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[Guide] Detailed Mechanics Overview

Good stuff but I’d like to point out a few things:

-Your guide said currently the only thing that raises Magic Amplification is equipment and potions, but Krivis has Zalciai which has an Attribute called Zalciai: Magic Amplification that increases that stat by 12 each level (IIRC it’s max level is 4 for a total of +48 M.AMP).

-STA can also be increased by an Oracle’s Arcane Energy (+25 at level 5)

*Also, I saw a number of people discussing Crit rate, in particular increasing it, but don’t forget that Krivis can also decrease Crit Resistance with Zalciai (the formula for crit reduction from it at level 15 is 28 + SPR x .8) and since that skills effectiveness scales with a stat, it’ll be useful for achieving a higher crit rate when used on enemies, even at higher levels. It’s really noticeable how much more you crit with that skill.

Sadhu also gets a debuff called Vashita Siddhi that drops all stats by -75 at level 15 including CON, which affects crit resistance.

This is a video I made during the iCBT using a SPR/DEX based Krivis. While in the video you see me testing on low level enemies, I was doing around the same amount of damage on enemies in the 80-90 range after buffing and debuffing.

Just wanted everyone to keep that in mind for theory crafting viable builds and ways to optimize things. You really have to look at everything when deciding their builds because there is some really strong synergy with certain stats and skills.

This guide is quite outdated in lots of aspects, because author is too busy to update it right now. That’s why some things might be missed.

Sadhu debuff is extremely good by itself but not worth getting C3 for it to be useful. Also it’s channeling ability with very high SP consumption so quite hard to use.

Though Krivis Zalciai is truly the best way to improve crit rate, and it nullifies crit res of most mobs. And magic ampl bonus is just 24 magic damage which is meaningless.

You can use a SP potion right before you use any channeled ability (Vashita Siddhi, Melstis, etc.) to counter the SP drain, so it’s pretty easy to use. Sadhu C3 worth reaching depends on your build, that’s not a general rule of thumb.

And that is not how Magic amplification works, it does not just add 24 points of Magic damage. Magic Amplification increases your maximum mag attack damage range by a percentage based off your total magic attack. It makes Zaibas do a ridiculous amount of damage, especially if you are a full INT one.

I only had the +78 INT/STR from Divine stigma and saw it hit for 300-500 per hit when I had Zalciai on (and it hits 19 times and you can cast it twice) and I was only level 80ish at the end of the iCBT.

I’d suggest you try it out first before writing it off as useless.

Can you please give me an example of build where Sadhu 3 worth reaching? Because I tried hard and wasn’t able to make one. There are ALWAYS better options.

According to the formula magic amplification just grants 0-48 damage to your skill, with equal chance for every value between 0 and 48. So basically it’s the same as 24 magic damage.

If you are saying it works differently, then please tell us how to correct the formula and give us some proofs on it. As I know, current formula was tested and proved right at the end of iCBT2, and according to it, magic ampl works right as I described. There were no denial of this statement since the start of kOBT.

If you have some fresht kOBT info about this stat, then can you please kindely share it with us?

Also Zaibas has 356 built in damage, so 300-500 damage per hit is not something strange. At level 80 with Divine Stigma you will have 100+ matk, and together with Zaibas damage it results in 456 damage. So dealing 300-500 is not a wonder.

Also at level 250+ zaibas damage is ridiculously small and 1000*19 damage you can get from it is nothing for 100k HP mobs.

And magic amplification is even more useless at those levels, if it works according to the formula.

Read the thread above, it’s also from this forum and what other players have noticed about Magic amplification.

I want to see the formula you are talking about for magic amplification and where it was discussed that it only adds 24 points of damage. As for my Zaibas doing 300-500, that was on some of the mobs in the Royal Mausoleum some of which are lightning resistant. I need to go back there and properly show case the damage I did there, but I know it was much more significant when I was buffed with Zalciai, not even with Divine Stigma in use, and I wasn’t even a full INT Krivis.

