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[Guide] Swordsman's Battle Manual (All classes) - By Cathexis


I wanna make a PvP character.
I’m thinking in a Cata build.
I know that at this post you may have told something about it but it’s such a long post. Couldnt read it.
Do you think its viable SW3>Cata3>Dragoon for PvP?
Someone told me that corsair + shinobi builds is doing better then catas on pvp, is that true ?

Thank You.



Given the option to pick Corsair 1 vs. Dragoon for PVP, which would be better? I went for Sword 2 > Pelt 1 > Cata 3. I understand that Dragoon provides a lot of damage, but the general lack of CC in the swordsman tree makes it hard to land the skills.



I’ve made this build for PvP:

What do you think?


Oh yeah guys I also wanna ask for enlightment.

Do we need to change weapon every level requirement? or Can we have rare weapon such as Grand Spontoon (weapon lvl 75), enhance it to +6 and wear it to maybe 170, then change?

Everyone can give input, I will appreciate it.


You can change weapons every level requirement, but it isn’t needed. Usually white weapons of higher level that are also easy to craft will replace your older blue tier weapons.

170 Orange weapons are great though.

A few weapons you could use for a while at 75 would be:
probably some others that I can’t remember, but Sestas and Dratt Weapons are very nice weapons with high raw damage.


I am Hoplite so I can’t use sword, so Grand Spontoon?
Plus can I enhance and use Grand Spontoon+6 until lvl 170 then change again to another spear? Skip the lvl 120 weapon?

I currently sit at lvl 105 with Hasta (Asta) +5 as my weapon.

Any possible suggestion is welcomed.


Zega spear is too good to pass though, try getting it if possible.


I’m thinking about build a shinobi whit that class build Sword C3 - Highlander C2 - Fencer - Shinobi But not sure if it will really work in practice.
In theory I got combos with: double slash + bushins, after lunge; g bushins + kunais and sept, after coquile; without bushins got some synergy in highlander and fencer, but I’m not sure about, cross guard, cross cut and skyliner can be nice because pierce attack vulnerability and bleeding.
Some advices? You think it can really work?
Lack of pelt can be a trouble


Just hit doppel1 and it seems to me that it is very lackluster?

Damage kinda seems pretty bad (SW3 -> Pelt -> Cors1 -> Doppel1)

Is this normal?


The reason is because you took sword3, it offers very little for pve.


Zega Spear is the way to go if you’re 120. I changed my Grand Spontoon to it and although Grand Spontoon is great with auto attacks the added burst from the +2 in hop skills is much better in dungeons(level 17 Pierce anyone?)


but is going sw3->pelt->cor1->doppel2 better for pvp than cor2>doppel1?

As of now its like all i do is auto attack and wait for my cyclone. (at doppel1) which is kinda deppressing.

How does each build play out in PVP scenarios?


Thank you for amazing swordsman guide. This is really help full and make me understand more. I try t think hard which build I should go and your guide really make it easier. Sincerely.


hi, what do you think about full con dragoon/fencer, focus on pvp…
is it possible to still do decent dmg?
or it is much better if just go with high con and some str/dex?
once again PVP focus


Hey, can anyone help me with equipments?
I’m leveling my first char, a SW -> Peltasta -> Hoplite C2 -> Corsair C2 -> Dragoon. Currently at level 76 (rank 3). As far as weapons go I’m not really concerned, I’m using a Grand Spontoon +5 and will get a Zega Spear at level 120.

Problem is I have no idea what armor should I look for, I’m using cafrisun +5 set untill now. I’m getting a Rokas Mail soon, should I swap my cafrisun set for rokas + something else? Which plate equips should I look to get at level 75 and 120?


If you want plate then the quest items will be adequate. The only armour pieces you should be committing silver to from level 170 and below are Cafrisun and Roxona IMO.

It costs about 770K to max plate mastery from 0, which is roughly the price of 2 of the cheaper Roxona pieces (top and pants). However the bonus from plate mastery are much better than those pieces. If you’re not swimming in silver then just keep an eye out for Knight Armor. Those are 20K or less and actually provide more DEF than Roxona and will serve you well until you can afford better.


I’m taking path SW > PELS C1 > HOP C1 > HOP C2, right now im in Hop C2 and have skill Stabbing lv2, Pierce lvl 8,Finestra lvl 10 and synch lvl 2, long stride and spear lunge still lvl 0. What do you think should i do ?


get at least 1 spear lunge and 1 stride, try to get more points on stabbing and pierce.


So for the 2 point of Synch just let it be ?


sync isn’t really that good, what future ranks do you plan to get? Spear lunge debuff is important to strengthen your damage