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[Guide] Equipment Guide


Can you post what link you used?

It might have been caused due to the forum instability, you should try again.


sure, the link works just fine. i saw others experiencing it too in another post. been try many times with same result, “cannot found url”. i hope they fix it before 10th oct

this is the guide i made


it works now :smiley:


I already got my 10 valid tickets, when will the counter per team/account reset?

Is it too late to ask for guides that actually helpful and have proper information? :slightly_frowning_face:

Cause if not than i would stick to other websites guides and trustworthy peoples topics on the forum. Many of the ‘’ guides ‘’ here are pretty disappointing and feels like an elementary school homework.


Did I not put enough :tired: in my guide?


I’m not talking about yours. Yours are great. I checked it. :slightly_smiling_face: Would it be too rude to give suggestions to guide appliers what to change or whats missing?


No, but it’s unlikely that most of the people you’re talking about will read your suggestions. A thread came out offering suggestions right after the copycat World Boss guide and I seriously doubt any of the people it was targeting read it.


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