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[Guide] Swordsman's Battle Manual (All classes) - By Cathexis


I want to get hop c3 > dopp > dragoon and should i invest to buy beetleback and grand spontton or not ?


get zega spear, then try to get brandish or maga spear. Don’t spend on beetleback, it’s good but you won’t use it for long. Sage wall and Aias are good shields


And one stupid question , should i max out pierce or stabbing bcs my stupid mistake on sync , btw thx dude for the advice


It’s preference on which to max, but most people go for stabbing.


Stabbing and spear throw


For Squire3, I guess the best (quickest leveling) option is Swordie > Pelt1 > Hoplite2 > Squire3? Why does the guide recommend “all-around” stat distribution, though? Since you have Finestra, wouldn’t it be more efficient to focus on STR?

How badly off would I be if I were to take HL1 instead? Considering it has better synergy with Hoplite if weapon-switching and seems better for soloing, and I might not need to get to too high a level (so I might not really need to party much). Or is it perhaps best to get said Squire close to 280, in order to offer services in high-level maps? If it’s going to be beneficial to me to level it up that high, then I don’t have a problem with it, especially if it means less competition.

also, I have no idea what skills to invest on. Weapon Maintenance lv15 is a given, Repair should prob be kept lv1, Refreshment Table prob at lv10, what else though?


Squire will never be doing worthwhile damage. Its better to focus on defensive stats.

(Disclaimer: I have never made a Squire.)


I’m lost at Hoplite c3 and I’m currently contemplating whether I should go Corsair c2 (Rank 6 & 7) or Cataphract then Dragoon.

Can anyone enlighten me on that matter? Thank you.


[quote=“dmhamilt, post:1650, topic:153860”]
Squire will never be doing worthwhile damage. Its better to focus on defensive stats.
[/quote]It’s not meant to do worthwhile damage, just to level up faster lol.

You think it might be better to focus on a tank build if I want to get close to 280 with it though? If so, what should I get instead? Pelt1 > Hoplite > Cataphract? Does Cataphract require an additional char slot for pet? (Pelt3 isn’t going to be useful for parties other than ET, which I’m obviously not doing)

are tank builds even useful at all for non-ET high level parties though (210+)?.. I mean, other than Swashbuckling, what do I add to parties? It’s not like I’m going to have the DPS to keep aggro on me, with or without a CON build. If it’s worthless I’ll just go for dmg Pelt1>Hop2 instead, better to contribute with some damage than no dmg and offer no tanking other than Swashbuckling.


-Cata will need a pet, but it can share the same pet as the entire team.

What you bring to parties is a bunch of fairly strong buffs and some cc. Max out the aggro passive attribute, you’ll be treated as if you generate 10x as much damage.
Squire is just not a good combat build. You have to rely on what your early circles give you, and Swordsman really doesn’t have much going for it that early. It works just like Alchemist, except with less space to fit synergy into and you can’t just go ‘screw it’ and take three circles of Linker.


@dmhamilt alright, thanks for the info. Buffs and CC are brought regardless of build though.

…to be honest, I’m unsure of whether I’ll be able to keep aggro even with maxed Provoke. I mean, on top of a CON build, I’d be a ■■■■■■■ Squire of all things… I can see magic DPS builds doing more than 10x my damage easily if I’m CON.

No dmg skills from ranks 5~7, and dmg from rank 1~2 is mediocre at best. It’s not like STR is good DPS either, but at least it’ll significantly reduce that risk :confused:

I'm well aware Squire isn't a good combat build. But since I'm making one, I might as well try and be as little of a burden to my party as possible.


What is the Strength and Weakness of maxing Stabbing?
What is the Strength and Weakness of maxing Pierce?

I know you said preference on which to max but I would like to see from every aspect first, can you enlighten me?


Stabbing hits a total 10+ times(14 IIRC?), very good to use with pain barrier, it even does more damage with attributes, a good boss killer, or even a group of mobs if you got enough aoe attack ratio for it.

