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Guilds using statue at gtw, for other guilds cant click the tower

Some guilds are abusing of this " bug ", using statues at middle of the gtw tower, and no one can click to get the feudo.
Its getting anoying cause they are doing this for such a long time, since the new gtw updtade.

Almost all the guilds are using this.


everyone are using this, fix it pls.

I don’t see any problem with that

Your guild does the same thing :clown_face:

" ALMOST ALL " não sabe ler querido ?

ooooooooooooooooooh yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh boi here we go

Haven’t you guys heard of the new reworked GvG content, Guild Territory Worship?



My kind of content, worshipping the goddess.
:satisfaction: :satisfaction: :satisfaction: