Tree of Savior

Harvest Festival (Dec ‘18)


Get your farmer gear ready, because harvest season is in again! Chomp on your daily batch of Red Seeds for a handy buff, or grow them into a set of delicious rewards!


Simple solution: tradable abrasives

IMC solution:

  • trade gem
  • use untradable abrasives
  • trade gem back



My plant has gone after 20mins back to Greene Manor field.
I didn’t stay on that map and I do not know the map has crashed or what.
So sad. :sob:


can other ppl still steal the plant?

  • Each crop is marked with the name of the team that planted it, and can only be harvested by a character in that team. Crops cannot be harvested by characters of other teams.


Same here. Basically, IMC wants us to stay 20 minutes WAITING in the map for the plant to grow. Fantastic. Great job, IMC.

Also, did you by chance log another character in during the seed time? I think it might have been it…


IMC please make better events. Jump event was boring as hell , and now this one! Help me like you!


old harvest event was the best!


I think it’s the same as base camps. If no one is in the map then everything disappears.


I can confirm that if you leave the map your plant is gone. Basically you have to pick a character, wait 20 mins and harvest, otherwise it doesn’t work.


Same here, after plant seed, switch character to do rainbow event, and plant gone after i come back 20 mins later.
All plants planted by other ppl there gone ,too.


Yup same just lost mine smartass IMC