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Halloween Midnight Rumble

Greetings Saviors!

We have made an announcement regarding ‘Halloween Midnight Rumble’.

You can check the details at our official website from the following link.

Link :

Thank you as always for your continued support, enthusiasm and love for Tree of Savior.


IMC Staff

omigod… summer festa exhausting event part 2 :frowning:

i wish they made Halloween event art contest again, been looking forward to it :frowning:

chill down imc… we got nothing good for a month and now its event bomb each week

btw we havent got any legend casual raid…

the event duration wont let us grab all most important stuffs unlike summer festa which i can grab all goodies plus some extra left. or i hope they just typo in some item cost.

this event deserve 2 months duration like summer festa

let this end at early january then start the christmas event. we got late halloween so its ok to get late on christmas as well.

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Another nice rewarding event, but imo implemented badly. A lot like the “sprout event”, they over-complicate the event to be able to maximize the rewards, causing headaches for people who want to maximize the rewards.

  1. What they should do is adjust the cost of the items to be 50% and adjust the sweet treat drops and how to acquire them, then make the max team daily sweet treats to be 2k.

  2. Then allow you do EITHER the event dungeon or the normal play to contribute to that 2k total and NOT separate their totals. This way it allows players to choose to play the event or solo and do their own things to accumulate up to 2k. Make it so the event dungeon gives more per time spent so people have incentive to participate in the event.

The way it’s currently implemented, you’re inclined to have to participate in both and run multiple times to maximize the rewards. You want to give players options in their gameplay. There’s gotta be better balance to rewards and time spent. This event feels like they dictate that we need to do both normal gameplay and event dungeon instead of either, and that contributes to the stress and chore like nature of these kinds of events. Sometimes people want to log on solo and casually do stuff without having to do the event dungeon and work toward maximizing their rewards at their pace. Sometimes people wanna do the event dungeon with friends/queue or want to max their treats quicker for the day than doing normal stuff.

you can solo the event dungeon too dude.

i think of what they did is actually making options.whether you wanna get 2k via dungeon,cm etc or another option is doing one event for 2k. or for some hardcore they can do both. i don`t see it as what you so called over complication. its actually simple. think again.

agree.i calculate it and i need like 200k which cant be accomplished within 1 month.

I don’t mean complicated as confusing. I meant it seems to be mechanic over bloat and convoluted for an event.

If I were to claim the blessed cubes after the halloween (current ones) were taken of the stores, would I get those right? but what if I claimed the cubes after the new ones were released would I get those instead?