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[Guide] Swordsman's Battle Manual (All classes) - By Cathexis

its already counted actually.

since i can CrossLiner Combo 2 times and you can CleaveChopper combo 2 times.

CleaveChopper is going to net a little higher dmg total, but its about the same

The only difference being that my skills come off CD faster, and the combo works on bosses.

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I want to make a Templar with this build, hopefully this will be my final build.

Full CON stat for PVE/PVP/GVG. I have many friends that will play so I’ll mostly play in party. Any suggestion?

Does anyone knows if the the bunshin or clones of Shinobi will gone if the main/true body will die first?

What did you mean by *2 if 2hd sword ?
2hd weapon give more crit bonus or the attribute from highlander 50% crit attack ?
The crit attack bonus from highlander only affect your stats not your crit damage.
also crit attack multipier apply afer total damage *1.5 + crit attack
Like Elemental damage
and don’t threat me as enemy :smile:

Also this DISCCUSION turn into a WAR
@xechidna @celexample

Critical damage in ToS is 150%.
Highlander attribute 2H swords +50%.
Making crits now deal 200%.


I don’t think it’s work like that

It’s crit attack 50%
1 str = 1 crit attack
Let’s say you have 200 Crit attack
With 2hd Sword you have 200 + 100 = 300 Crit attack

Crit DAMAGE make your damage +50% from normal damage
While Crit ATTACK only apply if your damage was Crit, if normal Crit Attack didn’t apply

in your case with Example above ( Crit attack )

if crit : 10301.5 + 200 = 1745
2hd Sword : 1030
1.5 + 200*1.5 = 1845

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I think NasiBubut is right on how Highlander 2HS crit attribute works.
Also I remember reading Cleave bonus on stunned target is 150% (not sure of this source though)

Also why are guys comparing Barbarian C3 with Highlander C3? If optimized, when you’re highlander C3 you will be C4 while C5 for barbarian. At least add 1 circle of corsair for highlander for the comparison…

Yeah, you’r right about Cleave.

스턴시추가피해 (Additional damage when Stun) = 250% (100+150%).

I remember when Highlander’s page showed Sky Liner + bleeding damage too, but they removed it for no reason. It was something like 150% (100+50%).

I will answer the ones I missed before they get buried by the activity of the thread. Hope I didn’t miss any, but if I did then just make a post again telling me so.

That is correct, only stat points that you acquire through leveling (doesn’t count equipment or other factors).

It is just a guideline anyways as to what ratio your stats should aim for, but it is not a definitive formula. Most likely you will add more or reduce one of the stats once you are playing with your character and feel comfortable enough with it to stop investing in one stat.

High STR is recommended for Hoplite because of Finestra. Since you can’t use Finestra with Rapiers, then it is still better to go with a High DEX build for Fencer.

There is no synergy between Hoplite and Fencer, as you can’t use Finestra with any other weapon but spear, and you can’t use Fencer skills with any other weapon but Rapier.

Some people want to mix Spear Lunge to buff Fencer skills and while there are stronger builds out there, it is fine to do it but it isn’t an optimal build and could be tedious.

But if you want to mix Hoplite with Fencer then just take Hoplite C2 to acquire Spear Lunge, going further into it is just a waste of a rank.

Pretty solid build in class choice and skill point distribution.

The only suggestion I would make is to not go Full CON, just go with an All-around build heavy on CON, that is way better than Full CON as you not only get more damage but also get evasion, accuracy and critical rate which is all around better than Full CON.

They do and they can’t do anything if you don’t do it first anyways.

That is not how the attribute works, the way @NasiBubur described is the appropriate calculation.


Couldn’t you just cast Finestra with spear and then switch to rapier, or would that not work?

Is there a big difference of damage between full CON build and All Around build? Can you estimate around what percentage?
I want to compare them in terms of damage and survivability.

Thanks for the info. I don’t read Korean so this was nice.

@MattBR That’s great info. Thanks.

I’d just like to add to that that you can use Finestra with a spear and then just swap weapons. I’ve seen many do this in videos. Is it different now?

Yeah saw that. Thanks for the clarification. Makes me rethink needing Highlander at all.

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Unequipping the spear would remove the Finestra buff… Unless something was changed.

Since you guys seem to have your hands on some good info, I got a question.

How much % damage is applied to Zucken if the enemy target is affected by [Shock]?

How much INT / SPR does [Shock] decrease?

Does [Shock] prevent caster type mobs from casting if it decreases their INT and SPR to 1?

If it decreases them so drastically to 1 each like some state, then why does this attribute exist at all?

We don’t see SP on monsters, but it seems like [Shock] doesn’t work on every monster.

Is there a reason? Is it because [Shock] can only be applied to monsters that cast spells?

@xechidna @celexample

I think both of you are failing to understand the game, even though you both realize it does not end at level 280.

