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[Guide] Swordsman's Battle Manual (All classes) - By Cathexis

so +30% damage on large boss monster?
whats the formula on this? does it work on normal atk and skills?

How is this build? Meant for Guild PvP. I am planning to take Rank 8 Fencer C2 if its possible.

I am already a level 100 barbarian with strong emphasis in dex, so a stat reset may be needed, as I am currently following the high dex PvP formula.

it much better if u can take video. so, we can see ourself the difference in term of damage for different combo. btw thanks man for the screenshot.

I have already gone Cata3 and the levelling is way easier now and I am mostly playing as a solo quester and dungeon random part runs so I am not that worried about not having Swash and the possibility of 1H Spears.
What is your opinion about Templar instead of Dragoon at Rank7?

Hey Cathexis, or any1 really,

Great and helpful guide, im planning on C2 hop, C2 corsair

is there a way to know how much stats i have allocated other than tediously writing it down everytime since level 1? cause i don’t even notice the difference when i get a level up skill point or “quest/statue” skill point.


10% on bosses. It works on everything in the way described here:

Well, following those classes I think it is pretty solid, the only changes I would make are:

  • Level 1 Rim Blow for the knock-back.
  • Maybe get level 10 Frenzy sacrificing some points from Cleave, but if you prefer to leave it at level 7 that is fine too, I understand the reasoning behind that decision.

Well, there is not much to say. If you want to make a guild, you HAVE to talke Templar. Otherwise then you just take Dragoon.

Remove all your equipment, then compare your stats to the base values from Swordsman which you can find here:

You can calculate the bonus points by yourself, but you can also use the stats calculator to see the amount of real points you have spent on each one of them:

It’s sad. Yesterday I did some tests while was grinding and didn’t noticed the damage increase. I don’t know if it was always +5 instead of +5% or if IMC recently “fixed” that on iTOS. Just telling that because I saw an increase in my own stats window, a week ago.

I wanna know if it’s the same on kTOS, because a lot of parties still using Jolly Roger (with Corsair as party leader) and I don’t believe it’s only for pillage. (without this bug: Corsair's Jolly Roger bug)

BTW, with JR sometimes monsters drop ingredient/misc items (including rare ingredients) before they died and about its “taunt”, it’s like to “put another player on the ground”. If the monsters see the flag, they’ll attack it.

It was a good distraction at Catacombs dungeons, for example.

Sorry man, I don’t have resources or knowlodge about record videos, upload on Youtube etc. =/

Would be great if someone could join me to do this.

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@Cathexis hi, i thinking about how to build a ‘‘pvp-oriented’’ warrior, actually i building higlander>barb>barb c2>corsair>future corsair c2, and thinking what will be better on the next rank(doppel,corsair c3,fencer,shinobi) any tips? :pand about rank7, dragoon can be a good choice? thx if u can reply me.
ps:sorry for my very bad english :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi Cathexis, Thank you for the great guide.

I have a few questions, I would like to go to 2Sw->2Bar->2Cor-1Dopple.
My question is “Swash Buckling” skill is important for swordsman?

I worried about without this skill, it will ok for the party?

Thank you.

Back again and in need of advice

I decided I will play this after my templar is done -

I just have a few questions

  1. I want to cover every aspect of this game with this character but I am unsure if my skill build is good. (Bossing,pve,pvp)
  2. Going all around stats good? Str/Dex with abit of con to the side.
  3. Is Corsair worth it vs Barbarian C1 ? Since I saw the latest KR update the cleave buff is really interesting, (I really like Jolly Roger and Corsair Costume)

Well that’s it for the questions for now.

Thanks! What gem should I put in my arde dagger? (i’m hoplite 2/corsair 1 (planning to go corsair 2 into dragoon) doing the all rounder stat distribution.

Hey, Thanks for your quick reply, but i am still confused.

Currently i am level 124 at rank 4,
My stats without equipment is, 182, 9, 3, 3, 50.
I have only pumped stats into STR and DEX.

