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[Guide] Swordsman's Battle Manual (All classes) - By Cathexis


Are you sure ?
That’s suck @_@


What do you think is better to spend silver first, enhancing stabbing and cyclone or buying better equipment like Roxonas?
I already have Catacombs Pike!




Torn between a pvp build
(1) SW3 > Pelt 1 > Corsair 1 > Doppel 2
(2) SW3 > Pelt 1 > Corsair 2 > Doppel 1

Any thoughts? and btw what equips and how much dex would i need so i won’t miss a lot in pvp?
(PS: If you say 100, do you mean 100 including the items or not including the items?)


I was just wondering about a fencer build. i’m playing a swordsman 3>??>fencer; not sure what to do for those other two jobs, as it seems like fencer is fine with just it’s own skills. for rank 4 i was think pelt for tanking, or barb for the slash debuff they may add into our version later. for 5th rank is it ok to go with convenient jobs, like squire for repairs, or corsair?

second is flanconnade. do you know how the block works, if i build lots of con and use a block gem in my dagger will i block more with it? one site says con only adds block while you have a shield equipped.

thank you.


i made an alt character that i plan on making shinobi
swordsman2 > hoplite2(current) > corsair2 > shinobi
so far i’ve been doing fine without pelt and swashbuckling but it is a bit harder to play compared to my other toon which has pelt…
am i screwed w/o pelt? i am going for mostly a pvp build with this since the pelt one has pve covered for me… thanks for any reply


You’re probably fine, it’s just that you’ll face some difficulty getting into a grinding party at higher levels. Jolly Roger is a pseudo taunt, but nothing beats Swashbuckling for mobbing.


I’m probably gonna get this one, Squire C3.

Just a question about the arrest skill, is it like a mass mob stun?
should I max this one?


I’m level 155 as a Swordsman>Peltasta>Hoplite>Cata 2 and i would like some tips. I’m having problems doing damage(i have a Seimos pike and a Hasta+Arde dagger). I’m going the 3str:2dex:1con build

Would like some help.



Hi, I’m a new player and I’m really thankful to you for writing this guide. I have absolutely no idea what build to go for until I saw this guide. Thank you so much!

If you don’t mind, I’d like to ask for your opinion on going with sword>pelt>hopC2>cata3. The main reason is to get higher levels on finestra and a point on spear lunge, However I fear that I would lack the damage and skill rotation a dragoon would provide. Should I go for it or go with sword>pelt>hop>cata3>dragoon?

Thank you in advance!


ill probably get this one instead. lol

jolly roger - 5
iron hook - 5
keel knauling - 4
dust devil 1

DoV - 5
Cyclone - 5
Double Pay Earn - 4
Mortssdfsfd - 1

For Dragoon, what skills should I acquire and how many skill points. I’m now on Corsair C1 by the way.


It still can, it isn’t reliable and there are still some very potent CC’s AoE’s out there like the ones from Kino.

Mostly attack speed, you can see a faster animation on channeled skills like Stabbing, Pouncing, etc. But on instant cast skills not so much, unless they are very slow like Pierce for example.

Trying to get a cube from a world boss without a party isn’t a good idea. You want to be in one to have the highest chance of getting a cube.

For that purpose, either a Hoplite C2->Corsair C2->Shinobi or a Hoplite C3->Doppel->Dragoon build work best.

You don’t really need too much HP.

If you are using Evasion as your primary defense, then you only need around 20k+ HP.

If you are using a shield and relying on blocking incoming attacks, you can stay around 20k+ HP too, but most likely will go a little bit higher with more CON to increase Block since you are using a shield.

If you don’t have evasion and you are not using a shield, then you will want to have a higher amount of HP, around 25k+ HP, but not necessary, it can stay around 20k+ HP too if you are experienced and know how to properly dodge attacks in the game.

Anything more than that isn’t really necessary unless it is aimed towards PvP or GvG environments, where I would say 30k+ HP is a good amount to have.

If you already have Catacombs Pike, then I think it is better to use it on attributes.

You can easily farm the Roxona Gloves/Boots by yourself, maybe only buy the Complex Gear for them since they are not too expensive.

I would say the Doppel C2 build has a slight advantage because it is going to be using a 2H Sword or a 1H+Shield, while the other one is forced to go into 1H+Dagger to use the Corsair skills.

And you want to maximize on your Cyclone+Restrain combo as it is pretty much the win condition of this build.

For stats, depends on whether you also want a good amount of Evasion or not. Around 200 total DEX is a good amount for that, otherwise you can stay around 100~120 total with items to have enough accuracy to hit high evasion targets.

There is no exact number because there are many builds out there and some will have really high evasion while others won’t. But with this range you can at least have a solid base to build your character from and add more Accuracy through equipment and gems to compensate if required.

Is this for PvP?

You want something to take advantage of your Restrain, so probably Doppel for Cyclone.

Swordsman C3->Peltasta->Corsair->Doppel C1->Fencer

Yeah, you need to use a shield to be able to activate your passive block, with a few buff exceptions that don’t require a shield like Stone Skin.

The block from Flanconnade also doesn’t require a shield, it can be activated without one but you require very good timing as it only blocks at the very start of the animation.

I don’t think that the block from Flanconnade relies on your passive Block/CON, but if you build on those two stats then you will also increase your passive blocking abilities which helps too and you don’t have to rely on Flanconnade alone.

If you already have another character with Peltasta, then you can keep on moving forward with this character without it. At higher levels you can always keep on leveling through missions and some solo grinding if you have a difficult time finding grinding parties without Peltasta.

Not sure what problems you are having at your level (which should be 100~120?) without Peltasta.

