Tree of Savior

Hi, I'm a new player here (SEA server)


And I planned on building a Hunter + Falconer class.
What’s a pro(s) & con(s) of that build?
What’s other class that suitable to fill of that build?


hi svan,i suggest you to drop hunter because pet AI for hunter is bad.
Falco is good class, you can pair falco C3 with any archer class.
You can try archer2-ranger3-falco3-mergen2, that build is newbie friendly.


the con is you will use 3 character slot from your free 4 slot. Every 1 slot you give to pet means 1 day of saalus/CM/raid run you sacrifice.

For example, you need 10 bless shard to make your weapon stronger. Every run of saalus give you 2 shard/day.
if you only have 1 human char, you will need 5 days to complete.
2 human char, need 3 days.


rebuild is coming and you might have to unlearn everything you have now Owo;;

though i kind of enjoyed mergen for my bow type archer Owo


I don’t really have any knowledge about Hunter/Falconer class, but I do have some pointers for leveling faster especially for newbies.

  1. Don’t save your exp card. use them after you cleared a bunch of quest on a single map.
  2. Do your field quest at least up to miner’s village (its a prerequisite for a later important (practonium) quest)
  3. Do your daily dungeons. Best way to easily level up is by doing daily dungeons with additional exp boost from Seed, Goddess Statue, Exp tomes, Fortune cookies, and Dumplings. (its best to stuck most of this items when you run a dungeon for the 1st time.)
  4. After you reach level 100 you can now also do Mercenary Missions which will further give you extra exp up to a certain level

After all of this the last thing to do is either find a grind party or join some mid level to high level CM: Challenge Mode parties and you’ll probably reach max level within a month.

:wink: Hope this helps you out and hope you have fun playing!


Thank you guys for all of your informations.
At first, I saw Hunter skills kinda helpful, then people complaining about Hunter’s companion AI is bad.
I guess I will just skip Hunter class then :confused: and aim for Falconer, and pair it with other class I desire.