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[Guide] Swordsman's Battle Manual (All classes) - By Cathexis


its still not enough to make up for deeds buff and cyclone’s damage, but this doesnt mean fencer is bad.

unless someone shows the math, i’m stuck assuming fencer is subpar to doppel 1 for shinobi due to low synergy on some skills fencers usually grab


Thanks to this, but after long hours of reading, analysing, and watching videos, I concluded that Deeds of Valor, while is the best buff you can afford in the Swordsman tree, seems a little to restrictive on its activation. While the +50% attack seems great, the fact that you need to stack it everytime you recast it is so underwhelming to be honest, especially in WB environment where you need to dodge or at least be inside a Safety Wall (which won’t increase DoV’s stack). And thanks for the heavy explanation, especially on the Barb part, shed me some light. Will try creating a Barb focused character later on.

In the end of the day, I chose the Hoplite 2 > Corsair 2 > Shinobi, which makes more sense to me because of the synergy they have, albeit the loss of lv 15 Stabbing and Finestra. Hexen Dropper is just too much too lose…


i would reconsider on hexen alone. hexen does 7 hits per use. cyclone does 12-16 depending on if its lvl 5 or 10. plus if r8 doesn’t offer you anything, you are stuck with only dragoon as a viable choice after shinobi. going hoplite3 into doppel gives you doppel 2 as a second option.

ya while deeds is hard to use, and it only affects your physical attack not your overall damage, it is still super strong.


Even though it’s 7 hits, the synergy with Spear Lunge is the reason I picked Corsair in the first place. I could go for Doppelsoldner at r8, no sweat. Even though it’s C1, it gives a lot; Cyclone lv 5 is already great, then there’s DoV, etc. The only reason I would pick Doppelsoldner C2 is probably if I went Barb after the kTOS merge, on my second character that is.


Question here, I’m leveling up a Hoplite going for the cookie-cutter build Hop 3 Dopl Goon, but I’ll like to know if Hop 3 is really that good/necessary. Corsair C2 doesn’t sound that appealing for me.

So is Spear Throw and the +5 Finestra are that much important?

I usually don’t like to follow cookie-cutter build so I was think to get just c1 Corsair, just for farm, or c1 Catph for the block penet. attribute.

I don’t care to much of being the highest DPS, just want to tank & hold aggro with no problem.

Anyone that have some experience with those classes want to enlighten me I would be very pleased.


hi, I’d like to get back on a swordie but I do not know what make build, ideally build a solo PvP / PvE.
At first I wanted to build a classic hop / dop / drag, but would like to make a good tank for the low damage of the sword, but then I do not know … I wanna a tank with a bit of damage, and utility (debuff rode? repair squirre ? money Cors?)
Is there a build “perfect” tank? we must make you more characters for each field (PvE / PvP), full-CON? str / dex / spr?
I watched some building and I like a built pelt / rode / swordsman, but with it you can squirre repair itself alone these facilities?
Few would build to offer me and a little more detail and less if it’s more for PvE or PvP ect … with a short description of the essential spells.
And that we should not do with certain build.
Thank you! (Sorry bad English)


Hi, Cathexis
I’m John
I’m an Indonesian ToS player by the ingame name Cronjihen.
First of all, with all due respect, I thank you for this beyond awesome guide. This guide was the first thing that gave me confidence in picking a swordman as my first character. To be honest, I’m still playing that character. I’m also still using this guide whenever I hit a roadblock as a swordman.
This guide has also become the foundation of many swordman players in my country and I believe 99% of them are thankful to you.

Currently I’m playing this character
Sw-pelt-hop-cata3-dragoon with all-around stat STR - DEX - CON = 3:2:2
I mostly use 1 hand spear and a shield because of my pelt choice and my fate to be the “tank” or provoker for my party, whether I want to or not.
I have always been satisfied with my build no matter what happens.
Until recently…

This game is fairly new in my country (as I’m writing this, the game isn’t even 3 months old), so preparing for earth tower is still something very rare to find here.

I know well enough how swordman doesn’t shine in earth tower, but there’re a lot more things that I don’t know
I refuse to be linear just as you said I want to build my catagoon to someday clear earth tower together with my party.

Here are my reliable skills that will definitely be used in ET

  1. Guardian 5
  2. Swash buckling 5
  3. Finestra 5
  4. Stabbing and pierce 5
  5. Earth slam 15, doom spike 10, rush 5
  6. Serpentine 5, gae bulg 5, soar 1, tooth 4

My stat is str : con : dex = 3:2:2

I was thinking of converting my stats to
Str : con : dex = 1:4:2 just for the sake of going tankier for ET
But i have also heard that spr gives more block amd magi def so im a bit lost here
Do you have more advices for me?


Btw guys any idea what is the prioritize to spent silver around lvl 220+?

There are many things to do such as give enhance to equipment, buy strong equipment, upgrading damage attribute, which one should be prioritize first?


