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Help with Tel Harsha blocking every skills

I’m currently Pyro/Ele/Tao ( also tried Pyro/Ele/Bokor ) … Noticed that Tel Harsha blocks almost 90% of my skills.

Tel Harsha is a Fire Type I see but other attacks are also getting blocked … should I get block penetration? What is the minimum for Tel Harsha and other bosses?

My stats/cards atm … ( trying out wiz class )


Anything I need to improve? cards to use? my ichors are Overlord and int/con/medium offset/critical rate

i don’t recall my attacks getting blocked, although last time I did tel harsha was before tuesday patch. Not sure if they buffed him in terms of block though, iirc my block pen is around 1000±.

try maxing block pen common attribute and see if that helps?

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The common attribute? Hmm … might try if i get more AP XD … And yeah … its uber annoying 10mins left and Tel Harsha still at 86% …

Currently …


I have 742 block pen on my kino-onmyo-rune, doesnt recall any block dmg appeared.

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Now that I look at it … its all DODGE … O.O…

if it’s dodge, probably from one of the candles.

There’s a candle that gives him a large amount of evasion, I can’t remember which one because I almost always kill them all, I never miss the top one though so it must be that one.

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ok, I checked my older videos,

The one that gives evasion is the left one from the top to bottom.

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ohh thanks i do miss them alot … cuz when i use mergen i skip gimmicks and just burst XDD

your accuracy is too low
you need around 750ish to counter his eva and 1k ish if tel harsha get spider eva buff

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I strongly suggest you to check if you have the same level as Tel Harsha. Since every 1 level of difference it takes advantage against you, and every 1 stage of difficulty makes it harder.

Second suggestion: nowadays Evasion stat in ichor are dispensable, you can replace it by Accuracy. So it will be: CON INT SPR Crit Crit Resitance and Accuracy (the most generic Ichors are like that).

Third suggestion: you do not need 3 Stone Whales on your character, 1 is enough. I suggest you to use 1 Gazing Golem (to activate Pain Barrier in order to prevent knockdown, knockback and stagger), 1 Stone Whale (it activates when YOU attack, so 1 is enough to proc it) and 1 May Card (Crit Rate up) or 1 Velnicius Card (Accuracy up).

Fourth suggestion: invest in your common attributes, they are activate in all of your characters. So, get as soon as possible lv 100 on Critical Rate, Critical Resistance, Accuracy, Block Penetration and Evasion.

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Umm guys, I think Tel harsha is hella buffed this week … even with my Mergen which cheese him I’m getting dodge at the start of the run … like no spiders yet but he’s dodging everything XDD … gonna wait for new maintenance … And i was so excited to try wiz XDD

I dunno why, normally I can hit him with my Mergen like no missed or dodges but now he’s so slippery …

anyone encounters this also? or I’m just bad at Wiz …

I’m actually level 459 atm with my mergen … here’s my stats … no armors atm


I used this last week with no problems with Tel having 13-14 mins left … but now 14 mins I’m at 65% O.O dodging everything …

With wiz i recall it doesn’t miss its attacks right? or they changed it now?

Common I just added Accu and Block Pen …

They buffed Telharsha’s evasion stat in the ep13 patch. Not sure by how much, but before patch, I had 600ish accuracy and I don’t remember ever missing, now I have 1006 accuracy and I miss all the time.

Not sure if they buffed crit resistance and block though.

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Hmm … that’s quite sad … but understandable XDD no more easy runs XDD … Guess I need to buff up and change ichors again …

This change made him and glacia much stronger in terms of accuracy requirement.

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No wonder … now to hold on stage 7 and spam stage 1-4 again XDD thanks guys!

You really must not allow him to get Evasion Buff from Spider Altar. Otherwise it will spam avoid on your attacks.

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try with ranger steady aim acc attribute ,

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i just kick his ass 5 minutes ago with 1k acc, still fine
simply use daino scroll
ez 50% acc buff

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Ooooh~! forgot those scrolls I’ll try after reset … thanks

I tried again with my mergen/appra/ranger and it goes well now that I added common 300+ Accuracy and yes~ I turned on the attribute for Steady Aim XD it really helps. Though I want to main wiz but I guess pyro/ele/tao isnt a bossing build …