Pierce hits either 3 or 2 times depending on size, not reliant on pain barrier. It’s also good but not as good as stabbing for boss annihilation. Pierce is more of a quick burst compared to stabbing


Base on the guide, shinobi is a fairly untested class, my problem is since by looking at skill it’s a burst type class, does peltasta have well synergy with it? Or it’s better to go full offensive?


Heyyo! So would like to ask a specific question. If Manamana Weapon works for Corsair 3 Pistol off-hand weapon. Or does it aonly work with Archers as the Description of the weapon says, Usage: Archers only.


You’ll have access to it once you get to C3 corsair. All pistols say “Archers” by default


@HeianTaiga what do you want exactly? PvM, PvP, farming, dungeoning? Cataphract’s focused on mobility w/ better defense stats (Dragoon there’s just added dmg), Corsair is burst dmg/Jolly Roger/viable in pvp depending on build.

Do note that even Corsair won’t suddenly make your swordie good in PvP, CC exists, QS3 exists etc, and pvp isn’t meant to be taken seriously atm anyway, but at least you’ll be viable.

@Nekko Peltasta has synergy with pretty much anything, really. Taunt is highly desired in parties, and you can just switch weapons as required... Guardian helps a lot if you have at least some DEX, too. The alternative, Highlander1, does not bring much to you: Crown's good but not in the "spirit" of Shinobi, and Cross Guard requires a 2H sword so it's more of a Doppel thing.

That, and if you picked Highlander1 you’d be heavily shunned in high-level parties, because “omg no pelt1, ur useless gtfo”. Highlander2/3 on the other hand COULD work in the future w/ Shinobi, but we have no idea how Skyliner will end up in the future, so it’s best to wait and see for that.

@Lostac do you mind giving feedback on near-full STR vs 3:2:1 STR:DEX:CON Squire? Class build would be Pelt1>Hoplite2>Squire3. I'm aware STR Squire wouldn't really bring significant damage, but it'd at least
  1. help me level a lot faster when solo questing,
  2. prevent me getting out-aggroed (I’m doubtful I’d be able to deal 1/10th of the dmg full DPS Wizards do if full DEX/CON…), and
  3. contribute with at least some DPS, even if small.

Thing is, Cathexis originally recommended a 3:2:1 spread for this build, is it viable for me to just rely on Finestra for the crit and forgo DEX though? I’m aware this’d probably require minmaxing, but I’d have the money needed from a Scout C3>Rogue C1 farming char (who happens to need the exact same minmaxing for full STR Swiftstep+forgottherogueskill).


I haven’t played squire to comment on it, but IMO since you took hoplite, even 3 str:2con:1 dex works, Level 10 Finestra is 100 crit rate, 120 if you like zega spear switching. Gems are easy to Level 5 so that’s another 20+ crit rate, If you got access to Sissels and other stuff you’ll end up somewhere near 300.

If I am correct Arrest makes bosses go total derp, free stabbing without relying on pain barrier.

Since you have spear lunge you should be able to hold aggro against wizards, only you will benefit from it anyway.


Squire here chiming in.

Arrest isn’t that good to be honest. If the boss AI was moving towards a player, then arrest will stop it in its tracks. However, arrest doesn’t stop bosses’ charging attacks or teleports, basically everything excluding normal walking can bypass arrest. The after-effect slow is similar to the after-effects of Restrain’s slow or Montano’s slow.

Arrest also has a big problem - long cooldown, 52 seconds, way too long to be useful. On top of this, Arrest’s range is also pretty short, meaning you need to be kind of close to the boss to grab it. If you’re slightly too far and miss, then it’s another 52 secs wait.

With all the above, I recommend no more than 1 point on this skill. Put your points somewhere better, like Repair, Weapon Maintenance, Base Camp and Food table


So is there no real tank in the game? I’ve been trying to do some research on it but the only tank build i’ve seen is SM>PeltX3>Sqx3. if thats the case should I just go SM>Pelt>Hopx3>Dop>Drag? i mean at least that way i’ll have some dps and it’ll be kinda fun with a one handed spear.