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~ ✞ ✞ ✞ Here lies Chronomancer ✞ ✞ ✞ ~


what is missing is that right now, chrono skills are so focused on PVP, and there is really still no reason to take it outside of pvp build :(, of course everyone can still take it for PASS but still is very on the low side for PVE.
just look at overall this change: solo pass is OP in pvp since is 3x3 and not always you have a friend with you, but in PVE, normal pass is way better!.
QC accuracy buff seems to really allow spells to have 50% accuracy buff or you get flat 50% or higher chance of hitting always one of those two things (google trans), but outside of scouts and their super huge evasion buffs, is no needed to have this type of accuracy buff!
time forward is not needed in PVE as well. edit: they should really have taken this buff to put attribute in time forward, where transform itself in a damaging DOT spell, after all time forward we look at as well lore wise as like the body of enemies decaying and receiving damage by the action of TIME itself, so a attribute like this would be complete valid and make overall pve and pvp chrono a little better, similar as how linker gained a good atk spell in the past too.
STOP new attribute to affect ourselves and remove debuff , screams PVP as well, also if we put it in lvl 15 now it should have 25 cd against 10 sec duration, good as control in pve, but mostly PVP still!
also the revive skills allowing us to revive player now, with 50 sec PASS in PVP, would make super OP as well, we would be able to use all the time, if we combo with stop having only 25 sec cd at max lvl as well, we can really survive and revive allies a lot of times, that the nerf allows us to do, hey talking about this everyone still knows if the PVP nerfs are still working? like the one limiting the amount of revive for example haha.

and to make everything worse chrono is severe lacking Skill point right now :(.


So Slow now boosts damage on basically non-elemental Wizard spells (neat, I guess), but did they increase the area of Slow at all? Especially with the loss of Linker/Hangman’s Knot, I wonder how practical the setup is to proc the bonus in PVE vs groups of mobs. I know there’s the new attribute that gives you a max of 10% chance on attacks to slow, but it’s still 10%.

They’re seemingly trying to push a Time-Space theme here with the Slow bonuses. Does Sage have a vacuum type spell? I’ve never played Sage.


Sage can use Dim. Compression, but it pulls mobs around to the one you’re aiming, without locking them (they can immediately move). Kinda hard for a PvP environment I guess, but relatively usable trick for pve.

Magnectic Force (Psychokino) might be better for it, I guess.

And then we have Kino Chrono Sage for PvP, I guess… Let’s see how it will end up.


This is the first video that has Chrono in its build that I’ve seen on live servers. Keep in mind that this is only the 330 dungeon at 390. They didn’t show their gear/stats/attributes.

Chrono - Sorc - Rune


There is hope.


So how would a Chrono build in rebuild ?
stuff like Chrono - Sage - RC ?
90% cast time on RC skills looks promising, like 0.2s cast time RoD is almost instant cast.


I’m hoping for a usable Alchemist, so maybe Chronomancer can be a part of that. Maybe Alchemist + Chrono + Taoist? Taoist seems to be a ton of damage in Rebuild so it’s probably going to be the class that carries that build’s damage.

Sage sounds interesting but as I mentioned earlier, I have zero experience with them (never even seen one since returning) so I don’t know how they feel.


It was too strong for too long. Time to rest.


Chrono got revive class is saved lel