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Guide to Fencer / Doppel / Bullet Marker [PVE]

are you banking that the enemy team doesn’t always have PD? I see corsair being better at this tbh

about the rapiers, yes you want venier for balestra base damage nuking

Yeah PD is bad news for this build lol.
Should i use rapier + shield or rapier alone?

depends, probably for mdef only since what you’ve chosen doesn’t have pelt

if you have a peltasta rank though it’s a different story, blocking can be a complete beast sometimes against dex archers

True, without pelt in the build I wouldn’t benefit from a high end shield as much.

What about a 1H sword + shield pelt 3 -> doppel 3? Could it work now that DoV’s penalty is reduced? A doppel with decent defense/block sounds fun.

might work but it requires a very good timing specially with zwerchhau, or I could say it’s very predictable because when you switch to 2h sword they will know that you are already trying to attack


reason why your rodel misses sometimes

even my high dex(almost full dex) murm misses with oghma lol

fencer and gvg ? have chance ?

This is really strange. I have about 750 acc and seems not enough to deal with them. Mob with 464 eva but seems 800 lol
Maybe that -2 Block is bugging acc.

hay , need to use reset scroll soon so im asking , what it current meta for doppel ? sw2barb3 or s1hi3b1 ? pve endgame is my goal , cheers

that nuttafly also makes my sissels procs, and I didn’t see any eva buffs lol, maybe I need to re-check my game cache

Also, today is the day that I will return my two handed sword and costume to this guy

Rip Crown, Crossguard, Crosscut, Cartar Stroke, Wagon Wheel, Moulinet and Skyliner
I’m hope to regret this and leave tos forever! ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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What char are u re-rolling and what to?

@Kascly - the buff is passive, the monster may have 400+ base eva but the passive buff is different, you won’t see the monster using the buff but it’s innate, like our line #2 buffs I guess

it’s the addon that shows hidden monster buffs, checkout addon manager

I downloaded it because something seems wrong with Gosarius, turns out I was right, Gosarius has slash attack resistance

Meta remains the same from before, both barb and HL are being buffed.

if you are choosing between sword2 and HL1, just pick between 30% restrain and 5 more seconds of PB or 50% critical attack stat attribute and cartar stroke

That works exactly like Rogue’s Evasion. Flat 20% (lv2) chance.

This might be a little different than rogue’s evasion, the ones rogue use and some monster do is an active buff, this one I have on my screenshot is passive.

try walking around lhadar and nheto forest without doing anything and just checking monster buffs, they have passive evasion buff by default.

or did you mean that they actually have flat 20% by default? is this from the new patch?

I remember my fencer not missing anything at all while grinding on these maps

I meant the hidden-buff works exactly like Rogue’s Evasion, it seems.
Been trying searching around for hidden buffs on my Miko to see what everything does ever since I got that add on. Shall test more deliberately when I find a testing partner I guess.

Hmm yep tested with my full dex very high accuracy fencer

seems like this is IMC’s way of balancing physical vs magic…sigh

they throw in high mdef monsters

now they throw in uncounterable evasion monsters because physicals have a lot of armor break sources

Got it.
That explains why I didn’t missed attacks with my first r8 char @.@.
Ninja patch to “nerf” physical classes.

Okay I tested again, this time with 1k accuracy vs nuttafly

I never missed, but with 902 accuracy I miss a lot

soo…RIP high str builds?

I will really have to get lolo leather gloves now, that thing has beast accuracy

In the end the issue was not demonas/oghma :smirk:

well, it’s partly the issue because they have low accuracy

I think 1k accuracy = no miss on these monsters (from what I tested so far)

but when I remove virtov leather gloves and put vubbe, I MISS A LOT, that’s 900 accuracy with vubbe