Using the stat calculator, i pumped 37 points into DEX to get 50, and the other 86 into STR, but it only amounted to 146.

I tried calculating the bonus stat points but failed.

Hello Cathexis
First let me just say thank you for the guide, it has helped me and others a great deal!
Anyhow, between your guide and autentist (which a thank you should go out to autentist also) I personally am wondering if everything in your guide is still up to date in your personal preferences vs when you made the guide.
As of right now my build is Sword>pelt>hopC2 and am alittle torn between trying autentist corsairC2>dragoon build (which i do see afew more swordies doing this), and the hopC3>dopp>dragoon build. I was wondering (this is my first and only char for now and don’t really wanna stray to another till farther along this one) if you might give some input in which path might be better suited for a new player, as well as which attributes to get first for each circle. I do plan on wanting to PvP eventually and it seems like CC for the hopC3>dopple>dragoon is alittle lacking, however as it is my first character I feel as though I should prob be focused on clearing PvE content more.
Both classes (dopple Vs. corsair) seem to have their own way of gaining abit more loot, but dopple needs to last hit to gain which makes me feel as though corsair would have an easier time farming loot (no 2x exp though). As for dmg, dopple seems to have the upperhand in AoE dmg, while corsair has Hexen and seems to be abit more 1v1 oriented but lacking in the AoE dept.
Originally I started the build with boss killing in mind to clear PvE content alittle better and to have a char who was DPS oriented.
Just abit torn…can you tell?
(just looted an arde this morning and kinda made me feel like I should pick my path now)
Any advice would be nice, and thanks again for all you have done for the ToS swordies out there.

Thanks Cathexis so much for creating an excellent guide! I’m very new to TOS and I’ll be playing once the game launches in 2 weeks time. Before it does though, I wanted to start figuring out how I wanted to create my swordsman. After lots of thought I think I’ve decided to try building a tanky fencer focusing 100% on PVE. I’ll probably be engaging in a mix between solo and duo play alongside my brother who will be making an archer of some sort. With that in mind, I created a build that I would very much appreciate advice and feedback on. I highly doubt the points are distributed well, considering I made it after going through 500+ comments and my brain is mush…

After going through the comments and not finding anything addressing this specific build path I went to Autentist’s thread and found this:

I would like to know if the former is reasonable to use and how it compares to the latter. Should I just use the latter instead? Or could the first one work if some points were rearranged? If you could provide some input on why certain allocations would work better that would be great. Thanks!

Hey buddy , I’m confused with this build . Is it feasible utilize this training for my sword aimed pve ? If so , I can focus more dex;str that to him? Thanks for help.

It’s pretty hard to understand your lanuage, but it’s better to get Peltasta instead of Highlander, IMO. Highlander here would be decent only if you use 2H sword, and is pretty useless for corsair.

You can focus on DEX or STR on your preference, though STR heavy build will bring more damage.

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Guys, do you know how many hit does Doppel’s Zucken and Redel does? 5 hits?

How about Dragoon’s Dragoontooth and Serpentine? 4 hits?

Also if the debuff for Cleave going to be coming to iTOS…I will be seriously considering whether to take Dragoon or Doppel C2…

Like this?

And what do you think abou this build, thinking of kToS buff in Cleave +50% slash damage 5s with the High, Corsair and Doppel skill, i think it for pve/pvp, is viable?

I love the Corsair, and i need help with the build xD

Basically everything that needs to be said on this matter.
I actually said somthing along these lines to Autentist myself but he insisted that it was a “tank” build…

The onlything TANKING here is Paltasta
Rodel is weak but heavy CC with focus on interrupting the enemy’s actions

best PVE Fencer is Palasta c1 -> Barb c3 -> Fencer c2 or c1 -> Doppel

Right, but the reason I took rodelero was because of slithering. Given that there is no alternative to dealing with magic, and that magic mobs start to appear more frequently at the higher levels, I figured that going Rodelero would help provide me a small safety net in this case.