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Harvest Festival: Grow a sapling of your own!

Greetings Saviors!

We have made an announcement regarding ‘Harvest Festival: Grow a sapling of your own!’.

You can check the details at our official website from the following link.

Link :

Thank you as always for your continued support, enthusiasm and love for Tree of Savior.


IMC Staff

Seed reward is scuffed lmao

exp books

Hello, i planted 1 seed at 13H30, then i put back 4 seeds at 14H at Tenant Farm CH2.
I go back at 15H today and to my surprise there are NONE. not even others players one are here.
The event is buggued…
Server : Fedimian.

I think there’s something wrong with this event? I was able to collect a sapling in about 25min instead of the 60min it says in the event page, and when I collected it, I got:
-2 star Abrasive
-4 star Abrasive
-Instance 1 entry voucher(14 days)

I feel scammed :tired:

Then I waited the 60min to collect the next few seeds, and the rewards speak for themselves:



If I recall, those were the rewards from the previous Sapling event.

Guys, they literally copy and pasted the event code with no edits
I bet they “fix” the drop table in the event announcement instead of giving us the rewards they first promised :joy:


also the wbr box bug. please take a look

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Oh, so i weren’t remembering wrong, it was really those past rewards.

Imagine extending the maintenance several times and still getting it wrong.


Here at IMC, this is the absolute standard we abide and live by.

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I planted 5 of them … came back 60 mins later they all gone O.O like … wtheck …

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they are needing only 20 minutes, i know that site stated 60, i also planned to wait for 60minutes but as soon you plant them you can check how much time is left to collect luck for me i click on mine as soon i planted and thus it showed 20 minutes to collect!!

image it need 60min

5 of mine only needed 20 minutes.
once i put it down, i talked with it and showed “time left 20 minutes”,and then i was there 20 minutes later and i harvested it just fine, but is still the old event prizes.

mine is alrdy 0 after 20min
+5min after still cant…

it need 60min :tired:

Wow they gave us more seeds … gg … i guess much better than xp tomes … but wait! isnt the prize exp tomes? gg imc …

notice this under the thread lol …



They just copy-pasted the last event (20 minutes to wait, one hour to go, rewards).

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today again all seeds on ch1 in tenant farm vanished.
wtf you can’t even do a single event right?

I also lost mine again in channel 2, I’m thinking it’s when I spam seeds at the same time

we are thinking its when there’s no one in map for x time.
tenant farm ch1 on fedimian was full of seeds, came back and there were none, all gone.

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