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[Guide] Swordsman's Battle Manual (All classes) - By Cathexis


thought this is outdated thread…


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too sad most of people who create guide which is popular to everyone are quitting…looks there not satisfied of the content TOS have…

now we look for new people who create a new guide for new classes release this Q4 of this year…


Hey! Anyone know if this will get updated again / if there is another similar guide / have knowledge yourself to answer my question?

I am currently building to go swordsman > peltasta > hoplite > cataphract3 > dragoon > dragoon2 / lancer.

But I am curious if instead of that i should go swordsman > peltasta >hoplite2 > cataphract3 > lancer, and skip the c1 of dragoon for 100%uptime on finestra? I am not sure how worth it is either way!


nope, i do come across some kind sould helping out in swordman section,

but so far no1 kind enough to make a full compilation/guide etc

sadly, @Cathexis quit already…


i would say,
for pve : you want hoplite 2 and dragoon 2 in the same build.
for pvp : cataphract 3 and lancer.


Just want to say thank you @Cathexis for your guidance and thoughts on all these classes and ranks.

I’ve read the older hoplite guide of yours (since late last year) and this one to understand better where should I go.

I’m having lots of fun now with my Corsair Rank 1 and its Jolly Roger (yes, it is a underestimated skill - you should try it at level 10 or higher. I will.) and Devil Spin skills. Spinning and killing stuff (environment) fast.

I chose Spear as main weapon and I’ll probably go like this:

  1. Swordsman First Circle
  2. Peltasta First Circle
  3. Hoplite First Circle
  4. Hoplite Second Circle
  5. Corsair First Circle
  6. Corsair Second Circle
  7. Dragoon First Circle
  8. Dragoon Second Circle

Corsair is VERY FUN to play. I recommend you guys to try it.


just since i havnt been here for a while. Is dual wield corsair with dagger/sword now worth playing again?

Thre used to be this S1 H3 C2 build where you went full dex and used the armour break from the highlander for lots of damage. However, once the duration got fixed it wasnt really such a good build anymore.


Hey there @Cathexis, the best guide I have ever seen, helped me a lot!

I have a few (not so few) questions:

1- Wich is better to use: Equipment that increase the stats (STR,CON,DEX) or thoose who increase only certain atributes, like Physical Protection, evasion or magic defense?

2- is useless for a swordsman spend points in SPR?

3- Wich problems may a I suffer with this char?

Swordsman -> Highlander -> Barbarian C2 lvl:85

Stats Builds (trying to make an All-round build, something like STR 3 : CON 2 : DEX 2)

(I’ve made some mess with my STR, but I’m fixing it)

STR 63
CON 45
DEX 42

Equipement: (I can’t use more than 5 links, so every time you see this “º”, isn’t part of te link)

Hogma Greatsword (hºttp://
Tenent Chain Pants (hºttp://
Nepenthes Gloves (
Sirdgela Scale Boots(
Zachariel Bangle (
Bearkaras Bracelet (
Saphie Necklace (

4- About classes
Swordsman -> Highlander -> Barbarian C2 ->Corsair C2-> Doppelsoldner C2

Seems good or theese are better?

Swordsman -> Highlander -> Barbarian C3 -> Corsair -> Doppelsoldner C2

Swordsman -> Highlander -> Barbarian C3 -> Corsair C2 -> Doppelsoldner

Thank you very much in advance!!

P.S.: I’m not very good with english, forgive me if I wrote something wrong or strange.


I believe Cathexis quit around a month and a half ago. Like most of the sane people have.


@thebloodyaugust Oh… :confused: sad end…

But everybody opinion counts, if anyone help me I apreciate.


Equipments that increases stats because stat gives multiple attributes, example CON gives both HP, block, and crit resistance. Nonetheless, still depends on the value, you need to weigh them.

Yes, it’s useless or rather not worth the point per gain.

IMO, dont take too much CON since it’s a PVE build, also no SPR. Maybe like (30 CON: ALL DEX). As for gears, you dont need to worry about gears until lvl 170. Use whatever you can.

at R8 you should take doppel C3 else you will be gimped, omit the corsair.
something like:

sw > high > barb c3 > dop c3
sw c2 > barb c3 > dop c3


I’m a lvl 175 Swordsman-Peltasta-Hoplite-Cata 2(lvl 14)

I came back from a 6-7 month hiatus and would like to know if it is worthy to reset my rank.
My skill build is the following:
bash 3,gung ho 5,concentrate 5,pain barrier 2
umbo blow 5,swash buckling 5,guardian 1,rim blow 4,
Finestra 5, Pierce lvl 5, Stabbing lvl 5
Earth wave lvl 10,Impaler lvl 1,Trot lvl 10,Doom Spike lvl 5

Would like to know if it is wise to reset my ranks and replace all the skills,etc.


