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Guild Skills/Investments

Hi Devs & Staff,

A guild is an organization of people that put in effort, time and a lot of resources to level. However, certain old features like farming and taming are no longer relevant to the core of the game. And in the current state of game, having a bigger guild slot is of more advantageous for general content along with GTW/Boruta.

Currently, the guild I’m in is Level 19 with, Level 11 for members, Level 4 for farming and Level 4 for taming.

It’s a total of 6 levels wasted on farming & taming.

Remaking a guild is an option but considering the amount of resources & time taken, but it would be foolhardy to attempt.

As such, could you provide a guild attribute reset?

Thank you.




I hope to hear a solution to this issue as soon as possible, Thank you


I too would like this change, every guild should have an option for this.

I join the request.
No one use “taming”

maybe taming should buff pets/mount for higher stats. Else useless :tired:

I couldn’t agree more. We deserve to have some form of guild attribute reset especially when there’s an incoming update involving guild facility and such. If it can’t be done in due time, then I would rather suggest that the amount of guild slots added should be increased by at least 5 as opposed to what we currently have which is 3.

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/20 happy popolions