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[HELP!] Returning player. Wiz -> Ele -> Warlock

Hi, forum. I returned like 2 days ago and I left the game before the Re:Build patch. I had an Wiz3 - Ele3- Warlock3 , and with the new class overhaul im completely lost.

I noticed that i can select Warlock as second class (It isn’t a mandatory 3rd class anymore?..).

What skills should I level up?

I remember having Hail,Meteor and Electrocute to the max with Elementalist, but i noticed he has Storm Gust now and the Claw one.

Warlock, I had Mastema, Pole of Agony and the Spirits thing, but now has the Demon Scratch thing.

Help! Some Walock masters out there! Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

Check this Guide: Re:Build Guide to All Wizard Classes

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Nice to see someone quoting my guide. I’m in the midst of making/updating a new one which I hope can help new/old players alike.

Back to the topic, you can choose 3 full classes now. For example: Wizard - Elementalist - Warlock - ??? is 3 extra classes and you will get all the skills of those classes.

Warlock now do not have great synergy with Elementalist. Warlock is best paired with other dark classes. Below are some options

  • Featherfoot gives an extra 30% dark damage on cursed enemies which helps Warlock a lot. Featherfoot also has good single target DPS and self heal
  • Shadowmancer’s “Shadow Condensation” causes [Blind] on enemies which allows Warlock skills to do more damage (30% for most). This [Blind] now lasts 3s but will be buffed to 10s in future. Shadowmancer also has good single target DPS but kinda overshadowed by Featherfoot at the moment. Will need to take for the future buff to see how well it does
  • To some extent, Sorcerer’s Salamion have a chance to cause [Blind] as well. Sorcerer is a good filler class with strong auto attack from Summoning. Riding is fun as well
  • Bokor’s Hexing increases the minimum critical rate of dark property attacks to enemies. Bokor also have strong AOE with Damballa (+ free zombie summons yay)

Not saying that Warlock cannot be paired with Elementalist, but in this era of Re:Build, we are looking for synergies between classes that can best complement each other.

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I would add Onmyoji to the list for someone that returns and was used to Elementalist with Warlock. The class will provide AoE and 20% damage boost to dark attacks after using Yin Yang through the Harmony attribute.

Best ranked Warlock build is currently Warlock-Featherfoot-Shadowmancer. You could also try that.

Much thanks!! The problem is I already advanced to Elementalist, but i will check the guide!! Thanks a lot ª

Actually how good is this build? Like I can see the synergy with the 3 classes but I personally just feel on paper it doest not have much AOE. Switching either Featherfoot or Shadowmancer for Bokor seems much better for AOE.

I wouldn’t switch out FF if I were you, the easy to apply +50% dark damage is too good to pass up.

@rrvlacruz if you’ve already chosen elem and you like it you should turn to elem synergies. Pyro and Taoist are actually the best right now
-pyro for the Storm Dust + Fire Ball / Flame Ground + Meteor combos,
-Tao for the tri disaster charm that makes monsters take +50% fire ice and lightning damage and very good single target damage to supplement the strong elem AOE

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I would probably go for Warlock - Featherfoot - Bokor. I personally have a Warlock - Shadowmancer - Bokor but I do feel the Featherfoot version would be better but I kept my build because I wanted a Shadowmancer for this sub character.

I feel like there isn’t really a good reason sadly to choose Shadowmancer over Featherfoot. Shadow Thorn does x2 hit on grounded enemies with no debuff and 4 overheat (blind ignores 50% Def) but Kundela Slash can hit 3 times + 100% more damage on curse and has 3 overheat. Kundela Slash just seem superior. Every other Shadowmancer skill seemed underwhelming. Maybe I’m not using Shadowmancer right I’m not sure.

Shadowmancer will be buffed in future but I’m not sure how significant it will be.

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I have another question, Im following your guide and It’s so , so useful, great job and thanks a lot!

But i noticed like, in most cases, I see most of the skills maxed up beyond the 45 skill points that the class gives you total. Is there any way to earn more? Or am I not understanding the guide in the proper way? Thanks!

Sometimes I put them (1-15/15) is to give you an option to whether you want to leave it at 1 or max it at 15 for example. Skills which I would say must max are like (15/15). 45 is the maximum so you need to allocate in the way you want it to be

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Much thanks for everything!!

I actually am in the midst of updating and making a new one

I’ve updated the Warlock portion so you can see if it is of any help.

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Elementalis Warlock is actually a really good build, specially now with the new raid boss being holy element. Using elemental escense you can get 200% damage with your dark magics.
For Warlock I would say FF is a must, and after testing many classes I’ve found tree that hare really good:
-Elementalist for the mentined 200% damage and with the new atribute you can reduce penalization when attacking dark enemies. And some good AOE skills too.
-Bokor Mainly cause Hexing to reduce Magic def and Damballa which is one of the best AOE skills in my opinion.
-Chronomancer Backmasking can extend Kurdaitcha and Pole of agony and give you basically double rotaton. Besides that you’ll have party support and utility, not only because of pass, but Backmasking and Reincarnate to revive allies ans Stop yourself to save from one shots in the new raid, taking cursed from allies and making yourself invulnerable.