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Hoplite & Nak Muay

I have a question regarding Hoplite, specifically Sharp Spear, and whether it works with Nak Muay skills or not. It says increase final critical damage of spear attack. Is this mean it only applies to spear skills and AA using spear? Or does it work with AA of Nak Muay stance and Nak Muay skills as long as I equip a spear?

As for Finestra, it says it is a stance. Does it conflict with Nak Muay stance? It says it is cancelled if changed weapon, but Nak Muay doesn’t change the weapon, so it will stay, right?

I know, Doppelsoedner has so much more compatibility with Nak Muay, but I’m curious with this one.

Thanks in advance.

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finestra buff doesnt dissapear when you use nak muay skill, like matador’s ole


your still good, finestra still works when you use Ram Muay.

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Thanks for clearing up Finestra!

Now waiting for Sharp Spear confirmation :smiley:

finally had the time to test sharp spear :smiley:
Sharp Spear works with Ram Muay, did a comparison using ram muay normal attacks
w/o sharp spear crit dmg is around 15k-16k
with sharp spear crit dmg is around 19k-20k


Hoplite-Nak Muay would also benefit from Epee Garde woudln’t it? Assuming all that worked.

EDIT: I forgot Epee Garde disappear when changing from Rapier, forget what I said.

I can confirm as well that finestra and sharp spear work with any skill, provided you have a spear equipped.

Works with all rodelero shield skills, even if the shield attack attribute is on, as long as you have a 1h spear on.

I do wonder why Finestra doesn’t increase your crit rate in the character sheet, same with gung ho and patk.


That’s why.

Also Gung-ho doesn’t increase Physical attack. Nothing does increase Physical attack anymore after rebuild: e.g: Glass Mole, Frenzy, etc. They increase % damage.

Also Sharp Spear works similar to Hard Shield, you can keep the buff with a 2-Handed Sword if you put a spear on the 2nd slot of your equipment. And that happens with other buffs on other classes too.

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Finestra changes your attack type which gets added in the final damage calculation , and that attack type adds extra crit rate ( hence you can’t see the boost in your main stat)

also this was from my other damage test , but also highlights sharp spear as a final dmg mod. (see top 2 frames )

lvl 13 maxed attribute : 39 % crit dmg

Thanks for the test, much appreciated! :smile:
Now I can unlock Muay knowing it works.

your welcome. i hope your gonna buy the unlock voucher, unless you want to experience Hell like i did unlocking that class :rofl:

happy cupcake farming :cupcake: ~

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This is not true. The script you’re looking at (which is years outdated, by the way) is purely for attribute damage bonus calculation (pierce damage on armor types weak to pierce), and this code in particular only applies to basic attacks. The variable is also immediately overridden by code that follows it, so it never would have done that anyways.

Beyond that, I’m not sure why you included scripts for flat ATK bonus calculation when it has nothing to do with Finestra.

The description of the skill says this.

The tip of your spear becomes momentarily sharper. Critical spear attacks deal increased final damage.
Final Attack Damage +[20]%

The only requirement for Sharp Spear to function is for you to have the spear equipped (stance requirement) at the time of use. The buff will end if you change from a spear, but if the buff persists through autoswaps, it will continue to function due to stance requirement continuing to be met. However, they have fixed some of these cases (like Hard Shield) in KR so it may not work for much longer.

This is not why. It doesn’t increase critical rate stat, it increases your critical chance multiplicatively. For it to increase critical rate stat in your stat window would be incorrect because the skill does not do that, not even conditionally.


Hmm nice info…is this based from coding?

We made some theories like it add critical chance instead of critical rate unlike the skill description. And I believe it add critical rate only to spear hence it doesn’t shows in stats window. But both of it doesn’t feels convincing when tested against plant boss.

By your wording, is it multiply your current critical chance like example 20% leather bonus with 50% multiplier finestra equals 30% crit chance?

It increases your critical chance against a specific enemy as a multiplier.

For example, if against a certain enemy/boss you had a 20% chance to critically hit them after calculation of your critical rate vs their critical resistance, a 30% boost (from level 10 Finestra) would result in a 26% critical chance (20% * 1.3).

This makes it increasingly effective when you already have a decent amount of critical chance, but very weak when you have little. This stacks with the leather bonus of 20%, which would result in 31.2% chance to critically strike (20% * 1.3 * 1.2).


does altarget addon still accurately showing your crit chance against your target?

The only thing altarget does is check your critical chance based on your critical rate vs the enemy’s critical resistance based on the last time I looked at its code. Unless it has received an update that I’m not aware of, it will never factor in buffs or debuffs to calculate past that.

I don’t use the addon.

but when the enemy got sausis glove debuff, altarget show increase in crit chance

It’s possible that it’s reading reduced critical resistance, but this would not apply in a case of increased critical chance as a debuff (which is a different type of chance increase).

They could code for as many cases as they can/want, but like I said, I haven’t checked the code in a long time, and last time I did, all it could read was critical rate and critical resistance to determine chance.

if they show raw % chance, then it is even better, that mean what they show is the minimum (lowest) chance
for example if it already showing 51% before any buff/debuff