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[Guide] Pointless Serious PvP Guide even though all you really want to do is implement PvE in PvP


Deleted due to the fact that this is being linked as a way to harass me and sick of explaining the reason it existed.

It was a very basic gear guide for a contest I couldn’t figure out how to enter, with some jabs at a shitty tier list that heavily underrated Highlander and by extension Doppel.

I stand by most of what I said but it’s worth noting Pain Barrier doesn’t proc off player hits.

Anyways sick of seeing it under the context of “TPK Guide” I have no plans to write a real guide.


thanks for the guide now i know not to play tree of savior


Come on dude, get posted like 2000 characters and a meme image macro. He must know what he’s talking about right?


Rode is so underrated :<
Slithering/montano/Shieldcharge/Shieldpush are realy good skills in pvp.

Love my peltodemurarius XD


I don’t know if this is for real or some rick n morty level comedy that I can’t understand.


I don’t agree with objectively incorrect information.

Saged/reported/called the cops


Thanks for writing the wall of text for us. I do not play PvP at the moment. But once I start with it I will use the information you offered here for playing. Thank you!


If you want to perform well, I highly suggest you don’t and do specifically the opposite of what is stated here.


This actually has 0 information for pvp in general. Please delete this.


gazing golem as a pvp card option

guy clearly doesn’t pvp, gazing golems dont proc in tbl

detele this


Funny you mention that, neither does he.


I don’t play TBL and the character I do Gem Feud with doesn’t take enough hits usually to proc it, I figured I was unlucky with the procs but yes my mistake, a reason why you never take anything in guide or meta, 100%.

I believe I used to get the proc in duels way back but I haven’t dueled anyone since Gem Feuds existence and I can barely remember when I did.

Regardless sorry about that bit, it’s corrected.


Well, if you want to make a PvP guide you have to do TBL… I understand it’s not the best game mode ever engineered, but it has peculiar rules you need to know, in order to do actual PvP in game. Gemstone Feud is “lawless PvP zone”, so has another set of rules, kind of…


Fair point but I don’t think I was entirely wrong for the record, it’s true I missed that it doesn’t proc of players, but it does proc! Idk what all will proc it, I will need to do further testing but I was able to get it to go off on Gem Feud monsters. It’s actually not a bad card, just takes a bit of skill to make use of.



Monsters and summons. That is all