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[Guide] Understanding Addons in ToS Re:Build

Team Name: Cauthon
Server : Klai(NA)
Last Updated : 2019-08-16T04:00:00Z

First: Installing 'Tree of Savior Addon Manager’

Addons are a joy when they work but can be a disgusting ordeal to set up, leaving a bad taste behind. Below I’ll list out the major ones I’m currently using and their functions. My friends and I have done most of the work for you so first thing let’s jump into setting up the manager for Tree of Savior. Follow this link and download the Then using 7zip or your choice file archiver drop the folder into your ToS directory. From inside this new folder you run the Addon Manager application or maybe add a shortcut on your desktop next to Steam/ToS so you’ll remember to check for updates. Quickly before we move on a huge amount of respect and gratitude to our ToS Dev Community for all they’ve done over the years playing Tree. Thank you.


Second: Choosing the Right Addons for You
Now lets move move onto the main event, quality of life addons!
Check iToS before jToS! Addons from both sources normally work but some will have translations that are specific to their region. Sort by Date(desc) and avoid addons from before Dec 2018, around the time the Re:Build update was released. Once downloaded and installed, an addon that was sourced from iToS may start appearing in your jToS feed. While confusing this will not affect how these addons function.

Tools like Google Translate can be very useful to understand the raw text some addons provide.

It is highly recommended that you back up any files/folders BEFORE working on them or installing addons. This protects you and your systems.

[-Starting Legend-]


An ‘𝘼’ will be used to highlight addons that are incredibly useful to Beginning/Returning Saviors.
‘𝜷’ for more advanced play and ‘𝑷’ for endgame, professions or class-specific.
Ctrl+F to highlight a category.
I will s̶t̶r̶i̶k̶e̶-t̶h̶r̶o̶u̶g̶h̶ addons that become outdated and remove at a later date.

𝘼 1. Extended ui

First thing you may notice is my different UI layout. Access to the control panel can be found on the far left of the menu bar. See Legend image #3.



𝜷 2. Stat viewer_ex

Statviewer_ex - Permanent display of your stats in real-time. When you load the addon for the first time it will appear a big block of white text. R-Click to open a select menu, hitting Setting screen takes you to a…it…its the settings screen.

𝘼 3. Save quest

Savequest - From the Quest Log(F5) R+Click a quest to prevent you from turning in selected quests, ensuring free warps and adds movable warp tiles.

𝜷 4. Map mate

Mapmate - Add useful overlays for each map and tracks things like #of players on map and your collections. R+Click to open options.

𝜷 5. Zoomy

Use Page Up&Down to zoom , Ctrl+click give you control of camera.

6. I̶n̶d̶u̶n̶p̶l̶u̶s̶ - 6/24/19-Broken by new UI

Indunplus - Tracks silver and Instanced Dungeons across all characters in the same lodge . R+ Click for options.

𝜷 7. Skill-Item Counter

Skillspenditem / Skill-Item Counter / Remaining Counter - Shows total number of casts with remaining reagent/consumable on the skill bar. Each places the number in a different corner.

𝑷 8. Camp time

Camptime - Keeps track of time left on Squires Basecamp in Days · Hours · · or Hours · Minutes · R+ Click for options.

𝑷 9. Alchcalc

Alchcalc - Type /alchcalc to find out your crafting expensive before buying materials.

𝘼 10. Altarget

Altarget - Highlights your target and displays their hp.

𝜷 11. Auto item manage

autoitemmanage - Automates retrieving items, primarily consumables, from storage. When you open storage the addon will check you inventory and withdraw the items to match the chosen values (ei. I have it set up for 20 potions, if I had 18 in my inventory the addon will automatically withdraw 2 to match). Check-mark all boxes except for top and set up for each character. There is another addon for handling only equipment, but you can also use this one.

𝘼 12. Auto save money

autosavemoney - Automates money and material transfers. For the bottom section you can drag and drop items to add them onto the list.

