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[Guide] Swordsman's Battle Manual (All classes) - By Cathexis


Im on sw1 > pel1>hoplite3>dopple1>shinobi route.
stat is 2:1 str dex with probably 50-80con as base.
Here is the question, may u help me simply make a skill stimulator for each of the classes above? im too confused on it especially on hoplite c3 build and dopple … wonder if i should take synch thrust or piercing max , same goes with dopple if i should take 2x exp buff or not. (for pel as well too if u have extra time. tq)


Well, personally I wouldn’t mix Swordsman C3 with those classes, as you don’t really have anything to take advantage of Restrain.

Your build’s win condition focuses around the use of Iron Hook and bursting down a target, which is a hard CC and doesn’t require the effect from Restrain to work.

Instead, I would focus more around either:

  • More PvE: Getting Hoplite C2 and dropping Fencer, so you can increase your DPS through Spear Lunge. Picking either Dragoon or Doppelsoeldner at Rank 7.

  • More PvP: Picking up Barbarian for the extra stuns and keep the build the same way.

There are more combinations that you can do if you are interested on more PvP or more PvE, depending on which class you prefer from Corsair or Fencer.

But that is pretty much what I would follow, a build with more synergy and clear win conditions all around.

Yeah, every attribute is worth getting. Specially the Gung Ho and Concentrate ones, which you can to max out as soon as possible during your early levels.

You want to use Elements and then move onto Catacombs Pike.

If you already have an Arder Dagger, then you can skip Elements and use either a Geras or even a Zega Spear and just go straight to Catacombs. That way you can save some money if you don’t get Elements early on.

Doesn’t really change much from other builds.

Max Finestra and Stabbing, 1 point into Spear Lunge and Long Stride for Utility, maybe 1 point into Synchro Thrusting for early levels and the rest into Pierce.

Same for Doppelsoeldner, max out Cyclone and Deeds of Valor, an optional 1 point into Punish/Mordschlag and the rest into Double Pay Earn (at least level 1).


I was following this route: S1 > P1 > H3 > D1 > S1 but I don’t like Peltasta at all, even if the “Swash Buckling” is a mandatory skill after 200+. I just want a melee dps/burst class. What do you think about this build? Bash lvl10 and Thrust lvl10 mostly because I feel like this path is lacking of ofensive skills.


Should i use cafrisun as a set with my build?

And should i buy a vuube fighter gloves?(will i use it later on?)


Swordsman C2 doesn’t give you any DPS at all. Bash and Thrust are terrible skills to deal damage with and the extra levels don’t do anything even if you use them with your clones.

If you want more burst then you should get Corsair C2 so you can use it with Spear Lunge and go into the Kunai+Hexen Dropper burst damage.

You can sure, all the way to level 200+ if you want to. Just make sure to always buy Priest buffs at town and carry on a plate set/shield in case you need those.

And Vubbe Gloves are unnecessary, mainly because of your Earth Wave and because you can always increase your AoE Ratio through Finestra if you need to.


Thanks for the reply!

I tried Gung Ho lvl10 and Concentrate lvl10 (both with maximum attributes) but I had the feeling that they were not so good after 130+ but probably still better than Bash and Thrust?
I tried Corsair C2 too but seems better for PVP or perhaps I’m wrong about this.
What do you think about drop P1? or should I try this build: ?


Yeah, most of the time you don’t even use Gung Ho and Concentrate at higher levels in a party because there are so many more useful buffs that can use their spot instead.

Yeah, it has more opportunities to go into PvP because of Iron Hook, but Hexen Dropper is a pretty good Pierce burst skill that would go well along your Kunai combo to burst down one target down.

At least I think that it is a better option than Hoplite C3. Otherwise, you could also try something like:

Swordsman->Highlander->Hoplite C2->Highlander C2->Doppelsoeldner->Shinobi

If you want to keep Doppelsoeldner and not have Peltasta. This way you can try to increase your Kunai combo through the use of Cross Guard and you have a few more skills to use on your rotation.

Overall I think it is better to have Peltasta but if you don’t enjoy your character with it on your build then it is better to use something that will actually give fun to you.

For your build I would get Bash level 3 for the knockdown as well as Rim Blow level 1 for the knockback.


Then I don’t know what skills choose in the first circle of swordman, enlighten me please.
I’m a little obsessed with Hoplite C3 mostly because of Finestra lvl15 but I don’t know if this is the best option.
I had never thought about Hoplite + Highlander. Is this a good combination?


Gung Ho level 5
Concentrate level 5
Bash level 3
Pain Barrier level 2

You can reset Bash to level 1 after acquiring the attribute if you have a skill reset potion (which you should use at Rank 7+) and give those extra points to Pain Barrier.

