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Hello, can someone help me to troubleshoot 'Protection Mode'?

I was playing just fine, since i found out i disconnected. I tried to reconnect and it said 'Start the game from the home page, and remove the protection mode.

Note : I’m an SR with a high hope to have a vaivora and change my job do Bulletmarker, what should i do? I do nothing just to farm :frowning: Is this a mistake?

someone probably mistook you for a bot. though i’m pretty sure there is a standard procedure that GM’s do before doing so. like interact with the suspected player, and if the player keeps moving without responding for a period of time, then it may be identified as a bot or someone playing the game using unconventional methods ‘w’;;;

u got banned. try send ticket and ask for reason. my alt also got banned once even i just login it for open warp shop

but, in fact u play only sr and only farm by ignore everything around u. possible one of ppl who greeting u is gm

When did you get ban?

1yr. ago. i appeal my id and ask for investigate to prove i didnt do anything wrg. now alrdy unbanned