𝘼 13. Book mark warp - Rebuild

bookmarkwarp - Movable list of your favorite places. R-click locations to save them, then from the list to delete.

𝘼 14. Chat extends

chatextends - Click the Gear icon in the top right corner of your primary chat log to open Chat Settings. Adds many enhanced communication features, best among them the ability to link parties and map locations.

𝑷 15. Check gem roast

checkgemroast - So you don’t spoil gear by inserting gems with negative stats.

𝜷 16.Equipment marker

equipmarker - Makes items of different grades stand out more from one another in your inventory.

𝜷 17. Gem enchant mod

Gemenchantmod - Lets you shift+click abrasives for gems instead of slowly clicking .

𝜷 18. Hair enchant extend

hairenchantextend - Highlight values in color based on power level . White–>Orange

𝘼 19. Journal mod

journalmod - Adds useful search categories in Adventure Journal.

𝜷 20. Market show level

marketshowlevel - Simplifies and better portrays important information of items like cards, gems, and skill scroll on the market.

𝘼 21. Mini map extra

minimapextra - Makes map fog more noticeable.

𝜷 22. Muteki2ex

muteki2ex - Customize-able buff window. Change position, color, mute on a certain character or highlight when under the effects of a certain skill. Button located at the left end of your task bar. When changing Color Tone use this slider, copy the Hex Code minus the # and paste it in after the ‘FF’. FF363e8f for example is sky blue.

𝜷 23. Party info ex

partyinfoex - Provides party members location outside of Party Info window.

24. P̶o̶k̶e̶l̶u̶a̶ - 6/24/19-Broken by new UI

Windows that would normally close instead remain open, useful for events with many max purchases.

𝘼 25. Show hidden map

showhiddenmap - Lets you open the map in any zone. Useful in dungeons like Saalus.

𝜷 26. Statue point checker

statuspointcheck - Tracks the bonus stats earned through Vakarine Statues and story quests completed for each of your characters. Also Practonium, needed to craft most endgame gear though not Velcoffer, and quests unique to each class master.

𝘼 27. Tool tip helper_Toukibi

tooltiphelper_toukibi - Robust and full of information. Helps in collections, crafting etc.

𝘼 28. Treasure map

Treasuremap - Will show on zone map locked chests, hidden treasure, and collections.

𝑷 29. Account Warehouse Wardrobe

Automates retrieval and equipping of gear from your storage. Able to save multiple loadouts.
a. Withdraws and equips selected loadout.
b. Unequips, unlocks, and deposits selected loadout.
c. Unequips what you’re wearing before equipping selected loadout.


𝘼 30. Shop Helper Tool

Shop Helper Tool - Adds bulk purchases to common items you’d buy from NPC vendors.

𝜷 31. Market Favorite

Market Favorite - Open the tab from Market, drag items to add them and R-click to search.

𝜷 32. Barrack Items List

Barrack Items List - View any characters inventory and storage from anywhere. Access from the Addons Hub, Legend image #3.


𝑷 33. Auto Pamoka

AutoPamoka - When you start filling Pamoka bottles is up to you but they’ll be required to unlock set effects on your Legend gear. Having the mod turns them on from your skill bar, and you can set reminders for chosen maps if you arrive with none to fill.
type /autopamoka

𝘼 34. FPS Savior

FPSsavior - Simple button to quickly cycle through quality of graphics settings. At Ultra-Low all effects are disabled and players further than 100-units away may not appear visible.
type /fpssavior lock

𝑷 35. Unbuff

Instead of clicking to remove certain buffs Unbuff lets you recast the skill to remove. Confirmed to work for :
Wizard - Magic Shield
Omnyoji - Genbu Armor
Runecaster - Rune of Giants
Featherfoot - Levitation
Sorcerer - Summoning
Thaumaturge - Transpose

Use the chat command “/unbuff < buff ID >” to remove any buff, and the developer is adding new skills to be automatically benefit from this addon.

