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Highlander improvements

Higherlander immortality arts: Upon resurrection all stats (STR, DEX, SPR, CON & INT) are increased by 50% for 1 minute. Every time you make an enemy bleed, this effect is increased by 3 seconds.

Crown: Bleeding enemies receive a second hit by Crown with its full power.

New attribute: Enemies that are shocked and bleeding will always take full damage regardless which attack type you use (Slash, Strike, etc.) on them and disregarding their armor status. (leather, plate, etc.)

New arts: Turns you into mutant type and makes every bleeding damage tick crit. If an enemy has at least 2 debuffs on them, you will always hit them regardless of their evasion. AOE Attack Ratio +10. Highlander attack skills have a 50% chance to deal an additional hit. Crown will receive 5 OH charges, but it’s power will be reduced by 30%. Every minute your movement speed is decreased by 1.

Cartar Stroke attribute: After casting catar stroke, enemies will continously get hit by earth splitters every 0.5 seconds for 5 seconds.

Cross guard attribute: The skill now works with all weapons including shields and will gather stacks every time you crit. Every stack makes you ignore 3% of the enemies defense. Maximum amount of stacks: 10.

Wagon wheel attribute: Now has a 50% chance to decrease the movement speed of enemies by half for 5 seconds after being hit.

New Highlander skill (Higher being): You can now teleport to a designated area on your screen, but all your Highlander skills with more than 1 OH charge will lose 1 OH charge every time this skill is used. Max level: 1