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Help on End Game Gears

Hello all,

In regards with building end game gear from scratch, is there any particular order i should follow? I.E. Anvil enhance, transcendence, add socket, gem and etc?

Also in terms of enhancement and transcendence, is there any tricks to get to max level?

Thanks a bunch :slight_smile:

1buy gacha
2sell costume wing doll
3rich of silver, buy +21 endgame gear from market

that is the shortest path

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check out

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[quote=“What to do at High Levels / How to get Stronger [Version 5.0] Game Tips and Strategies, post:1, topic:409474”]
aining the jewel, you can select it in your inventory and a window will appear in which you can place yo

This is great stuff, thanks

Is there any tips and trick to get anvil enhancement to say +11? or is it just pure luck?

Pure luck. There is a chanse table you find online, dont remember the exact numbers. But from +9 and forward its allways 51% chanse of success. Feels like bullshit though, but thats what they claim =/

Doesn’t feel like 51% to me …

there is one. Wait till next episode, they might put +11 T10 varna box as episode reward