of aging. Affects a maximum of 10 targets". It should act as a debuff dealing damage every 2 seconds for 20 seconds (for example). The skill factor should be just enough to Chronomancers have some autonomy for Quests content.

Time Forward: Enhance Increases the damage dealt on an enemy with [Time Forward] by 0.5% per attribute level. +10% added damage at maximum level.
Time Flies: Cooldown time of skills from allies in range are reduced in 5% per attribute level. Max attribute level 4.
Trapped in The Past: Increases the cooldown of a random skill for all enemies in range by 1 second per attibute level. Max attribute level 15.
Time Took Everything: Reduces physic and magic defense from enemies in range. Reduction of 5% per attribute level. Max attribute level 4.

I know Chronomancer isn’t a DPS class, but this skill plus attributes are intended to give it more autonomy and relevance. Re:Build is still passing through changes and balances, so please IMC, Chronomancer deserves more love and attention.