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True, and its not like my idea is something original or new that I made up completely on my own. My hope is that the past is what it is, and IMC can reconsider such ideas that Monks have brought up in the past that is still relevant in Re:Build content.

Monk mains have given quite a lot of diverse, varied and reasonable suggestions for quite some time on how to improve the class, but to no avail. The last straw was probably when such ideas was not used for monk, but was used to make Nak Muay, a 1-circle class containing all those ideas, placed in a different tree, followed by it being nerfed to the ground, never to be used again until Re:Build. IMO Monks probably stopped suggesting anything after that and resigned to their Double Punch spam fate or abandoning the class after that.

If players do not know what IMC even intends to do with Monk, its kinda hard to point out and suggest anything since for all we know, it will just fall on deaf ears or just be meaningless suggestions like what you said about IMC not doing Stances. Maybe it will change in Re:Build with how they finally worked out Double Punch stance, but we’ll see (I just hope for the best, really).

All I can do is give as many suggestions in hopes something will happen. :sob:


Nice containment thread


Think the only viable change that can help monk out here is to be a heavy auto attack/status inflictor in which majority of the status effects cannot be nullified via cleric skills, but swordsman skills can. This would allow for great combinations with the classes it would technically be paired with in rebuild (Inquisitor, Zealot, Paladin)

Assuming that skills are kept…

  1. Double Punch - Chance to deal status effect called Accumulation Strike (up to 10 stacks), can be refreshed. Accumulation strike will allow all monk skills to deal extra damage. Each level of double punch will increase damage and effect of the debuff (1% per level). Attack speed will be like an auto attack.

  2. Palm Strike - Successful strike reduces the enemy stamina by skill level. Increased levels will also increase damage. Attribute to add knockback. Attribute to inflict the unbalance attribute if the enemy has zero stamina for attribute level x 2 seconds, max level of 5 and attribute to be part of combo strikes (no overheat used). Attack speed will be half the speed of an auto attack. Range will be like what it was before rebuild. Overheat of 4. CD of 10 seconds.

  3. Knife Hand - Successful strike on an enemy knocks down an enemy flat on the ground. Attribute to reduce enemy defence by 50% and attribute to be part of combo strikes (no overheat used). Attack speed will be third the speed of an auto attack. Range will be half as it was before rebuild. Increased levels will increase the aoe range up to 100%. Overheat of 2. CD of 15 seconds.

  4. One-Inch Punch - Successful strike will result in a slow effect on the enemy. Attribute to inflict silence. Attribute to create an aoe effect by attribute level x 1m, max level 10 and attribute to be part of combo strikes (no overheat used). Overheat of 3. CD of 20 seconds.

  5. Energy Blast - Charge time (skill level * 0.5 seconds). Blast time is skill level * 1 second. Damage will be a combination of both physical and magic damage.

  6. God Finger Flick - Debuff to increase damage dealt to enemy. Higher levels increase the debuff by 10% per skill level. Overheat of 2. CD of 10 seconds. Debuff will last for 5 * (skill level * 0.5 seconds)

  7. Iron Skin - Reduce damage by skill level * 10%. Attribute to change skill to reflect damage by 100% + double the reduction damage of iron skin, however, you will not reduce damage. Cooldown of 1 min, buff time of 5 seconds. Damage reflection does not work against magic.

  8. Golden Bell Shield - Powerful shockwave that will protect the player for 1 second and deal knockback damage to all players within a 5m radius. Cooldown of 45 seconds. Increased levels increases the radius consecutively (ranges are 5m at lv 1, 7m at lv 2, 10m at lv 3, 14m at lv 4, 15m at lv 5). Maxing the skill will increase the damage. Attribute only available at max level to only knockdown the player.

  9. New skill - Combo strikes. Opens up a new tab that allows player to customize combos, skills will not be subject to animation delays. Max level of 5, every 2 levels past level 1 increase the max combo. Combo starts at 3, ends at 5. Attributes to reduce sp usage, chance to not use overheat on skill for non monk skills. Skills on cooldown will be bypassed in the combo.

The final skill point distributions are as follows…

Double Punch - 15
Knife Hand, Palm Strike, One-Inch Punch, God Finger Flick - 10
Energy Blast, Iron Skin, Combo Strikes, Golden Bell Shield - 5

So your builds can widely range from the setup…

Heavy auto attacking with double punch, and everything from the 5 point list with 1 skill from the 10 point list (or a combination of the 4 skills).
Heavy monk combo skills. All skill points in all 10 point skills and combo strikes at 5.
Defensive monk with all 5 point skills, remainder as needed.