When OBT comes around, I’ll redo this and show you. Whoever put that information out there that you are saying is incorrect.

Here is a video of a full INT Krivis using Ziabas and doing 4,5k+ per hit at level 183. So 1k is a pretty low estimate of that ability’s capabilities at higher levels.

And as for Sadhu C3, One reason to aim for it would be for Transmit Prana. If you have that and Divine Stigma from Krivis you can significantly buff someone’s INT.

Yep, but Sadhu C3 will give you only 50 INT. Comparing with Thaum C3 150 INT for the whole party, 50 INT is nothing. And moreover, it’s chanelling as well. If it was possible to create parties of 10 members then Sadhu C3 might have been good, but right now it’s just waste of 3 class slots. You can get Priest 3 instead and get much more out of it.

Here is the link for damage formula. As you can see, magic amplification is just flat bonus to magic attack.

About this video, everything is correct (but I wonder why his Zaibas damage is 524, when it should be 356(maybe it was buffedm IDK).

Then total damage is: ((524(skill damage)+351(INT)+496(basic matk)+xx(weapon magic damage, assuming 170 for this level))+(0…100%)*(48(magic amplification from zalciai)+x(magic ampl from gear))-211(enemy mdef))*2(lighting on ice)*1.65(attribute)=4500±200 damage. Which is exaclty the damage he deals.

So formula is most likely right. And remember that it’s full INT cleric, so his support skills are much weaker.

On non ice enemies he will deal only ~2300 damage for a maximum of 43700 damage. It’s not enough to kill even 1 mob with 100k HP. And he has quite high attribute on Zaibas.

Oh, and yep, in earth tower it will deal 1100 damage because enemies there have earth property (-50% damage from lightning).

So 20000 damage split between several mobs who have 100k hp/mob.

For that zaibas video, the main reason is that zaibas is doing so much is because there an x2 damage multiplier (rambears are of the ice element).
Other factors you have include in is that the person has base 168 int (524 - 356 = 168 int since 356+int = damage for lvl 15 zaibas) and 1.65 attribute damage multiplier.

The issue is that the video is only showcasing zaibas against enemies that it has elemental advantage against. There are alot more more monsters that get a dmg reduction (earth and thunder types) than ice types.

For the zalc amp, also remember the zaibas attribute multiplier buffs it if you zaibas. Magic amp is functionally like matk but just with random variability. Most people just take the average of the expected results (0-100 averages out to be 50). So to get the value of 1 matk then you would need 2 magic amp (excludes attribute).

Zaibas is an amazing skill that double dips with the int stat (1 int = 1 int to skill damage + 1 to matk = 2 where most other skills without int damage scaling will only profit from the 1 matk from an 1 int increase) and is multihit. However, it does fall off against some higher tier skill of equal hit count like Carnivory because Carnivory (lvl 5-10) base damage simply way too high for it. The only short-term drawback for Carnivory is that the attribute is way more expensive to get 100 compared the zaibas attribute.

The damage formula (posted in the forum and this one seems to be a cleaner version of it) is pretty accurate because i could accurately predict my zaibas damage on my willing human test subjects (without the variability of magic amp) in ICBT2.

That’s 50 INT along with Divine Stigma for an additional 78 +INT/STR if you take Krivis C3 and Sahdu C3 though and neither of those skills are INT dependent, it’s just a flat amount increased. And there’s no reason why you couldn’t also have someone in a party with Thaumaturges’s buff of 150 for an total of 278 INT through those buffs for anyone who might be casting in front of the Sadhu, and 228 for everyone else. Since as a Krivis you are likely to pick up at the very least a few points into Daino for extra buffs so there wouldn’t be an issue of buff limitations either.

And if you took that route, you’d have a pretty decent number of skills to support your party with even more so if you decided to go with SPR instead of INT. Cleric’s Heal even without INT still heals for a pretty decent amount and is boosted pretty significantly with just Divine Stigma alone, so and extra 150 on top of that from a that is just extra gravy. But the idea behind going Krivis C3 and Sadhu C3 is support through buffs and debuffs, which there are plenty of.

