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Hidden Stamps Addon: Track Progress on Hidden Stamp Missions


I’ve created an addon called “Hidden Stamps” that will show your current progress on the hidden missions for the Stamp Tour event. There are four hidden missions, and completing them provides a large amount of attribute points as a reward. This will allow you to see which ones you’ve finished and how far along you are.

Just type /hiddenstamps in chat.


The Stamp Tour event ends on December 3rd!

You can download the addon two different ways.

Method 1: Addon Manager (Easiest Method)

Github Link:
Direct ZIP Link:

You can download this addon through the Tree of Savior Addon Manager. It’s under the JTOS section.


If you’re having trouble, you can check this guide by Cauthon:

Method 2: Direct Download

Direct Link:⛄-v1.0.0.ipf

You can also download the addon and install it directly through my Github. If you do this, you will also need to download acutil if you’ve never used the addon manager before, so this method takes a little more effort.

Place the IPF file in your Tree of Savior data folder, which is usually the following but it may change if you installed the game or Steam somewhere else:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\TreeOfSavior\data

Right-click and “Save as” the acutil.lua file into:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\TreeOfSavior\release\lua

I hope this helps.


A shortened version of the command would be nice too.
Like /hs

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Thanks a lot!

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lol thank you very much, crevox, you’re a hero

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How many att pts per hidden stamp do we get?

  1. 5m
  2. 30m
  3. 5m
  4. 10m
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I could do this but I’m worried about overwriting a slash command IMC might add in the future.

I advise just adding it to your shortcut macros in the F8 menu if you want to check it frequently.

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Thank you so much this is very useful ! :satisfaction:

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Thank you so much Crevox. U Great!

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Just a tip for those having trouble with 150 warp stones:

put all yout characters in Orsha/Klai, then use warp stone + klai/orsha warp, keep cycling warp stones 4x (15 min cd), untill city warp stone goes up again (city warp have 1hr cd).
I made it in 2~~~ hours, while watching series! xD

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Thanks for creating the addon and linking to my guide :satisfaction:

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How do you claim the rewards for these hidden stamps?

Visit the Magic Association NPC, click on “stamp tour” menu item, then choose “get hidden mission reward”.

what is attribute level?

Also you need to talk to the NPC once for each hidden quest! She only gives hidden rewards one by one, even if you have completed all missions. Easy to miss some AP coupons this way…

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