Help Priest solo/team build


Hello everyone,

I’m a new player and I would like to create a Priest
I really like the fact to buff and heal my team but I also want to be able to solo and do decent damage to help my team
I don’t want to be only here for buff and heal only

Anyone have a build to have a Priest capable of pretty good damage and solo stuff?
Thank you guys for your help


Why you want to be healer but not be the carry?

Good luck.


Oh wow, thanks for the build and your fast reply,
I was just thinking that cleric cannot be the main carry, maybe I’m wrong
Should I not take Inquisitor first?

I also saw that people also do Druid - Priest - Exo, which one is better?


The one with better weapon is better.
Druid Exo is counter hard by flying mobs and themselves.
Zealot is friendlier for low level. (imo)


Okay thanks a lot

I’m going to try your build then :wink:


By the way what stats should I invest in? full STR?


offensive stat (STR/INT/DEX/SPR) doesn’t matter in this game if your base stat is low, and you can see the build itself have balanced stat with 193 STR. So it’s hard to hit over 600 STR in this build, meaning STR is not mandatory and not worth to invest.
I recommend get as much CON > STR > SPR for this build.


Okay thank you

Oh and one more question, are skills of zealot and inquisitor based on physical attack (STR) or magical attack (INT)?


everything scale on patk, except Maleus scale on ur and target’s matk.


dont go zealot you really dont need it, and if your are not gear you ll be a burden to your team mates


He is a priest, he is the savior.


From the video, this cleric look insane !!
What is the build on this video?

Is zealot really that bad?


zealot is not bad but is a double edge sword if you dont use fanatism carefully it will kill you
this is the build


Thank you,

Going with Priest first?
Should I not go Paladin or Inquisitor first to deal some damage early game?
Full CONS as well?


If you go with zealot, max fanatacism, not immolation.


I’m still hesitating between

Zealot - Priest - Inquisitor or Priest - Paladin - Inquisitor

I’m struggling so bad…


Okay so I decided,

I’m thinking that the drain HP from immolation + the inability to heal from fanatacism + the drain SP from Fanatic Illusion it’s not worth it as I saw a lot of videos where the main damage are principally coming from Inquisitor

So I would prefer to have more utility skills with the Paladin

So now my question is: Should I go with Inquisitor - Priest - Paladin? to have at least some DPS skills at the beginning?


What about Inquisitor - Priest - Oracle? that allow me to regenerate SP and also insane debuff with Death Sentence, boost skill level and last but not least an immune skill


I’m also deciding between paladin or oracle in this build. Anyone chime in on what you gain and lose either way you go? I’m at work and can’t load the builder on my phone :confused:


I’m new in the game and with cleric class too, I have a Inquisitor, love the concept skills dmg all and want to take Oracle as the third class, but the second I’m not sure… Inquisitor-Priest-Oracle sounds good, also Inquisitor-Paladin-Oracle.