Finestra level 15 is alright for the Critical Rate, but it goes best with a Dragoon build because otherwise you are lacking skills to use on your rotation and to benefit from it properly.

Also, if you are not using a shield half of it’s benefit goes to waste too.

It works if you really don’t want Peltasta, but it isn’t that much of a smooth path.

All the Highlander skills can be used with any weapon, with only Cross Guard being the exception. You are going to have to swap between a 2H Sword and Spear to get the effect of Cross Guard and you will lose Finestra from doing so or have to cast it after blocking with Cross Guard, making it a little bit troublesome.

The bright side is that every other skill can be used without any problems.

Overall it is alright, but like I said, it is one of the better paths you can take if you really don’t want to have Peltasta.

The “best” option comes down to what the definition of that word is for you.


Are you still doing gameplay videos for your swordies? I came across a page named Supia Cathexis. I assume that’s you?

PS. thanks for constantly answering questions in this thread though how repetitive they may be. keep up the good work!


I loved SO MUCH this Guide, that I’m using yours to help people from BRAZIL that don’t know ENGLISH and have lots of doubts. I’m making one in PT-BR for ARCHERS. I’ll try to post on the forum as well and put your credit as it’s your guide that I’m using as format <3



so I\m kinda torn after reading cathexis guide,

I’m currently, Sword1>Pelt3>Corsair1>Fencer1>

Im nearing rank 7, and I’m torn between getting Corsair 2 or Doppel 1
Btw , im the “Tank” type.
2 dex: 1 str build.

because of teh ff. reasons

1.) Jolly Roger - You cannot imagine how this skill made me rich, i stole a LOT OF LOOT, such as "Anchors , Glyquare cores, even Boss boxes., but it seems level 5 isnt enough. :frowning: if I get corsair 2, ill get it to lvl10 and the famous Hexen Dropper.

2.) Doppel’s Double Pay earn. - Is it that good for it to drop stuff?
3.) Doppels Cyclone - does it clear more mobs like a flash? i heard its really good when farming stuff.
4.) Deeds of valor - Since i dodge/block a lot, would this hinder a lot of DOV potential?
5.) Corsairs HexenDropper - Best DPS in swordsman tree, but I’m kinda a tank that lures, and maintains aggro and deal with mobs. would it synergize with Sept Etoille being the 2ndbest Skill in the swordsman tree?

thanks for the replies.


I’ve been wracking my head trying to figure out what I want to do and I’d like some feedback on the builds I’ve created.

My goal is to create a Swordsman class to play while I wait for my friend. My primary is an Archer who I can’t play often or my roommate will kill me (he doesn’t want me to be past him and he doesn’t get on very often). I’m trying to get a Swordsman as a secondary character (who I will play the majority of the time and reach a higher level).

S1 H1 B3 DS2
2 Handed Sword

Extremely fast (?) auto attacks with Frenzy + Deeds of Valor (+200-400 Attack Speed + 80-100% Attack Speed). Pure STR to refrain from dodging for DoV. 1 point in DPE to allow farming weak mobs and bonuses versus bosses.

Goal is to sacrifice survivability for damage in PvE and DPE to allow farming weak mobs for alts/collections/friends. Will probably require partying with a Cleric type.

Is it worthwhile to drop a level in Barbarian for Corsair? Considering getting Jolly Roger to pair with DPE for low level farming, but then it feels like it ruins the build. Also, is the 2H synergy worthwhile?

S1 P1 B2 C2 F1
Rapier Dagger

General PvE Swordsman, a little bit of PvP flexibility if that ever becomes a thing (doubt I’ll play it), and Jolly Roger for farming (pillage chance based on Jolly Roger level in description). Fencer can be traded out, as long as the final build uses two weapons. Utilizing Frency + DWA to hit fast.

Jolly Roger is maxed for the higher chance of loot (?) and, like the previous build, farming for my alts/collections/friends.

Not entirely sure about the stats on this one. I feel like it would be best to be Hybrid 2:1 or 3:1 with a focus on one of Dex or Str. Either way, the main appeal for this build is Jolly Roger, Frenzy and DWA so not sure how good Fencer is an the final circle.

S1 P1 B3 F2
Rapier Shield

So I really like Fencer, and I want to be able to run Fencer 2, but sacrificing Corsair always feels awkward for me (especially Circle 2, that DWA seems so nice, although I suppose Fencer 2 doesn’t need it with Attaque Composee). Barbarian and Peltasta seem to be the awkward components of this build. Peltasta is for Swashbuckling + Guardian. The other option would be Swordsman 2 for Restrain. This one looks like it won’t be good at farming, but it will be safer than the other two builds.