𝜷 36. Sub Quick Slot

SubQuickSlot - Lets you create new configurable quick slots for consumables, toys, gear etc. R-click to see options.

𝜷 37. Fast read

Skips the notification window that appears when using card albums.

𝜷 38. ChalBar Moving

The progress bar for CMs is movable, but normally it resets the its default position when changing maps/channels. This addons saves that location permanently.

𝜷 39. Enhanced Targetlock

Enhanced Targetlock - This is an add-on that assists on maintaining targets, specifically bosses. It cannot be used in mouse mode. When starting for the first time, the word ETL appears in the upper left of the screen (it may be difficult to see), so move it to any place. If you can’t see it, type /etl initpos in normal chat to return to the initial position. Right click to change modes.
Normal Mode - When target lock (control key) is active, addon will focus the nearest available boss.
Reinforced Mode - If the boss target is lost, addon will attempt to re-target once.
Overdrive Mode - Will attempt re-targeting up to 10 times.

𝘼 40. Pinned Quest

Prevents the quests from auto-filling the tracker and quest party sharing from switching on its own.

𝘼 41. Post Box Get Item Fixer

Corrects character order when receiving items in the character lodge.
To activate the add-on, you need to start the game once with some character. This must be done every time ToS starts

𝜷 42. CamCon

This add-on is useful for changing the camera position during a photo session. Don’t use it for anything else.
type /camcon

𝘼 43. Better Pick Queue

BetterPickQueue -

𝑷 44. Camp Warp

CampWarp -

NOTE - I recommend going slow, installing and testing a few mods at a time. Get the first group set up then move on to another batch. If you have issues drag and drop suspected offending addons to a separate folder outside of ToS for quick testing.


I want to get zoomy+ again but I need game raw at the moment…

Does anybody know where I can find Clover Finder, and a version of Zoomy that works in Gem Feud?

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It is against rule and a ban-able offence to do so and in pvp, that is why it is disable…

I think here’s the source code for CloverFinder ver2.01.

As DrRM said addons that allow control of the camera in pvp environments is now a ban-able offense. Currently Zoomy+ tends to bug when its functions are denied inside pvp zones, which can cause the camera to not snap out to the furthest allowed distance. Older versions without built in pvp rules/restrictions may not experience this bug, or you can simply turn-off zoomy before pvping by drag+dropping it outside of your addon folder.


Thank you. I didn’t know using Zoomy in pvp was a bannable offense. Good to know.

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ano… maybe u have guide for Muteki2 addons? there is no muteki2ex and im a bit confused coz i dont know where the addons is when in game

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Search the jtos feed for muteki2ex and refer to Legend image #3 to find ingame. I’ve labled it 22

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have some market addon working to show prices in itens and fast place to sell in price order???

Is there any addon to swap equips or to put items with right click into campbase storage ?

Hello sorry can u show how to config sub quick slot for fast swap gear? I want to switch a entire set to other is possible?

SubQuickSlot adds extra slots that you need to click so to preform as you want what you would do is make a 3x3 grid or larger, drag and drop all your gear you’d be swapping before clicking it to equip.

Are there any docs or debugging tools somewhere to start building addons?

I can link you a guide to help you get started that includes the tools, but its in Japanese. Use google translate.

You can try EquipSwap, but I don’t currently use this addon and therefore cant help you set it up.

Go to the addons dev discord, you can get the link via manager, they have the tools there and can help you out

That wiki is a fantastic resource. Thanks!

Just did so. Might start asking questions there instead of here, but since we’re all here already… Does any of you know if it’s possible to attach an ide to the port used to run the addons for real debugging?

It feels like addon building is very barebones if there’s no actual debugging tool or intellisense, but might give it a shot

Developer Console Ex by ebisuke - v1.1.0
In the jToS feed, but you need to contact the developer to gain access