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Havnt played for 2-3 years now plz help on build sugestions

is wugushi good now? what are the meta builds?

Wugushi is good, but there are better classes.

Meta DPS: mergen (2h bow)
best party support: appraiser
best self buffer: ranger

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Wugushi is good but it isn’t a meta class. I really like this class tho.
Meta builds depend on what you want to do. If you are soloing bosses or going with a party, if you are going singularity etc.
There are some support builds and offensive ones.
Meta builds may include: appraiser, hunter, falconeer, mergen, ranger and arbalester. Sometimes you can include fletcher depending on your gear.
Canooneer/matross can also be played, but I don’t see many players going this build. I heard it is very good and deals a lot of damage.

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for easy time u can choose between
mergen-falc-ran for pure aoe+everything else and has a decent bossing too

matross-cannon-xxx prefer app/hunter depend on which content u aiming
app help is boosting ur damage and debuff boss
while hunter provide stun/looting for more survival and also pet skill really hurt now with arts
complement ur lagging of bossing skill as wel

for more focusing on bossing or already max lv u can also try
tigerhunter-musket -app/fal/hun


they really need to endorse this link to become more standout in the front page for newbs/returner
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