but this is good pve mobs right? im more of a pve player… :smiley:


Ok, so here’s my stats/loadout:

Lvl 153: Swordsman 1, Highlander 3, Corsair 1

Str 128 (7+110+11)
Con 45 (8+32+5)
Int 4
Spr 4
Dex 41 (5+35+1)

+5 Velniup and +5 Arde Dagger
Cafrisun Set
Some Feebly Enchanted Headgears
Bearkaras+Crystal Bangle
+10 Str Amulet

and here is the build, up to R6 Corsair that I was following(was going Templar, but friends all decided they no wanna play, lol.)

so I wonder where I should go for R7 and past. Should I get C3 Corsair, if so which ones do I max? Ignore pistol use and max Jolly/Dust/Hexen Dropper, Ignore Hexen Dropper in C2 and use that to max Pistol, Dual Wield, Jolly Roger and Dust Devil?

If not Corsair 3, then which of the classes should I get? Fencer? Doppel?

I don’t think Dragoon or Lancer would fit with going any kind of dual wield, but I could be wrong.

Up till now I happen to thoroughly enjoy this character(Way more then my Cleric 2, Diev 1, Templar 3, Oracle 1(wannabe inquisi), so I don’t want to just drop it.

I read some of your starting stuff, but there is 1700 posts to go through, so that’d be like getting keelhauled to read all the way through it all.

Any suggestions would be appreciated, in all honesty.

I’m leaning towards a C3 Corsair, but are we not expecting R9 in the future, if so, might it not be prudent to think about maxing Fencer? I’m not overly sure of the end game builds.

Please note this character is set to PvE, not PvP, so there is that factor too.

Thanks for any help y’all give me, appreciate it!


I’m doing a farming build, Swardsman 1, Highlander 3, Corsair 3, Doppel. Purpose of this is just to be a fun farming character to abuse corsair passive and Double pay earn. However, I’m wondering if it would be wise to drop a rank of Highlander and instead get Peltasta so I can have Swash Buckling 5? Would it be a good idea to have a taunt to assist with farming/mobbing at the expense of weaker Highlander skills? Or should I just get Highlander 3?


Hello, I need help deciding on a class for rank 7 on my tank build. I’m deciding between Peltasta 3 or Shinobi, based on which one will give me more DPS. I don’t know if the clones or the Pelt 3 moves + Murmillo attributes will give me more overall DPS per minute. This is what my Shinobi build looks like:

If I choose Pelt 3, my skills will all look the same as they did in Pelt 2, except I will have Butterfly and Umbo Thrust maxed.


First of all, I want to Thank you for making the guide. it helped a lot of newbie players like me. so now I have a question regarding my build. I’m planning to make a All-Around build, but mainly for PVP.

** you can view my Classes and skills that I took here:**

As for the stats I’m planning for the High Strength PVP like this one, (PvP)
STR 3: 1 DEX : 1 CON + all the points acquired from statues, quests, etc.

Why did you pick those classes? - Mainly I like moving fast and at the same time, Can kill in PVP
What are you looking for in your character? (What is your playing style): All-around but priority is PVP
What are your doubts about it, etc. : I’m not sure if this build is good both PVE and PVP. thou my priority is for PVP.


hi guys, i am a noob and i found this build, i think its pretty well explained but i wanted to know if with the new patches and all that stuff its still usefull? are those the best stats? (its 1:2 CON:DEX)


This build looks reaaaaaaaaaaaally old. Back from when full DEX builds for crit rate was still a thing.

About Stats:

You can still make murmi DEX build, but it’ll be mostly for block penetration and PvP. If you want a PvM build I would say focus on STR. You can get a bit of CON for pvm, but not too much (less than 100). If you want to focus on PvP you can even go full CON.

Class Selection:

I see no point in picking a templar for a murmi build. Unless you really want that templar in there, I would advise against it. Remember nowadays you don’t even need to be a templar anymore to be a guild leader.

You can switch the templar circle for either Shinobi or Peltasta c3. Both are good picks.

Shinobi is better at burst dps against bosses. Peltasta C3 is better at mobbing more enemies at once and also gets a pretty strong small AoE skill (Umbro Thrust).

Skill Distribution:

  • Max Targe Smash, it’s too good to pass up on. Take the points out of Shield Shoving.

  • I don’t see much of a reason for Frenzied Slash lv 1. It’s a very weak skill. I would use that point into Evade Thrust.

  • No reason to get Rim Blow lv 1. It’s already pretty weak and the attribute from High Guard won’t work with it unless you have Rim Blow lv 6. Either take it lv 6+ or ditch it entirely (i’d say ditch it).

  • High Guard is a good skill, I judge it much better than Guardian. I’d max it and take points out of Guardian if you want a more defensive approach. Leave both skills lv 1 if you want a more offensive approach (Guardian lv 1 for Evasion attribute).