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[Guide]Low Investment Silver Farmer Guide! For Returning and New/Old players



This guide is for returning/new players or players having trouble doing Solo Challenge Mode farming or Hunting Grounds farming using an Archer Build with very little investment. Using this build will allow you to earn silver with very little gear and attribute investment until you earn enough silver to gear more efficient builds that require higher investments to be viable.

With the upcoming Wings of Vaivora Daily Attendance Event this makes it easier for Returning/New players with the Newbie and Returning Savior Attendance Rewards, on the 12th Day of attendance at April 12th, you will receive a Savior Support box containing a Masinios Weapon Box. This box will allow you choose the most important piece of making this low investment build, the driving piece in fact.

Weapon of choice

Masinios Crossbow

Now the driving factor, the Masinios Crossbow, with properties of DEX 57, Lightning Property Attack 297, Quarrel Shooter Skills +2, Additional non-property attack of 3,000.

The Archer build is built around this weapon. What additional non-property attack of 3,00 means is majority of the skills in this build will allow you to proc an extra 3,000 damage ignoring defense, paired with Wugushi, a 3,000 EXTRA damage per poison tick will be applied. With Quarrel Shooter Skills +2, you gain +2 to every skill that you have acquired in the tree and you will gain an additional additional 50% block rate to the skill Block and Shoot making the Skill level 7 with a total of 150% increased block rate without attributes. With max attributes and Skill Gem Red Meduja, the total amount of increased block rate amounts to 235%. But, of course is unnecessary for our current venture. Now, why is block so important? It gives us the ability to survive during solo farming and hunting grounds to net the max Silver and drops with low gear investment giving us 50% extra damage after blocking for 5 seconds and 50% Physical Damage Reduction when blocking. The 50% extra damage increase helps Wugushi dot poison even if it has already been cast.

Skills and Class

The Build

The Archer build will contain Wugushi>Quarrel Shooter>Falconer along with this build.

Tos Guru
Tos Neet

About Core Skills

Core Skills

The Core of this build are Wugushi Jincan Gu, Quarrel Shooters Scatter Caltrops as well as Block and Shoot, and Falconers Aiming which ties all damage done into one. Only downfall of this build is you don’t have many skills that affect flying monsters. But of course we won’t be farming where there’s many flying monsters. Wugushi Jincan Gu paired with Falconer Aiming has almost unparalleled AOE, and damage is dependent on the amount amount of monsters affected with Jincan debuff, more monsters more damage plus extra 3,000 per bug explosion, and more LAG. More on lag later.

Where to farm

Spell Tome Town

Upon reaching level 350 and discovering Spell Tome Town or porting there it’s time to start the easy low investment in gear and weapon farming. This map is the best and only place you should Solo Challenge Mode farm with this build.

Baubas Cave

370 Hunting Grounds located in Mochia Forest is another perfect place to farm. Even under geared you are able to comfortably defeat and survive here with block reduction damage.

Tips and Strategies

Spell Tome tips

Bring 2x armor pieces, you will get hit a lot.This map is glitched and upon casting Quarrel Shooters Scatter Caltrops, the duration of the skill stays on the map doing CONTINUOUS DAMAGE, paired with Falcons Aiming everyone gets a piece. It is very important that you always stay in this


before monsters re-spawn to prevent them from spawning in the area above which will make it harder. In this area always face to the right of the screen while using Falconer Attack skills, facing left will cause the skill not to attack at all and cause roost to bug the Falcon. If you are taking too much damage, use Pavise Skill to knock the enemies backwards.

Timing the skills of Jincan gu, and Caltrops with aiming is very important in the higher stages. Caltrops annihilates all the spawning ground monsters but is ineffective against the flying monsters that spawn so try to pair it with Jincan gu. If Jincan Gu is unavailable, but Caltrops is damaging monsters, time the use of skills of Falconer and Wugushi’s Wide Miasma when the ground monsters are about to die. Doing so will damage the flying mimics, but if unattended will cause delay’s.

Challenge mode 6+

Once you have higher defense equipment, you can try for Challenge Mode Stage 6 solo. This is where the lag comes into play. Upon starting the challenge, cast Aiming, then Jincan gu, and the scatter caltrops. The upcoming lag will prevent the monsters from attacking you and damaging your character too much. Jump to the moving platform on top to avoid enemy damage. When you see the monsters about to die, jump down at stay within original positions. Not doing so will cause the monsters to spawn in many different positions. Rinse and repeat while timing your core skills.

With a Masinios Xbow non trans, I was able to solo during Challenge Mode stage 7, with the bar 3/4 full with 3 minutes remaining. While very hard to do so, it is achievable to solo Challenge Mode Stage 7 with this build and map. The reason to try for higher stages is to maximize the amount of silver attainable if you are unable to purchase Challenge-mode Vouchers.

Always bring a gem with you and enhance your gems with loot after completing stage 4 or 5, you might become too heavy and unable to jump to safety when trying for higher stages.

Baubas Cave

Here in Baubas Cave is another good place to farm for silver, materials and equipment drops. Majority of the monsters here are all ground type and all your skills will affect them. Before farming here, deposit all your silver, blessed shards, and gems. Word of advice here is to keybind Warpstone as an escape before dying. DYING here will cause you many penalties, such losing all your hard earned silver and blessed shards.


Save Plate Primus gears you earn from doing challenges to gear your character for End Game content. Leather armor does not help our build as we have many skills that do not crit. Stats to go for are Con and Str and Block.

