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HELP! ALL my characters disappeared!

Hi! I returns to play after a long time but when I enter the server asks me to create a new team name, and characters, but I already had a team and characters, all my characters disappeared and I do not want to start from zero again T_T

Server Name: SA

Team Name: Kazo

Character Name: Diecinueve

Are you certain the team was on SA (Check NA Klaipeda), maybe it is on another server…

also, When did you joined the game, maybe the team was created before the official release of the game (during beta)

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i am sure that i creat this account in SA in 2016-05-13 ( i have a pic). i play for 1 months maybe. i dont know what happen in all this time. :S

you can directly paste images, and it would be nice having something more visual…

hmmm lot of things have changed, I can recommend sending a thicket to support and PM a Staff member…

Hopefully someone like @STAFF_Yuri can check your info and track down where your team is or return it to how it use to be…

I really appreciate that you are answering me, all the day I was looking for the data as account name, team and steam account, and retrieve them and send a ticket to see if they can help me. (i have 2 steam acount, this is the second and this is where the character are)

Sorry THIS! is the real account (ivanzak19)

I found the Account with that Name “Kazo”

It created on 2016 05-13, and it was deleted by player at same year 05-26 and 28.
Both Character levels are 34 and 1.


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