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[Guide] Tel Harsha with Assisters - Healers

Hi everyone, this guide is destined to help all the healers that want to clear the Tel Harsha with assisters.
Not necessary about all the mechanics, but a full guide to do the content with your assister.

Being a full time support character sometimes is a little bit hard, but not impossible <3

The first step, you need to check the assisters, so how do you choose your assisters?

My personal choice is:
Froster Lord

Why? Froster Lord is the best assister to finish this Dungeon, he has a skill that attacks long distances.
Tantalizer and Misrus are good DPS too, but always in shorts distances.
Nuaele is more for support, but if you want a full dps build, you should change for ignas.

About doing the dungeon with assisters, you should know that the attack of your assister is based on your healing, which means you should use all the items to help you increase healing:

  1. Blue card = Boruble
  2. Green card = Rozalija
  3. Juoda accessory

When we are talking about the build:

My favorite option is: Cleric > Diev > Oracle > Pardoner
Diev: mainly for CD buffs
Oracle: Arcane & Death Sentence
Pardo: Indulgentia & Discerning Evil

But if you wanna play safe, you can choose Priest instead of Pardoner!

Now, let’s talk about the Tel Harsha <3

First, you should go to the map (irredian shelter) to enter the raid.

Before entering, make sure you already select the assister (you can’t change it inside)!

First thing, buff yourself:

  • Don’t forget the Guardian Saint

After, choose the Difficulty:
Assister will be summoned if there are 2 or more specific classes, and stage 4 or under!
Classes available: Dievdirbys, Miko, Oracle, Kabbalist, Pardoner, Priest, Plague Doctor.

Chose [Candle Spider] Remove Pattern, -Stage 3
→ Closed, Boss spawns after closing.

Ok, now the important part! Something you should know:

  1. The assisters gain more DPS if you buff them with your heal.
  2. You should heal the assister 4 times to activate the buff, and has 1 minute effect, you can rebuff with heal, and the assister will reset de time.
    3)They can only be buffed with heal, another cleric buff does not apply.

So back to the Tel Harsha:

Use your arcane (optional) to record your current SP, cause you gonna use it everything now.

Buff each assister 4 times:
You will see that they are buffed when a blue circle is showed under them.

About the One-Shot Ash Mechanic: To avoid this you have to use fade, with the art Fade: Shift.
But, you should be very careful, you become invincible for 0.5 seconds, so my tip for you:

Use when the Tel Harsha put his mace up, that way you will skip the mechanics.

  • You can skip doing the mechanic with the pounds (grab the fourth one when his skill is charging on “you”)
  • You can skip with revive or revenge!

If your first assister dies, use Summon Assister skill to revive him, but it’s only available for the first assister you choose.

So that’s how you buff your assisters to clear the Tel Harsha! If you want to know the mechanics % you can check in this forum: Tel Harsha Stage 7 Guide

The only difference is that you don’t have the mechanics of Spider Altar.

If you wanna check the full video clearing this raid with assister, please check it here: Tree Of Savior: Tel Harsha - Level 4 - YouTube

Hope it helps, it took me a lot to clear quickly, but knowing about the buffs is very easy way to clear the Tel Harsha with assisters.

Thanks! <3

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Team Name: JubsOka
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