Remember earlier you said why would any want to go Sadhu C3? for buffs and debuffs, which they get some pretty good ones.

I’m telling you that formula doesn’t seem right. When I used Zaibas in game during the cbt when I had Zalciai active, there was a noticeably larger variance in damage that wasn’t there before similar to what was being described in the link I posted. I wish I had the mind to record a video of it happening, but the difference in damage with and without similar to what was being posted in that thread. I’ll need to do this again when the OBT drops for sure and check before and after adding that attribute. I’m going to have to concede the point for now since I can’t prove otherwise, but I’m pretty certain of what I saw.

My damage range had a very small min - max damage range, but I still saw numbers ranging from 300-500 when zaibas hit and there should be no reason for that since magic cannot crit. You guys seem to be under the impression that I’m talking about the damage of the skill doing this in general when I mean on a single target.

And yes I mean on the same target not multiple enemies being hit with different resistances, which similar to RO just means that you’ll end up training at certain maps/on certain mobs.

There are a number of enemies that do long before Earth Tower, including bosses. I don’t doubt there are stronger skills in the game nor did I say Zaibas was the strongest skill in the game either. My point was about the variance in damage I saw in the skill. Earth Tower is not the only place in the game, nor is it even the endgame IIRC (it’s just the current high level and difficult place) though so that should not even be the standard which we judge how much potential damage a skill can do, especially since no one has tried it fully buffed with actual end game gear yet. Again, not saying that Zaibas is going to do some ridiculous god tier damage end game nor was that ever my point to being with, just that 1k damage is not the limit of that skills ability. And it doesn’t change the fact that you can use that skill in conjunction with other skills since once you place it, it auto damages anyone that steps on it. When enemies start to have 100k+ HP values, it’s likely to start partying up and distributing roles, because not too many classes are going to be able to solo effectively anyway.

Well when OBT comes I got some more experimenting to do and I’ll have to make sure to record it. I’m not crazy guys lol I swear.

how I download it?


There is a reason: you have limited party slots. It’s better to just use Thaum and get another caster in the party.
I agree it is a good skill by itself which can potentially be used in several ways, but getting 3 circles for it never worth it. You can get priest 3 instead and get revive and mass heal. Or you can get Paladin and get Barrier and lots of useful buffs (and triple damage vs demons smite).

Other Sadhu skills are not superb either, so going for circle 3 is really a pain. If they added at least one or two new skills, then it might’ve worth it. But in current state Sadhu is out of viability.

Every other cleric class right now is better then Sadhu after all the nerfs he suffered.

I’m not sure what difference in damage you are talking about. In video you posted above I already explained where the difference came from.

Magic ampl is the same as maximum magic damage. Simply talking, it improves your max matk. And it is multiplied by T1,T2,T3 and enchancement so it can result in pretty big variation (for example in this video T2 is 2 and enchance is 1.65, so his magic ampl is multiplied by 3.3)

This is exactly the result of magic ampl: it imroves the highest damage skill can deal. So the damage range becomes larger.

Actually it’s explained in the thread you posted. You just misunderstood the explanation probably. For example we have a 3 damage multiplier (attribute/damage type/etc).

If we have 100 matk, and 200 magic ampl. Then you can deal any amount from 300 to 900. So it basically improves max magic attack. Average damage becomes (300+900)/2=600. So 200 magic ampl simply adds 100*3=300 magic damage, or 100 magic attack.

The same applies to Zalciai. But lets assume we have 1000 matk. Then with 48 magic ampl we will have 1048 max magic attack. So average would be 1024. Sure it’s not 0, but you won’t feel it at all when your skill deals 2k damage. So in most situations it’s better to NOT cast Zalciai and do 1 autoattack instead.

Talking about late game monsters, that’s exactly what I mean. Invseting in Zaibas you will make your late game weaker, because you will have less skillpoints for useful skills. As the game progresses Aukuras becomes much more useful, as it more then quadruples your HP regen. And Zaibas will do NOTHING in Earth tower and future content, because it’s not even AoE, it will just deal 14 hits split between mobs and stop no matter what.