Out of ideas, but something that IMC would tinker is making special attributes available for skills that reach a certain level, like something added to Golden Bell Shield.


I just wish IMC would take feedback from iToS more seriously, but with the English language barrier, the bot support replies and how IMC usually only listens to kToS feedback (unless by coincidence iToS players share similar feedback), my only hopes to save the class is via feedback tickets and forum discussions which I really hope they start reading.

Just feels bad that no Monk players exist in kToS to give any proper feedback. Clearly there isn’t a lack of ideas on improving the class.


How can you still hope for something which never happend for 3 years?

I always wanted to play Monk or Plague Doctor. I tried Monk many times and it always felt super underwhelming. At the moment with Rank resets I am happy with Monk/Inquisitor for the time being. The strike debuffs are really good for Inq and Double Punch is nice for quests maps.
The burst is good. But it’s only playable because the only other choice for physical damage is Paladin who does even less dps (which is fine because of other great skills).

It’s kind of sad that in ReBuild the only thing Monk brings are still the strike debuff skills and given that a physical Cleric can take Inquisitor and Zealot then in the end Awoo Form alone should deliver more dps to the build then the complete Monk set.

RIP Monk. IMC never loved you and never will.


Haha, I guess its because they finally buffed Hunter to relevance after years of ignoring and neglecting the class, and saved Scout from irrelevance by essentially removing it as an Archer class and re-introducing it as a whole new class tree. Also because I love the Monk class.

Basically, IMC could fix this if they wanted but … lel time will tell …


Hunter being relevant is mainly because of weapon restrictions and few Class choices in the Archer tree.

I cannot see Hunter being very useful once new Classes are released in the Archer tree to compensate for the lack of Cannon/Musket-based Classes.

The bad A.I. and companions still succumbing easily to bosses and players in PVP make Hunter more of a gimmick than a real functional Class like Falconer.
Imo the new “synergies” with e.g. Musketeer just feel forced so someone takes the Class, similarly to how Pardoner feels currently in active gameplay.

Re:build should’ve carved out a good Class identity for all Classes, but some still feel like forced continuations of others like Miko or Pardoner.

Until they address this issue, the 560 build options will just stay a dream,especially given the plans not further increasing the Class limit per character in the future(meaning you’re stuck with 3 Classes that need to work together in one way or another).

No matter how I look at it, Monk will not have a place in a solid build unless they plan to stack only physical attack Classes(leading to Zealot>Monk>Inquisitor). And if a new Class is released at some point, it will directly replace Monk in its current state.


Me and my friends play this game just to play the classes we like. Some of them play just for the classes, like me with monk. And I think that lots of people just play tos because of their beloved class too. It’s so hard nowadays to find a good game with a punching class to play…

We can even say that the players from ktos are in fault for most of tos problems, because IMC only care about their feedback, and i don’t think they care for same problems that us western players care.


My definition of relevant is a bit different, in that I refer to it as a class having something relevant and useful to contribute to a party in any way (healing, debuffs, buffs etc) in terms of game content. At the very least, Hunter has become relevant in the sense that it can help the party well with its various debuffs in a patch deprived of physical/magic defense debuffs. Probably won’t say its OP due to pet AI probably going to screw things, but at least its viable, much better than a Growling slave that cannot attack bosses beyond Rush Dog and the situational Coursing.

Haha I agree about the Monk bit. Heck, even in a physical DPS build, I see little to no reason to Monk. The trade-off in picking Monk with only half-baked damage and its detrimental class design over other classes with similar/better damage and much better utility skills for your own build and other party members can benefit from, is just a no-contest comparison. Monk is just straight up flawed as a Cleric class.


Unfortunately, it seems that monk is really forgotten. There is no related monk content in the January update plan.



Can only pray something is done before the patch hits iToS


Probably won’t happen, there were no major balance changes for over two weeks now (iirc the last major changes were on the 20th of December patch).

It’s probably better that they don’t do anything right now and bring Re:build on the 15th of January so people on iTOS can actually make videos of how bad Monk is compared to other Classes.

Imagine you get a bad rebalance now similar to how Oracle was handled with the Cleric rebalancing patch and are thus set into stone for IMC. This would be devastating for Monk.

As the Staff stated, if you make a detailed review of the Class there’s a chance it will be forwarded towards the developers.

