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[Guide] Equipment Guide


Welcome Savior, and thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to talk with us. :heart_eyes:
Here are the changes that took place during our latest update.
The Goddess will be delighted to hear of your return! :sunny:

Don’t know what kind of gear you should get next?
Just select your current setup and let us recommend you the best items for your next equipment upgrade!
Browse the equipment guide for a random event code with in-game rewards you can redeem! (Event coming soon.)
Select the type of equipment you want to explore. So let’s get to it.
Click here to see more detail!




Been browsing for a while, but I haven’t seen any signs of redeem code yet.


I browsed through nearly all the options and got no code


Have been browsing for a while, hadn’t got a code but I got a pop up with an error.


Will this be as accurate as the class one xD cause am not sure if I can trust the same person that says a cold skilled hard class with dark powers is a Pyromancer :smile:


Wow this is great! Didnt expect imc to release something like this… Great job!


it got good info too :3

I totally forgot about the Jewelry Collector xD time to pay it a visit


Everyone, the code event isn’t out yet but it will be in the future. Sorry for the confusion :no_mouth:

We will make a separate announcement when the event is ready.


Good job Staffs!

It’s easy to lost track of your target equipment source :'D especially when special requirement involved.


So we’re supposed to make a post on forums for the equipment guide? Wouldn’t that flood the forums with basically the same post?

Use Velcoffer! For the boots use the MS boots! For every other gear get as many stats as possible as high as possible and if you’re not a wizard maybe block pen! For Jewelry, use FFL jewelry if you’re a Sorc or Physical PvPer, Frieno if you’re Inquisitor, or Solmiki if your anything else. For Shield, always use Emengard.


Something is missing in the accessories, like dungeon and field monster
for example below


how to doing quest tell me step by step plz :frowning:


How many codes are there? today was browsing the guide and 3 or 3 codes that I found were already used :confused:


Seems like the limit is only on the number of rewards an account can claim.

The codes though can be used by anyone but cannot be used more than once - if someone else claimed it already, no one else can even if it was shown to them as well.

It’s a battle of who gets to claim every code first until they hit their limit. :crossed_swords:


IMC please don’t bait players to increase your website active visits >.<;;; with this non working event …


Where can I get code?

open this page 1 hr .

dont have anyting



Good Guide

But Su*k enhancement system


HEY all wish nice day is this the right place for the event i want the cube 10+1. Make wizzard strong again. plz


my guide is in the forum, the link is active, all form filled, but why i cant submit the guide?