Help Priest solo/team build


Hello animositygamers, happy that someone is also using the same build :wink:

So first of all if you still consider Zealot, I personally don’t like it:
Immolation take your hp and Fanatic illusion drain your SP so bad, I’m easily low on HP / SP with those skills… The only benefit is Emphatic Trust (not that insane but buff with cleric is not bad) and Fanaticism but the no heal condition is so bad… There is also Blind Faith that can make crazy damage for boss but consume half SP…

So I spent a lot of time analyzing the skills of both Paladin and Oracle and see the synergy with Inquisitor - Priest and this is my conclusion:

Paladin: Add clearly more defense and add another heal (is it really useful I don’t know), Allow you to buff element resist and debuff element resist (but with Inquisitor and Cleric you don’t have any element attack except Holy but this is not in the debuff, so this debuff is only for your teammate), Add a bit more DPS (is it really good? I don’t know), Add barrier immune defense (Oracle does too)

Oracle: Add a regen mana and Stamina, debuff enemy magic damage taken and increase damage receive by enemies (this totally replace Fanaticism from Zealot and there is no CD, less powerful but all your teammate can benefit from it so I think it’s better), Add an immune shield (Better than the Barrier of Paladin as it block every attack), add increase skills level, Big spell shot for tanky monster instant -40% of max HP (similar as Zealot with Blind Faith but better in my opinion as it doesn’t consume half SP, of course the monster will heal double the spell damage but you just need to use this spell to finish a monster and then it won’t be an issue)

So in conclusion for me the Oracle is much more worth: he has a better immune spell than Paladin, allow you to debuff better than Paladin and his element debuff, skill to regen SP and stamina and has a good finish skill to destroy monster

The good part in my opinion of Paladin is: more defense for you and your team and more DPS (is your DPS really better if you count the debuff of Oracle? Not sure)


paladin’s conviction double dmg of smite, god smash and demolition. 5s cd.
Paladin: better for yourself only.
Oracle: better for your team.


Hello andresfs333,

I personally want Priest in my build for his buff and heal so I never considered my build without it

After if I think about it, it depends on what you prefer, Paladin give you a heal like Priest (less powerful I think) but insanely more defense than Priest, the Paladin also give you debuff in element but you don’t have any element attack with Inquisitor so maybe the buff damage of Priest will give you more DPS (but Paladin also have two more attack spell so I really don’t know)

And of course Priest give you more utility buff for your team (revive, attack buff, heal…)

This is only my opinion from analyzing skill, I’m still new at Cleric so if someone with more experience can give his opinion as well