Hi guys.
I’m swordsman c1 / higlander c3 / peltasta c1, but, i dont know what to pick in ranks 6 and 7 with a High dex build.

I wanted a pvp skill spammer build, and i was looking for something in the next ranks like Doppelsoldner C2, fencer C2 or Dopplesoldner C1 + shinobi. So i want to know what do you think that is the best pick to fit in a pvp build.

Also i want to know the difference between swordsman c1 / higlander c3 / peltasta c1 / Fencer C2 and swordsman c1 / barbarian c3 / peltasta c1 / Fencer C2. What build is more pvp? Are they both usefull for pvp? I know that barbarian has stuns, but higlander has some tools to disable enemys like crown for mages and a good defense reduccion, some knockbacks and also have acces to inflict bleeding and has a more consistent dps than a barbarian.

Sorry for my english, i will appreciate all help.


Hello guys! Been following this guide. Since doppel c3 dragoon c2 and new rank 8 classes are about to be released, any updates on the guide?


Hi, thx for your guide
I have a question related to the dps of the build
If i go Swordsman C1 - Peltasta C1 - Highlander C3 - Doppelsoldner C2, will I lack of dps later in compare with Swordsman C1 - Peltasta C1 - Barb C3 - Doppelsoldner C3.


good guide for beginners who want more of a dps swordsman… though this guide was never recently updated and the way the author plays as a swordie (getting only pelt c1). let me just comment on how u treat some of the peltasta skills in the higher circles as lackluster (high guard, butterfly). in fact, these skills are good and somehow compliment with the frontline tank that cqn dish out dps while blocking any incoming phys attack of mobs and bosses. with the proper tweaking of stats and skill build, pelt c3 can work wonders in both pve and pvp


Not sure if @Cathexis is still playing the game, have not seen her/him for a while now. Don’t expect a reply any time soon.


He WAS just taking a hiatus, but I’m pretty sure he’s going to be massively pissed about having to reroll most of his max level characters due to recent kTOS buffs that are coming to us.

Since IMC doesn’t offer skill/stat/class resets.
Pretty much anyone who took off-tank classes in the swordsman tree is going to have to reroll.
Which is what this guide recommend.
I’ve personally already uninstalled the game, since this is the 6th time I’ve had to reroll a character due to IMC fundamentally changing my build and offering no compensation…

The short version is:
This guide is outdated and you are better off picking an archer or wizard…
Since they can deal more then 8x the dmg of swordsman, and pretty much every non-tank swordsman that picked an off tank class for survivability has to remake their character.


Any1 can enlighten me? I start to make two handd build , S1 H1 B2 now i need to take B3 and DpS3 too , how my stat build can be? 80 dex 80 con and all str viable for pvp? i dont want to kill all :stuck_out_tongue:


i dont want to disappoint you but thats the truth, barbarians and doppels are bad for pvp, you’ll lose to cataphracts, you’ll lose to shinobi corsairs, and you’ll lose to most wizards pvp and clerics.
if you want to pvp anyway, i would take 100-120 con and at least 100 dex so you wont miss 100% of the time since you dont have restrain, the rest is up to you. i’d also add up to at least 150-200 str because you need block penetration.


After your reply i sold my 120-170-220 barbarian gear…Rerolled to my sorc.
I have SR , Monk , Sorc and i give a luck to my sorc now , she is 155 lvl and my server is dead for some grinds.

Thanks for reply, i m gonna leave this game soon like my friends…


nice man really cool


Thank you for this, this is great.

Although, you said that being a Swordman and doing tank doesn’t need to Swasbuckling and hold C, I agreed with that as I can tank and run around and make enough damage to keep agro of mobs and Boss without being hit when doing mercenary mission, but all your recommended builds took Peltasta in their second circle, thus, make me sad and afraid more to play on a party.

I know this is not your fault, neither i bash you and said that you’re wrong, it’s the developer fault, but for me, who took sw-sw-hop-cata-cata-cata-goon this make me (or other who don’t took Peltasta as the second class) insecure to play on party.

I’am level 229 right now, only had a grinding party once, on Tenet Garden at level 45-50, after that just doing solo grinding because nobody wants a Swordman without the infamous “gong” skill and C button.

I hope IMC fix this somehow, someday, maybe they should remove the maximum counts of agroed monsters for all Swordman class, this will not make Peltasta class unnecessary at all, as Swashbuckling just make it easier and it still make them “special” without degrading the other players who didn’t took Peltasta, and by that we Swordmans can be more reliable and became a true “tank” build.

P.S. Will I ever reach level 280 by only depending on Siau mission, daily Dungeon, EXP Card, and solo grinding? it seems that grinding on Storage and beyond, especially Earth Tower, need Swashbuckling? :disappointed:


Great guide sir, thank you for making this one.

I do have a few questions though. Once I cast Swashbuck, when I switch to 2-H spear, will the buff disappear?

I was planning to create Sw1Pelt1Hop1Cata3Templar, but Sw2Pelt1Cata3 looks better. What are your thoughts, guys? :smiley: