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[Guide] Swordsman's Battle Manual (All classes) - By Cathexis


Hey guys, i already taken swordman c1>highlander c1>barbarian c1 route…just found out tht swordman need pel for better future career…is my build cant be saved anymore ? or any expert can help me build a best route with this including pel ? suggest me pls…any build would do.


which one is better for pvp hexen dropper or cyclone

I’m thinking about cyclone coz have aoe + the skill range is huge better for group pvp
but i’m consider hexen too since i get hop 2 for spear lunge & easy to get full hit

so confuse
i’m a spear shield user too


Well actually i’m also thinking the possibilities for C8 later. I know anything can happen but in your opinion, which one look more promising?
Dragoon might go deeper into spear skill while Shinobi is special class which usually only have 1 circle, means like Doppel path i will need to take different class later.


Hey Cathexis, im doing swordsman>peltasta>barbarian c3>dopel or fencer (already barbarian c2)

Which one you think is better for grind (and later lvls for pvp)?

And if dopel, which stats should i put?


that’s relative to your build, for example with anyone with peltasta+rodelero build make bash useless, umbo,target smash, shield charge are all knockback skills, target 3 overheats, umbo 2 overheats and shield charge make you some kind of juggernout.


It is, but bash has one of the most perfect knockdown attribute and it has VERY LOW cooldown and drops enemies at a better position, it has fast animation at that.

and knockback isn’t knockdown, they’re quite different, the pushing mechanic is the same however.


sigh… well the only one that don’t knockdown is target smash, still bash it doesn’t have a fast animation, but what it does have is that aoe range you win by going c2, if not, not really that easy to land, even umbo is more easy to hit, but then again i remembered that you’re talking about pve and not pvp, well if a person don’t take anything with some kind of cc it could be good, but for another swordsman classes i don’t think is mandatory.


Yes, most of the builds being asked here are not rodelero, and umbo blow animation sucks to rely on it. And yes, PVE. I won’t be pvping with my swordsman when I can borrow my friend’s cryo, lol


Thanks for the answer.

What spear will you recomend? I need options for 1 hand (and shield) and 2 hand spears.

I farm with a 2 hand spear, but on dungeons when a tank is needed i swap to spear+shield.

Also, if they can last me will be perfect (like, catacombs spear 170 i guess is viable for end game?)


hello @Cathexis is swordsman 2 with lvl 5 restrain any good for pvp? or do i need to up it to swordsman 3 for lvl 10 restrain?


are these the only dps builds that are optimal for damage?
pelt > hop 2 > corsair 2 > dragoon
pelt > hop 3 > dop > dragoon

which has better damage potential (whether single target or aoe) overall?
is the silver bonus from jolly roger a good enough reason for getting corsair?

and what gems should i prioritize in leveling up?


I have doubt about dragoon.
Witch skill should i max and in witch order?
Should i put 1 point in each and then max after ?
Or should i max one by one ?


Gonna reroll another squire
this time planning to make a tank squire with the focus on PvE aspect.

I’ll probably play my other chars for gvg, but preferably this char can offline-shop (meaning: i need either repair, weapon mt, or even both maxed)
This is my design for the build:

my concerns are (mostly since i never go main tank):

  1. Do you think this build can dish considerable threat?
  2. How do you suggest for the stat distribution for this build? I’m leaning for con:dex = 1:1 to reduce the need for repair, amount of heal needed, extra accuracy, and a bit of extra damage (from crit) for generating more threat. But i read most ppl highly recom high/full con (really need input on this :smile: )
  3. Should i take less repair and trade it for arrest?
  4. I’m favoring plate armor for this build so i usually play with only plates, but do you think i need to split my money to get alternative cloth armor when i tank magic damage? (opinion for both dex-con and full con stat please :smiley:)

Constructive critic and suggestion are appreciated :smiley:


Guys, what you guys thinks its best in the tanking with some damage ?

Swordman>Peltasta>Hoplite>Cataphract C3 > Dragoon


Swordman>Peltasta>Hoplite C3 > Doppel > Dragoon

The Cataphract case is Higher HP and Movement Speed

Hoplite is more Block Rate


Which is the best for farming?
Swordman>Peltasta>Hoplite>Cataphract3> Dragoon or Swordman>Peltasta>Hoplite3>Doppel>Dragoon??


Well, you can try different things.

If you do are interested on doing the High/Full CON build, then you can follow the Squire C3 build and aim towards an Earth Tower build as a full utility character.

Otherwise if you would like to take a more active role, you could try one of the next builds:

  • Swordsman->Peltasta C3->Corsair or Squire->Fencer->Doppelsoeldner

  • Swordsman->Peltasta C3->Corsair or Squire->Doppelsoeldner->Dragoon

  • Swordsman->Peltasta C3->Rodelero C2->Dragoon or Fencer

Right now, the second one. Or a Cataphract.