Videos in Action

Level 350 Gear

In the video i am going to provide I am using a level 350 crossbow with no enhancements, later in the stages of 3 and so forth, my damage has begun to fall off since i am not using a Masinios Xbow, which procs additional 3k damage per Jincan bug explosion. In stage 5 I decide to show my Velcoffer with Masinios xbow ichor to show how it should go with a Masinios weapon. The main skills to use are Block and Shoot for buff, Aiming>Jincan Gu>Scatter Caltrops. Scatter Caltrops will last for 20 Seconds. With a Masinios Crossbow weapon, the Challenge can be completed in 15 minutes or less.

Velcoffer Crossbow Masinios Ichor
Challenge Mode Stage 7
Baubas Cave 350 gear

Strength and Weakness


High Survivability in Solo Play.
Low Investment farming build
End Game Capable with decent Primus Armor and Masinios Xbow
AoE is unparalleled, good for Uphill defense and Earth Tower
Overall fun build to use if you like seeing damage numbers


Subpar damage compared to other builds
Wugushi Poison does not crit
Quarrel Shooter is very underwhelming in terms damage output, QS needs a Buff please!
More efficient farming builds are out there


This guide is meant for low investment high profit, and is used to earn silver to gear more efficient builds. As well as making Quarrel Shooter a more popular choice, so the DEVS can work on buffing this class with more Damage skills.

If you have any questions, you can message me in NA: Klaipeda server Team Name: Locy


Nice guide, good strat, but i’m afraid that if this got popular, the price of masinios goes up, then the point of low investment ends. But hey, more builds for CM is always a good thing, nice job.


Thanks for the input. The build is doable with a higher base attack crossbow of any kind, the Masinios helps mainly for the extra damage on the boss even with it not being transcended. For older players it would be harder to acquire a Masinios Crossbow, but with newer players and returnee’s this event makes it possible without spending or doing raids.

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Additional non-property attack of 3,000 damage
Is this add 3000 dmg to all your dmg line? like blessing, or it add 1 line of dmg on AA like sacra?


Additional non-property attack adds an extra line of 3,000 damage to skills that have multi-hits and auto attacks. For example, Archers base skill of Multi-shot: base skill does 10 hits, but with Masinios Crossbow each hit will proc additional 3,000 damage amounting to a total damage of 30,000 aside from base weapon damage. This weapon goes even further with Wugushi’s Poison debuffs. Every tick of poison procs additional 3,000 damage ignoring defense.

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**:no_mouth:**noice guide you should make one for a wizard!


That sounds like a good idea, unfortunately I have only been playing and testing archers. When I decide to branch out I might test for other low investment builds such as these.


@Araw_War have you tried this additional line in pvp?
I’m planning a QS build with Masi xbow Ichor and I would like to know if this 3k dmg are applied regardless of any resistance :smiling_imp:


I think that sort of damage is reduced on PvP
Asio Dolls damage on PvP are around 7~9k, while on PvE it’s 30~50k


That’s my fear as well. But rn I don’t have a crafted masi xbow and can’t test it myself :confused:


Yes, in PvP the damage is reduced quite a bit to around 600+ damage. Although smaller, many of the poison damages adds up to a crazy amount. With these poison skills mixed with stone shot, the enemy is unable to escape the burst of poison damage. Also, while the enemy is stunned with Stone Shot, Scatter Caltrops paired with Falconer Aiming is a very big burst of damage and is deadly to Leather Armor users.


Well, in PvP I would have to change a couple of classes. I would probably go Fletcher instead of Wugu, since I need a hard hitting class. But Fletcher/hunter has bleeding which is a very similar mechanic.


Correcting you here.You can, block and evasion works on both magic and physical.


Thanks for the correction. I will update.


This is wonderful!
The only problem will be to make an ichor out of Masi Xbow :sad:


Hm, wouldn’t it be better to pick other damage class instead of QS?
Or maybe Hunter because with the Growling + Aiming the monsters wont hit u


For this particular Challenge Mode Farmer, QS is necessary. As you can see from the Video’s Jincan isn’t the one doing the most damage, it is QS Caltrops. Jincan Gu is only used in conjunction with Caltrops to kill the flying monsters. If you carefully watch the video’s QS Caltrops is doing continuous damage for 20 seconds, while jincan will only burst for around 5-10 seconds.


Doesn’t the traps disappear after hitting the first wave? it’s like 30s CD, you are using one classe for only 1 skill.


Normally the traps disappear after inflicting damage, but in Spell Tome, the traps there do continuous damage for as long as the traps last which is 20s. QS has Block and Shoot as well which compliments Wugushi poison with 50% increased damage for the block duration. This 50% increased damage is comparable to doing Crit Damage which is substantial for Poison damage that does not crit. QS is also chosen to give survivability in Solo play, and for this guide it is meant for Solo Silver Farming. Of course, there are many other efficient builds, but considering the amount of time and silver to gear these certain builds, it does not become low invesment anymore.


I see, does the +50% increased damage apply to property-less/property damage such as Masinios Crossbow, Zendhu and Frieno?
With the upcoming update will be fairly easier to obtain a legendary weapon and masinios also won’t be hard to get the ichor.
Do you think that this build will perform good on new challenge maps? I was mainly concerned about survivability, not die or spend too much on potions.
I was looking for a lazy build to do CMs with Archer and your guide seemed pretty interesting.

Also, may I ask why didn’t you picked Zendhu, isn’t it worth?