That’ll be better so the real players can show them what’s bad and needs to be fixed, because if it will be only subject to internal testing&checking again, the chances are high the outcome will be equally bad to the current state that actually passed the quality check.


To be honest, I’ve been doing that for quite some time, along with this thread. I still feel the problem lies in the fact that there are no Monk players in kToS or kTest to even give feedback to begin with, and how IMC is very tone-deaf towards iToS players. I doubt anyone would want to make videos of a weak class screwing things up with knockback and knockdown in endgame content either.

Still, hoping for the best.


Energy Blast got its Knockdown Remove attribute and God Finger Flick got its 10 second debuff back, guess that’s a start …? I’ll take anything at this point with regards to Monk.


Now we can pray for an attribute to remove knockdown from hand knife too :tired:


that’s probably all you’ll get xD

Looking at how extensive the Scout buffs were, Monk was completely left out.

Also,the Re:build FAQ part 3 is devastating for both Kabbalist and Monk.

Kabbalist is now officially reduced to Healer,gg.

Healer in a game that no longer need any Heal because you can outpot every damage you take is a death flag.

Meanwhile,they verified my remarks concerning Clerics Heal, it’s no longer supposed to be a party tool (as you need a lot of investment to keep it viable).


I personally don’t take too much mind with the Re:Build FAQ part 3. That FAQ was released in kTest for quite some time ago last year and it simply discussed the removal/changing of certain skills, not how IMC wanted to balance classes.

As a Monk main I’m actually pretty hopeful to a certain extent. IMO the latest kTest patch was simply to address the Balance Adjustment plans they had for January that they released on kTest, 4th Jan:

The kTest patch was in-line with the plans IMC sought to do in January, and while the plans had nothing with regards to Monk, the kTest patch included Monk changes. If they are willing to still pull out changes (especially changes they didn’t “plan” for) 1 week before iToS gets Re:Build, there’s still a real good chance for things to change. The fact that the Monk changes came out of nowhere with a patch following plans that did not say anything about Monk gives me some hope.

I made this thread to give feedback (forums, tickets etc) about Monk given how non-existent such players and such feedback are in kTest and kToS (only made it quite recently too, like, a week ago). The changes needed is very much a rework, if not close to a rework, and it will probably take quite some time for anything major really, so I’m not expecting big things to come out that soon. The latest Monk changes were probably the easiest and fastest things they can pull out given the assets for those changes already exist in-game before Re:Build, and more changes MAY come in future, Main thing for me is, IMC finally starting to notice Monk.

Then again, the changes were simply reverts that Monk already had before Re:Build, and were not anything game-breaking to begin with, so …

Still, I’ll take anything at this point. :sweat_smile:

EDIT: The changes simply mean that either Monk may not be getting anything more, or whatever Monk needs to be getting will not be coming in the Re:Build patch next week but on a later date.


The fact that there is a new update with the purpose of making underused classes feel good and that the monk has yet to be adressed is a testament of how incompetent this company is.

The monk feels lackluster, the class does NOT represent a spiritual martial artist, just do us all a favor and copy Ragnarok’s monk. That was a cool class that fulfilled the fantasy.

It’s 2019 and you keep releasing new classes while the monk class is still in a sorry state. How is it ok for IMC for the monk to be garbage for 3 years?


Monk deserves some new Cleric class, or a skill overhaul, to help make it viable as a Cleric DPS.
be moved into the scout tree with 2 new martial arts based classes. quick edit one of them could be Nak Muay hehe

When I started theorycrafting a Monk in iTOS I thought of off-heals and decent DPS. So I could heal myself and others to a minimal extent, while killing things the whole time.


I always wanted to make a ROLE PLAY-friendly MONK BUILD.
It was going to be Cleric3Pally1Monk3Taoist3, but that build is lost forever (wasn’t even very good).


I don’t know if I completely forget that this class ever existed or if I keep it with hope.

At least Kamehameha will be usefull to keep enemies away in a possible GxG. Aside of that, there is no other skill useful that other classes can’t do better.

Double Punch —> Terrible even for PVE. Nothing more than an animation skill.
Hand Knife/Palm Strike —> not useful in PVP, and still horrible in pvE
Iron Skin —> WTF 7% of only physical defense. The skill equals like it never existed.
Inch Punch —> good only for the debuff
Golden Bell Shell —> 10 Seconds of Buff? hahaha

Tell me I’m crazy please, this can’t b happening