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[Guide] Swordsman's Battle Manual (All classes) - By Cathexis


Seism isn’t a real 3-hit skill, it’s a one hit skill divided into 3

you can test it on the training post in lemprasa pond, you will only see one “1”.


aw that’s suck
/20 charss


even if it was a true 3hit skill, you need to account for other modifiers especially your physical attack. 7x physical attack is a lot higher than 3x. this is one of the major reasons why swordsman tree lacks dps, lack of multihitting skills (or big scaling damage)


You also need to apply your physical attack to each hit, which gets close or over 1k later game. Which would change it to:

seism level 5 = 1054 x 4hit = 8216
hexen level 5 = 537 x 7hit = 10759

Though the point is mute, because seism only hits onces with a % multiplier, it’s actually much less damage than that.


Yeah good question I have the same one either, is it boost on our Physical damage or boost on damage dealt? Can anyone help explain to us?


Can we believe that templar will get more circles in the rumored future ranks? That would create some problem for the afk ones, eh. (I’m having the same doubts about afkemists)


I am building a Cata, Sw2>Hop2>Cata3 .
Will Spear Lunge debuff make up for damage lost from not choosing dragoon?


@Cathexis what do you think of sword1/pelt1/barb 2/rodel2/fencer for tanking and being able to solo ? Or would a sword1/pelt1/barb2/corsair1/fencer2 build be better ? Thanks in advance


Im right now level 125 Hoplite C2 and using Zega spear, i want to ask what’s the right stat distribution for DPS build, i will go through Hopc3 dop and dragoon and for the armor im right now using riena plate and considering to change to legwyn, and for the level 170 spear i still confused which spear to used


Hi @Cathexis, would a barb3-doppel-dragoon be viable for PvE? I really don’t like Hoplite skills, and I feel like I’m getting more damage from going Barb3-Doppel, than going Catagoon.


Probably, but I’m hoping the devs change their decisions in putting Templar as Rank7 and make it as a hidden class. It’s gonna be hell leveling a Templar3. :dizzy_face:


Hey guys, back with more questions. Build I’m aiming for is still pelt 1 > barb 2 > corsair 2 > doppel hybrid tank (support/damage/tank) High STR stat distribution (3:1 STR:DEX, CON is whatever bonus points I get from quests).

Currently my stat attribution are 92 STR, 30 CON, 41 DEX at level 133, I’m wearing leather armor during dungeons (Rokas Leather Top, Vubbe Fighter gloves, boots that give +5 con and bottom that gives +100 sp because I don’t have anything better), bearkaras/zachariel bracelet and necklace of greed.

I can’t open the game right now but I do believe that sets me at 175 STR, 67 CON and 66 DEX

As for weapon/sub weapon I’m using saif vs clothes or leather/valtas morning star vs plate + ledas shield. I’ll get myself a dagger upon reaching corsair 2 to switch to to use hexen dropper.

So I’ve been having a lot of talk with my new guildmates that told me I’m I’d prolly end up having to reroll if I wanted to tank for the higher level content, but that isn’t discouraging me too much as my character would still be great to farm money or items with using jolly roger 10 and DPE.

But then they told me that I’d still be able to tank just fine higher level content if I pumped more points into CON, explaining to me that large packs die quickly and that I just need enough CON to tank a few hits from bosses.

And so I wanted to ask my fellow swordsmen, at how much CON does one need to feel comfortable? I wouldn’t mind dropping my damage a bit to get more health, considering that at some point I would get DoV and so damage wouldn’t be a problem since that thing boosts damage output. Technically as long as I do enough damage to hold aggro from mob packs and bosses without troubles while helping my team out a bit, it should be alright.

Other questions I had:
I’m currently at 600k silvers and haven’t bought that many attributes. Should I first get good gear before attributes (as in, Roxona Plate) or after?

Should I get Catacombs Blade ASAP? The current price in my server is 1.5m, Magas Swords are at 700-900k but are being sold too quickly for me to be even able to grab one. Does Catacombs Blade also spare the trouble of switching to blunt weapons to deal with plate? Would it give me bonus damage on hexen dropper against plate?

Should I get my 1H sword before my roxona armor set? Should I farm the roxona set instead of getting it from the market and buy the sword, or the opposite?

At which point should I start saving up for a good dagger like Karacha? The +11 dex and fire attribute look too good to pass up for when I switch to sword+dagger to hexen dropper, extra crit+extra damage+bonus evasion.

When should I opt for something else than Ledas Shield/How long can it last me? I saw the poison attribute shield that didn’t look bad at all, and I highly doubt I’ll be able to get any of the very expensive orange shields (aias/sage wall) before a long while.