And Magic amplification from Zalciai becomes useless already at level 200. And yes, it’s totally possible to get 300-500 damage split if you have maxed multiplier and hit ice attribute enemies. (300~300+4822)=(300~492). So yeah, it’s pretty useful at low levels.

Just remember that by chosing skills that weaken your end game over potentially strong end game skills you permanently make your character weaker.

Super-simpified version (ignores enemy stats resistances and element type for fast calc)
100 int
200 matk
lvl 50
lvl 15 zalc (19x2 but doing 1 hit)

(356+100+200)* 1*1.5 = 984 per hit

Zalc 48 amp (assume 100% amp)

(356+100+200+48)* 1*1.5= 1056 per hit (72 difference is the result of the 1.5 damage attribute multiplier times the 48 amp)

The actual numbers are higher in actual practice because the general stats tend to be higher. The 48 amp in the beginning is great, but does fall off as the enemy hp scales highers. That 48 amp is like a free lvl 170 cloth glove at r2.

I don’t agree with Dereal on the point that Zalciai is a subpar skill. The magic amp is a nice perk to have but the main point of Zalc is supporting your physical attacking teammates given enough spr. The nice thing about the crit reduction is that it can send the enmey critical resistance to negative (basically increasing overal crit chance).

The usefulness of any skill can be up for debate to be honest.

You mean to say Zaibas wouldn’t do much damage in future content, not Zalciai, since Zalciai is the buff not the attacking skill, and Zaibas will always be extra damage on bosses. And at rank 15 it hits 19 times not 14.

I wasn’t fighting ice element enemies when that happened I was in the Royal Masoulem and there weren’t any ice elemental enemies in the mix when it happened (there are none there).

That’s ok guys I’m going to wait until the OBT to recheck. Thanks for responding.

Yeah, I’ve misspelled) All those Z’ish words confuse me somtimes)

Feel free to check it yourself, but damage formula was checked and confirmed by several people)

As for Zaibas, bosses are the easiest part of the game right now, so a bit of extra DPS won’t make much difference. If you are aiming to level as fast as possible in late game I’d suggest you to invest in Aukuras instead, since it will help you to regen much faster and even regenerate in battle quite effectively.

Also I’m not sure, but it seems that Aukuras and Paladin’s Restoration buff PD’s Healing Factor and Featherfoot Bloodbath (since those skills look like they rapidly proc regeneration, so regeneration buffs should work on them as well). But it requires some testing, will do it when iOBT starts.

never needed akuras for heals, either not getting hit due to safety zone + evasion or getting hit too hard for a regen to matter. The only thing I want aukuras for is the accuracy reduction and fire res. attribute, plus as a cleric you can set heals down and just step on them when you need to for instant big heals.

I know there are builds that utilize it, i’m not using one that does.

I have a question regarding evasion and accuracy. How much DEX needed to hit archer class in PVP?
How much accuracy % with 0 DEX against archers?
I’m thinking that DEX is an all or nothing stat because of ridiculous amount of evasion in PVP.

Blocking is worse… i mean you wont hit ■■■■. When an enemy priest decides to use stoneskin xD…

ATM pvp is unabalanced.

Do you think there will be a balancing for evasion/accuracy rate? So we don’t need to put points in DEX only to be able to hit archers.

Actually EVA is all for nothing, not ACC.

Because if you have more ACC then enemy DEX, you will ALWAYS hit unless he blocks the attack.
And if enemy DEX is higher, he will only have a chance to dodge. But yeah, as physical dd you MUST put points in DEX if you want to hit EVA characters more often. Just remember that DEX usually gives you less DPS.

Around how much hit rate % do we have without any point in DEX against high EVA class?

It depends. You won’t be able to hit fencer with 4 sec 100% EVA buff anyway, no matter if you put points in DEX or not.

You can check the formula in the guide and make calculations by yourself. For most classes dodge chance with high EVA will be around (60-70% - your hit chance).