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This Guild shall emphasize unity that doesn't have a need for power to demonstrate might and force. Its existence is already known to perform supremacy.

With this in hand, Night Raven is born.
All of our beloved members shall embody Loyalty, Honesty, Honor and Perseverance.
We shall promote Love, Peace, Respect, Justice and Equality towards each other.

Rules and Regulations shall be governed to everyone without any
exemption of position to show order and serenity in all of our endeavors.

As a Family, protection shall be guaranteed for each and everyone from
any form of oppression and tyranny but any form of misbehavior will not be tolerated.
Proper and vindicated retribution will be employed for such manners.

Ranks and Positions are realized not to express sovereignty among others
but to give mandate and instruction to maintain democracy in the community.
These Ranks are given to deserving Night Raven member who can illustrate explicit
leadership, adequate maturity and professionalism.

Night Raven had shown distinction and has lived up to its legacy that lingers in the hearts of many.

The Guild is never meant to elevate gaming over real life activities.
Instead, encouraging good liaison to oppositions and allies, nurturing
gaming skills, developing natural abilities and capabilities, and
develop better citizens in the online gaming community are the
aspirations of the community for its constituents.

Each members shall strive to create a name that is synonymous with humble strength and responsibility.
Holding other idealism as a guideline for unity and strength
and members filling each others weaknesses is what we are all about.

As our maxim declare: ‘We are weak, but together we are strong’,this signifies
that - alone, frailty and vulnerability is our adversary.
But as one, we are in our utmost superiority and we will never give up on any hindrance.

Every members must engrave this in their Hearts for this will be their sword and shield to battle out any challenges.

This is an international guild to be founded in Zemyna Server(May change on the official launch)
Guild Master: Etherstar Nightraven
Current Members 80



5 Days of Absence shall be equivalent to expulsion. Giving notice or mail to your Guild Master/Veterans will prevent you from being expelled. Explain your reasons by sending mail.

Guild Master
The format for guild leadership is that of a parliamentary system. All decisions are ultimately approved or ratified by the Guild Master. The responsibility of discussing and debating the current issues, topics and concerns are held by the 4 star Generals then handed over to the Guild Master. With that said, decisions are not made in a vacuum. Instead, the Generals apply past experiences of the guild, feedback from other high ranking officials and other officers and feedback from members as the situation warrants. The overall goal of all the decisions made is to make Night Raven the best guild possible for all members. Feedback from members is encouraged regularly and plays a large part in the decision making process. All members have an open door policy and that anything presented in a respectful manner is read, considered and weighs into final decisions.

4 Star Generals
There are 4 High ranking officers next to the guild master and this are the 4 Star Generals. These people are the top brass and are second to Guild Master in terms of overall authority. The Generals are the key people in global guild policy decisions and within the guild these are the people the guild master trusts and relies the most heavily on for feedback. The responsibility of discussing and debating the current issues, topics and concerns are held by the 4 star Generals then handed over to the Guild Master. Having that said new policy and decision made by the Generals are not final, it is passed on to the guild leader for review and final say about the matter. While the need for new policies come often depending on the situation, I cannot emphasize more that this role is very important and such, these people should be respected at all cost for they are the higher voice of this guild.

Application Form
In-Game Name:
Game Time GMT?:
Gaming Hour a day?:
Mic Yes/No:
Can you download RaidCall yes or no?:
Submit Application through here or e-mail @ ""
if your not online at that time no problem will send a mail or reply to your post here.

Raid Call ID: 11873125

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