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~ ✞ ✞ ✞ Here lies Chronomancer ✞ ✞ ✞ ~


Sage can use Dim. Compression, but it pulls mobs around to the one you’re aiming, without locking them (they can immediately move). Kinda hard for a PvP environment I guess, but relatively usable trick for pve.

Magnectic Force (Psychokino) might be better for it, I guess.

And then we have Kino Chrono Sage for PvP, I guess… Let’s see how it will end up.


This is the first video that has Chrono in its build that I’ve seen on live servers. Keep in mind that this is only the 330 dungeon at 390. They didn’t show their gear/stats/attributes.

Chrono - Sorc - Rune


There is hope.


So how would a Chrono build in rebuild ?
stuff like Chrono - Sage - RC ?
90% cast time on RC skills looks promising, like 0.2s cast time RoD is almost instant cast.


I’m hoping for a usable Alchemist, so maybe Chronomancer can be a part of that. Maybe Alchemist + Chrono + Taoist? Taoist seems to be a ton of damage in Rebuild so it’s probably going to be the class that carries that build’s damage.

Sage sounds interesting but as I mentioned earlier, I have zero experience with them (never even seen one since returning) so I don’t know how they feel.


It was too strong for too long. Time to rest.


Chrono got revive class is saved lel


I wonder what happened here.


they all went back to complaining about monk :smirk:


Meme magic saved Chrono-chan.


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