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Guild Point Abuse?

team name : Fufa
server : Telsiai
Dear IMC Staffs, @STAFF_Yuri @Staff_Alex @STAFF_William @Staff_Jin @Staff_Brand @STAFF_Bob

Regarding to my account was restricted due to “Guild Point Abuse” shown in log-in page, let me clarify more details below.

Me and my guild master, DestinedWing was planned to spam guild raid, Pantorex, on 22-Aug night by spamming guild raid reset voucher from guild mileage shop inside hangout.

Guild raid reset voucher 1 ea can be exchanged by 5,000 mileage points.

My guild master tried to use guild master role transferring his guild contribution point to me via guild master function since the reset voucher can’t trade and he want me to buy them for spamming it when he offline.

After that, I tried purchase guild raid reset from shop and found that it’s allowed only guild master to purchase.

End up, we spammed pentorex raids for a while by using guild raid reset via my guild master.

My account got restricted later.

These are all facts happened on that day which you can check via server log, so please explain what’s “Guild Point Abuse” meaning, in this case? Since end up, all guild raid resets were purchased by my guild master, and we didn’t abuse anything from this case.

Please help re-check and let me know if you need more details on this issue.

Thanks and regards,



Donate silver accumulate points > exchange points to Guild Raid Reset from Guild NPC > spam runs

How is that illegal lmao. Not like there is a weekly limit that was illegaly bypassed .

Did you guys forget the guild NPC changes you added a few months ago, removing ore sack as well.
Nothing really much to spend on after the removal of ore sack.




So using a legit ingame function is abuse now? wuuut


@STAFF_Yuri @GM_Francis @Staff_Jin I am guaranteed all he wrote above were the facts. Feel free to check my account log for reference.

I tried to transfer my guild contribution point to him at first but not success for some reason. After we knew that only guild master can purchase it. I bought some reset voucher and spammed raid with him. No any abusing or extra benefit we got from this case.


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imc??? :heeey: come on… :tired:

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Hi @STAFF_Bob @STAFF_Yuri @Staff_Alex can asssit to investigate this case? It is really weird that get banned by such kind of reason.

Fufa is a nice guy and what he do is just heping guild to do raid. :sad:

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Why is IMC banning someone who is using a function(buying guild reset vouchers) added by themselves? They should’ve added a weekly buy limit instead like with mercenary badge items if they want to prevent something like this.

But no… Let’s ban people who don’t have any other use for their guild mileage instead. Great work IMC!

Not like there is anything else to spend in that store either…
They removed the all time favorite “Ore Sack” as well.

Who the F*** uses Adventurer Bracelet and Necklace. With all those accumulated mileage, and ore sack gone…

@STAFF_Bob @STAFF_Yuri @Staff_Alex

Hi it would be awesome if you could provide the process on how this investigation was done.
Just having a login notification of how he was banned is unjustifiable, having a more detailed case would really help to clarify things… it just seemed really unfair as they had no ill intentions, and was given permission by our guild leader to claim the resets.

Using too many guild points = permanent ban. Exploiting the game = temporary ban. Botting = nothing done. Go figure…

Being useful for the community = people spit on you.

My forum account got banned a while ago for whatever reason (which I suspect some post being a whee bit too sarcastic like usual) so I need to post from my laptop since it’s not just an account ban but a plain ip ban (for those who make dozens of forum accounts I need to know how you do that once your ip is banned…). Meanwhile I see people plainly insulting the staff or making defaming posts and nothing is done about this so they keep coming back for more trolling. I just don’t get it…

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Greetings, saviors.

It is fully possible for the user concerned to initialize several times and carry out guild missions, which is not a reason for sanctions. The user was sanctioned not for that reason, but for the detection of abnormal access to the server using client and packet modulation or other illegal external tools.

Im sure i didn’t use any tools or even vpn.
What i did was just re-log and log-in into the game when the raid was done.

and why the message that shown in log-in page is about “Guild Point Abuse”?

Can you give me more details about this?

As I was spammed panto raid with him at that time, steps are…

  1. I triggerred guild raid via guild master command.
  2. Fufa clicked join.
  3. I chat with raid statue to enter the raid.
  4. Fufa enter by chat with raid statue too.
  5. Wait Pantorex spawn.
  6. We kill Pantorex.
  7. We leave raid via select other chatacters UI.
  8. Repeat 1-7.

All steps, we both manually do it, could you help check my account record compared with his log?

To be fair, since I used all the reset vouchers myself, he just follow as a helper. Is it possible that leaving raid via select other char UI can cause the error that cause the abnormal access to the server? Kindly recheck it.


Oh right because they used an in-game function legally then gets banned because of the number it has been used. But bots are free to roam around for months when they’re clearly using “illegal external tools”.


Not like the servers have been well for the entire past 2 weeks. How do you expect packet data/logs to be accurate if servers keep crashing every 1 hour or so.

Are you definite that the packet data collected be in no way tempered as a result of an unstable server? What about players forcing end task for client_tos.exe via task manager due to the buggy quit game interface.


I’m waiting for evidence.

@Staff_Jin Could it be because of your lame server that could mis capture things? lol

This is due to the detection of access and manipulation attempts that cannot be detected only by normal game activities.
If there were no actual intended attempts as you say, more detailed information and verification procedures are needed to verify the occurrence of these abnormal logs.
Searching and verifying these information may require a certain level of security, so please forward the details through your account ticket.

He will submit more ticket tonight. However, I want you to use common sense about this case.

It’s no point for him to use 3rd program to enter ‘tenet garden map’ at that time since all the raid reset voucher at me, his guild master, and I can kill pantorex in 1 shot which you can check from server log. He just manually help me by spam entering raid together and leaving raid by ‘select other char’ UI which that may cause the error abnormal login you mentioned.

I supmitted a ticket for more details about this issue.
Pls reply as soon as possible because I really enjoy playing this game. Don’t let me down IMC.