Sorry for having so many questions!


im hoplite c3 level 130 and using zega spear and beetleback, should i buy arde dagger for changing with beetleback ? And should i max out spear throw bcs i will use brandish/maga spear instead of geras spear, please help me, thanks


non peltasta swordsman is cancer unless you have max attributes, +15 sets and weapons, or if you have friends. Follow your dreams by the way. Earn lots of money so you won’t be cancer. XDD


what should i do if i take Swordman > Pelasta > Hoplite c2 > Cataphtact > ???
is thre any good class i can take beside c2 to c3 cataphract?


I’m planning to get Shinobi, currently at Swordsman > Peltasta > Hoplite C2, and currently heavily TORN between Swordsman > Peltasta > Hoplite C3 > Doppelsoldner > Shinobi or Swordsman > Peltasta > Hoplite C2 > Corsair C2 > Shinobi.

Both have their own advantages, but I’m currently leaning towards Corsair C2 > Shinobi because of the great synergy that is shown between Hoplite, Corsair and Shinobi (Spear Lunge + Kunai + Hexen Dropper is beast).

But really, I DON’T KNOW!! Doppelsoldner would be too HUGE to skip as well… Not to mention a very reliable source of Slash damage (Cyclone) and shitload amount of crits via Finestra lv 15, and the infamous DoV buff!

I’ve been in this dilemma for over, what, like 2 days now and unable to class advance even though I have 15 class level atm lol.

I’ve read over the ENTIRE Shinobi thread and this thread as well as the comments inside them and couldn’t find the answer I hoped for. So please shed me some light in this one :((

Thanks in advance guys. :slight_smile:


burst 1 target shinobi likes swordie c3 a lot. 10 hits doubleslash is strong.

shinobi in general gets more value from doppel than anything else at rank6. cyclone and DoV is really strong for swordsman.

you have 4 main paths to consider. pelt/hoplite, pelt/barb, sword3/xx/xx, highlander3/xx. i guess you could also sub highlander r1 for pelt if you already have a group of friends who say they don’t need swash - this would increase your damage by a bit on the pelt-included paths.

hoplite path puts you at almost 100% pierce damage, which might be an issue vs many mobs armors, but has finestra and a stronger pre-rank6. would look something like pelt/hop3/doppel.

barb path gives you atm just some mobbing damages mostly useful at r3-5, along with warcry/frenzy. once kToS balancing merge happens, you will have 50% buff to slash damage on cleave and warcry/frenzy gain an insane buff to uptime. essentially requires daino from krivis/scroll when you want to pop all buffs at same time and have buffs from others. would look like pelt/barb3/doppel.

swordie3 path is purely for synergy with clones and pain barrier uptime. doubleslash gains lots of potency, but if clones are ever reworked to work with all damage skills this path will fall off the map. 2 ranks at 4/5 for open choice in classes, likely best would be pelt/highlander and whatever at rank 5 (other of pelt/highlander, or highlander 2, or barb for slash buff from cleave, or corsair for a bit more pvp use or party utility from jolly roger) or barb 2 for mini-warcry/frenzy and cleave buffs. swordie3/xx/xx/doppel.

highlander3 path is another that will get stronger with kToS merge, assuming skyliner gets kToS’s 0 cd. also, this gives you decent 2h offensive (crit) and defensive (crossgaurd) buffs, along with moulinet one of the better damage skills available to swordsman. has an open rank at 5, could use for pelt or barb or corsair for reasons listed above. highlander3/xx/doppel.

most likely r8 will be spent on a r8 class or doppel 2 (or dragoon if hoplite path).


and about the possibility to take fencer? Like swords 3 highlander 2 fencer shinobi


its a more defensive option ya, but your main damage skills from fencer will be the ones that activate the pierce armordebuff and slash buff for kunai and highlander skills and the good long cooldown skill. your 0cd skills wont be used instead of doubleslash during clones, and fencer is much better at c2 than c1. also, once highlander skyliner 0cd happens here assuming it does, there’s even less synergy because your 0cd skill against bleeds will be it, not fencer skills.

essentially taking fencer c1 for less of an effect than doppel c1 because of suboptimal synergy and weapon swapping for all your skills (which delay will make your damage drop if you are a victim of swap lag).

anyways, doppel gives you the possibly best swordie skill available just looking at raw skill damage, a party buff through dpe, and a physical attack power and attack speed buff.

once ktos merge happens, the best path will probably be highlander/barb3/doppel/shinobi for shinobis. less damage from clones, but more overall damage from the barb/doppel combo that is mega cyclone (+50% slash damage cleave, full stack frenzy, warcry, deeds). swordie3/barb2/doppel/shinobi is the other path most likely to be most damage, assuming your skills for clones remains the same.


Slash de buff and bleeding from crosscut can be relevant to double slash x6(bushins and you), no?