This one feels very bland compared to the others, but it does have Fencer 2… This build will probably be high DEX for the Evasion.

End Note
I’m currently working on the Two Handed Sword one, but I just want some feedback on what would work and what other options I could do for each build.


Hi, I really appreciate your guide. It’s the best one out there swordsman class wise imo.

Anyway, I have been having a hard time trying to decide how to build a 2h swordsman. I was thinking of maybe going SW C1 > Pelta C1 > HL C3 > Doppel C2 (possibly high dex or pure dex), mainly stacking up status effects to maximize damage. But I wasn’t sure if the effects of Swash Buckling would still remain after switching from SnS to a 2h sword.

Also, I would like to know if skyliner would be a good skill to take.

Here’s a rough simulation on what skills I would take:

Your input will be greatly appreciated <3


Thanks for replying, also is there any minimum M.HP requirement for tank in Earth Tower?
I also want to ask which attributes should i take for that build? Or the important attributes for each class.


Hello! Is this good for PVE cataphract: 2 STR, 3 CON, 1 DEX or 3 STR, 1 CON, 2 DEX? easy farming high level maps? The build: SW/Pelt/Hop1/Cat3/Goon


Thank you for your help, appreciate it greatly.
I’m back with more questions if you don’t mind too much…

-Does every attack skill get interrupted and put on CD when knocked back or is it mainly hoplite’s? It’s crazy how many knockbacks and knockdowns there are, and with some monsters doing it on every attack. Is there any way around it other than pain barrier?
-Are there skills that can be used while jumping? (Where would I find info like this?)
-Is attack speed affected by the weapon equipped at all? Does attack speed affect skill usage in any way?
-If skyliner were changed to have no CD, would that make highlanders stronger than the alternatives (barbs) for many builds? If skyliner was purposely nerfed to have a CD on itos, wouldn’t it mean that there’s a very low chance we’d get the same as ktos?
-Does the barb’s warcry give an attack bonus buff based on the number of monsters you affect? How much does it give? (The wording is a bit confusing to me)
-Does a higher level jolly roger net more silver/drops, and will I have to be the party leader for it? If so, is there any way to get party lead in dungeon finder?

On my main I’m currently a swordsman->pelt->hop->hop and about to change into my rank5. I’m planning on going corsair c2 into dragoon from here, but I’m having doubts again. Wouldn’t a swords->pelt->barb->barb->corsair->corsair->fencer be a better corsair build? I feel like my build will just be a worse dragoon than the hop3->dopp->dragoon version because I’ll be using 1h spears.
Or am I supposed to swap between dual wielding and a 2h spear for dragoon skills? So in this way, wouldn’t fencers synergize better with corsairs as they inherently use 1h rapiers?
How about double weapon assault? Is it any good late game for the dragoon-corsair? Would the fencer-corsair ever use DWA when they can just use flanconnade given ample sp?
Are there any builds that specialize in auto-attacking with double weapon assault? How would doppel’s deeds of valor attack speed work with it – maybe for fun?

I’m also thinking that because corsair builds have a lot of multi-hit skills going on, high defense will negatively affect them more – how would the aforementioned dragoon-corsair compete with the fencer-corsair’s ability to have a 100% uptime defense ignore with pierce attacks? There’s spear lunge, but fencers get a passive 15% damage increase without shields…

The only thing I wouldn’t like is going a rank6 class as a rank7 because it limits options a little for rank8 (can’t go fencer c3 while the other build has dragoon c2 available)

Anyway, thank you for your time Cathexis and everyone else who contributes their superior game knowledge.


hay @Cathexis i wanna ask about status build for this build

what do u think ?
for Farming / PvE or PvP
Thx a lot


Hi, @Cathexis can I ask you again? Or maybe someone here have an experience on this build? What do you think about Swordsman>Peltasta>Hoplite C2>Corsair C2>Doppel? Well, I take Doppel instead of Dragoon because of Hoplite and Corsair is lack of AoE. The question is, is the skill rotation will be fine since Doppel only have 1 damaging skill? I’m focusing in PvE, but not that sucks in PvP as well.

Thanks before.


Hello Cathexis I just play this game and I found your guide is amazing and detailed. I currently sit at lvl 97 (SM-Peltasta-Hoplite C2)

I have few questions, I hope you can help me with this.

  1. What is the advantage and disadvantage of Maxing Stabbing instead of Pierce?
  2. What is the advantage and disadvantage of Maxing Pierce instead of Stabbing?
  3. What are the best weapon for each level requirement? (40, 75, 120, 170 etc)

I will be gratefull if you can help me with these, thank you.