@xEchidna, armor break is cool but as far as I know it can be resisted plus later on bosses can have for example PD mechanics working on them. You’re assuming it will work until the very end of the game with no drawbacks. Also, skyliner is Not stronger then cleave + helm chopper. It is only stronger on bosses because they can’t be stunned.

@Celexample, They also have good points about frenzy and warcry, if warcry only gives us 330 damage and frenzy being a bitch to get stacks up it Does become tedious and there’s no point arguing that. Skyliner is a good skill, and as far as I agree they’re overselling it, both highlander and barb have different areas they shine in. We’re the mob crushers, they’re the debuffers with some nice damage.

With that being said, why does anything you two said matter? Is it impossible for a barbarian and a highlander to be in a party together? Will I not benefit as a barbarian from a highlander’s armor break? Or in case of world bosses, are you two assuming there will Never be somebody with armorbreak from all the people gathered there for the kill? At the end of the day this entire discussion is moo point.

Future classes might also have armorbreak. Or we can get Even more % based buffs like the ones from doppel. I admit, both of you have good points and it was a good read because both of you explained mechanics of two very different paths for a swordsman. But take a step back, both are good, they cater to different crowds and neither needs to be better. Let highlander be better at bosses, they will never be as good at clearing waves of mobs.

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@Cathexis thank you for your guide. :wink:

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@Cathexis Can you explain to me how the synchro thrust attribute works? It can be understood in two ways. It’s either +50% pierce damage from the skill or +50% attack from strike transferred to pierce.

If it’s the first one, that means hoplite has another % multiplier on a very short cd And overheat skill that no one seems to be noticing.

I actually mentioned quite a few times (not sure if this thread, too tired to go back and re-read to check) that a Barbarian would be happy to have a Highlander in the party to give the armor break to you too. They are an excellent debuffer class.

Also yes you can share any Barbarian buff via Linker, so there’s that possibility too. Skyliner spamming has become such a meme that every one who built it in the Korean version is now are 100% convinced themselves that it is the only viable build in the entire game no matter what.

When pointing out the that it isn’t, they get defensive and start mumbling about armor break like it’s the next coming of Jesus, without raising any stats, math, formula, nothing. They don’t even know how much def most monsters do they just mumble “muh 0 defense debuff” and “futureproof by default” or “or muh lvl 600 mobs”.

Then more mumbling about Seism, Cleave and Helm Chopper. Skyliner spam has become the smallest circle-jerk of kToS self fart smellers. So I tried figured lets put some math into these claims. At least someone is trying to figure this mess out. Sorry for trying. Most of the descriptions in this game are entirely lacking, misleading, badly translated or don’t tell us enough. As comprehensive as OPs guide is it lacks a lot of the finer details and equations. Ultimately if what I talked about it moot, then this ENTIRE THREAD is moot since we’re in beta, right?

I guess you read the chain and thought hey time for me to butt in and tell everyone to relax and chill out as passive aggressively as I can with my Friends YouTube clip and act like I’m the only adult in these forums. I get it. I really do. I’m chill bro. Wanna get high? Nah wait I’m salty. I’m like the black ocean of salt. G8 B8 R8 8/8.

I don’t think neither side gave completely moot points. It’s a dialogue. There’s supposed to be some back and forth. I don’t enter into a thread to discuss something with the absolute idea that I’m always right, but goddamn do a lot of people here. Only thing moot is if players don’t discuss classes because they’re afraid they got some minute detail wrong.

You completely misunderstood my point :cry: Didn’t try to attack any of you, just calm you guys down :yum:

I totally agree with getting them off the high skyliner horse. If only because it will leave a large part of swordsmen playerbase disenchanted when the actual game hits.

And I totally agree he is not in the right saying that highlanders can go toe to toe with barbarians in terms of damage. That’s some delusions there alright.

All I mean is, both of you got really explosive really fast and as much as I enjoyed it because it was very informative and through it people can see what both classes give to a playstyle and can further decide easier as to which one to choose - I think both of you are getting a bit too invested into it.

For me, it is a moot point. We don’t have foresight as to what will change in the future, but I’m all for theorycrafting about it. You know my thoughts first hand as you were the biggest receiver of my spam after all :grin: and I laugh at a lot of those people saying This is the best That is the best. It just looked to me as both of you were slowly becoming more and more hostile and there’s no point to it mate. That’s the moot point.

And I grew up watching friends, don’t you dare hate on the show that was such a big influence on me xD

@Cathexis how does kunai comape with hexen dropper without clones? thinking if i should take shinobi or corsair c2 in my fencer build. Also which of the two builds would you personally go for?
Also how does composee compare to the skills mentioned above?

sw > peltesta > hl 2 > cors > fencer > cors
sw > peltesta > hl 2 > cors > fencer > shinobi