Although Peltasta does add Evasion and the option of blocking with a shield which could come in handy for PvP for a Shinobi, which could come in handy if that is another option you would like to explore.

It is not a stun, it just immobilizes them, but they can still attack through it.

I don’t think it is worth maxing it because you do want to get the most out of your Squire, which means maxing the Food benefits as well as your passive income through the shops.

If you have an Arder Dagger just buy priest buffs every time you go to town, they should be around 1k each and if you buy Sacrament+Blessing you will increase your damage by quite a bit.

Other than that, at level 170 you can equip your next weapon which can be Elements if you want to use 2H and that should give you a slight buff on damage output. Or a Brandish if you want to use 1H.

Dragontooth level 5
Serpentine at level 5
Gae Bulg to level 5 if you want the attribute and you can reset the skill to level 1 after you get it if you have a Skill Reset Potion, otherwise I would keep it at level 1.
Dragon Soar 4.


What would be a good late to end game equipment for corsair > doppel2?

Both 2h and 1h


2H Swords:
Magi 2H Sword, Superior Twin Blade

1H Swords:
Catacombs blade, Vienie Koperon Sword, Superior Koperon Sword


Hey, so I’m interested in making a 2h sword build now, with c2 doppel. Leaning towards the barb c3 build over the highlander c3 one. My questions are:
-How important is cross guard and the 50% critical damage increase attribute? Will I miss having them? Why isn’t a barb c2 highlander c1 build viable?
-Is the recent ktos buff to skyliner’s animation significant? And what does it mean by it can be canceled?
-How often are enemies immune to bleed (bosses?) ?
-Is either build actually better than the other, if only slightly?

Thanks for your time/help and answers


Hi Cathexis,
I’ve been studying more and more the swordsman classes, it looks the
future is not bright to pvp unless i go Cataprath3 Dragoon1. Is there
really no build that have good sinergy with Templar? Must the templar be
only a weaker dragoon build, using hoplite1, cata3, templar?

I tried to create a templar build focused on team play, some kind of all rounder, team supporter, with some CC.


Which spear would you recommend for 170? Brandish, maga or geras?


What do you think of squire c1?

Im making a fencer and thinking of putting 1rank of squire in it


How much silver do people usually have when they reach lvl 170? i feel like im kinda poor. Only have 600k silver(already bought token and about 440k in items).

And once i reach cataphract 3, should i go Earth wave 15, Rush 5 or Trot 5?
Should i focus on getting high physical defense(like Knight’s armor and stuff) or focus on item gear(even if they are leather and low level)?


if i use elements, should i focus on autoattacks or skills?(i dont know exactly how elemental damage apply)


Cross Guard is pretty nice on a build where you would like to block while maintaining the use of a 2H Sword. While the attribute isn’t particularly game changing, it helps a little bit to boost your damage on critical hits.

However, these two don’t out weight the benefits you get from Barbarian C3, that is why I wouldn’t recommend going with a Highlander C1+Barbarian C2 build.

For this type of build, it is better to skip Peltasta and get Highlander at Rank 2 instead. Of course, this would mean that you would most likely rely on missions and solo grinding to level up at higher levels, but that could be a trade-off that you could take if you are not interested on getting to level 280 as fast as possible.

They made it faster to “spam”. It isn’t too significant because you need a really good ping (like the one most people have in Korea) to have the same effect as over there.

I don’t really know how to give you an estimate on this. I will say that more often than not it will work.

Not really, they differ in playing style.

Because of the current state of the game at higher levels, where the only way to keep on leveling up past level 230+ is by grinding (and the most efficient in a party), this means that Peltasta has a big advantage if you are interested on reaching 280 as fast as possible.

Otherwise you can always make a character without Peltasta in it and level up slowly but maintaining a build that you enjoy playing.

I do believe (but it could take a while) that they will add more quests/content in the future and make it easier to level up past 230, not only through grinding parties, so that could be an option that you could explore.

It really depends on what you enjoy the most when playing this game and what you are looking for with your current character.

The problem is that no matter how you look at it, a Templar build will always be at a disadvantage because it is giving up 1 rank to create the guild.

That is why most people create a new character after their Templar to have a better build for PvP/GvG and combat in general.

If you really want to force PvP on a Templar, then I still think that Cataphract C3 is pretty good as a disrupt-oriented character.

Otherwise you could try something experimental like:

  • Swordsman->Peltasta->Hoplite->Cataphract->Corsair->Doppelsoeldner->Templar

  • Swordsman->Peltasta->Hoplite->Rodelero C2->Corsair->Templar

  • Swordsman->Peltasta->Hoplite->Cataphract C2->Corsair->Templar

Brandish if possible (it is pretty easy to farm). You can get Magas after that.

Geras helps if you don’t have Brandish by the time you reach 170, but I wouldn’t spend too much money on it.

I don’t think it is worth it.

It is better to just use the repair service from a Squire C3 to get increased durability on your rapier, while carrying a few emergency repairs kits just in case.

There is no way to really tell, in my opinion. Making money highly depends on your luck to get good items through your dungeon runs or drops from mobs.

So I think that you are doing fine if you haven’t got anything that you could sell for millions.

You should have saved enough points to max out Earth Wave, Rush and get Trot as high as possible.

But if you didn’t save any points, I think you should get 1 point into Rush, then max out Earth Wave, then Rush and finally Trot.

It applies to both, skills and auto-attacks. So you shouldn’t change your playing style, keep on using skills and filling your rotation with auto-attacks.


Can I still pick Dragoon without having picked any spear class previously?
No classes with required instance, but dual wielding focuses (could swap to a 2h when needed)
I’m kinda not into Doppel or Fencer (rapiers ugh)