You only need Peltasta if you want to have an easier time getting into grinding parties.

If you want to keep on following the path your started (which I assume goes into Barbarian C3->Doppelsoeldner C2) then you can always keep on leveling through missions using Double Pay Earn and do some solo grinding and maybe join a grinding party every now and then. You can level up another character once you are done doing your daily missions with this character past level 230+.

Otherwise if you really want a character with Peltasta in it, then I think it is better to make a new character because you are not that far in so it wouldn’t take that long.

I think either way is fine. You can get to max level without Peltasta, it just takes longer (assuming that with Peltasta you are willing to grind for days to reach max level).

Hexen Dropper is for bursting down someone fast. While Cyclone gives you more time to deal damage and could potentially hit more targets, but also takes longer to do so.

I don’t think there is a clear winner, but Cyclone has a higher ceiling assuming you don’t get interrupted out of it.

It is too difficult to tell, since we don’t have any details of the future classes and with Lancer, Luchador and Matador as 3 possible Rank 8 candidates, as well as Dragoon C2, Corsair C3 and Shinobi (if they get improved), then there are too many combinations to take into consideration.

I would say that just pick the one that you like the most right now, as once rank 8 gets introduced there will surely be at the very least 1 option that you can take to improve your build.

You could always get both, one at Rank 6 and the other one at Rank 7.

You can do Doppel->Fencer or Fencer->Doppel, unless you are really interested on going deeper into either class.

Doesn’t matter which you pick, if you plan on doing PvP you want to have a good amount of CON (100+), a good amount of DEX (100+) and the rest into STR.

1H: Brandish spear and Maga Spear in that order but you use both.
Shield: Aias
2H: Catacombs Pike

Those are the current end-game weapons.

Depends on how important is Restrain for your win condition in PvP.

If you are basing you entire strategy around the use of Restrain, then you do want to have as much chance of activating it as possible, which would mean going into Swordsman C3.

Otherwise you can stay at C2 and keep it as an extra tool but not fundamental part of your kit.

Depends on what you want that damage for. Corsair has quicker burst, but Doppel could deal more damage over a longer fight and AoE.

Wouldn’t be a main reason, but it is a main bonus. The main reasons would be Iron Hook and Hexen Dropper.

Green gems for your weapons, but only once you have secured a very good one. It isn’t that good to focus on gems on equipment that you will quickly replace later on.

Get Serpentine 1, then Dragontooth 1, then Dragon Soar 1.

After that you can max out the one you like most. I prefer to max out Dragontooth first, then Serpentine and the rest of the points on Dragon Soar.

You can get Gae Bulg to level 5, get the attribute, then reset it back to level 1 with a Skill Reset Potion.

Past Rank 7 it is going to take you a while to take complete aggro of bosses/mobs from top DPS builds. At least 2 Swash Bucklings, so within 30 seconds. Unless they give you a head start on it.

I think either way is fine.

If you want to sacrifice your character for full party content (which only means Earth Tower at the moment), then high CON is alright. But outside of that it is not necessary.

Otherwise a mix of DEX and CON is overall better, you can also get some STR to help at early levels (like 30~ or so).

The 1 DEX : 1 CON ratio works and you can later on decide if you would rather get more CON (once you have 150+ total DEX) or get more DEX if you reach your desired HP (between 30~40k HP).

That is not necessary. Even more if you want to use this character as a shop too.

Sure, you can get both sets if you want. You can get one from the Klaipeda side quests and the other one from the Orsha side, see if they help you.

Both are pretty much the same at tanking.

Doppel has more damage but Cataphract has more movement speed, so you would be choosing between those two options.

Cataphract is also potentially better in PvP while the Doppel build has some good utility for PvE in Dobule Pay Earn and usually focuses more on PvE but it can work on PvP/GvG with a good party.

Farming what?

Cataphract lets you move really fast and you cover more ground in less time, thus usually resulting in the killing of more mobs per farming session (assuming that you can kill the mobs fast too).

Doppelsoeldner can potentially give you more items dropped with Double Pay Earn and if you get lucky you could get 2 instead of 1 rare item. And if you find a silver / gold / blue mob then it is like winning lottery with Double Pay Earn.

Both are viable for farming, but each one has a distinctive advantage without either being better than the other.


With pain barrier 30% resistance and 75% from cyclone attribute
Doppel cyclone can’t be intterupt right ? or maybe a rank 10 debuff can.

also DOV speed attack can make skill casting shorter ? like catar stroke, bunshin or maybe Mijin for faster animation skill ?


amazing guide! thank you!

but what build do you think is the best for world boss? aiming for a cube by your self soloing?


The ASPD increase from DOV only seems to affect Auto Attacks, it does nothing to reduce Charge Time or Skill Animation Speed.


Thanks for the answers so far! Just 1 more question. How much HP is ok for a tank at end game without gimp my str too much?