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GTW - score counting after the end


On this last Guild Territory Wars (2020/05/10), at the end, Aqueduct Bridge Area was dominated by FireEmblem and the guild Skyline had around 700 points, but the Session did not end, last for almost a full minute making Fire Emblem lose the Territory.
I sincerely hope that you take some action, because its a territory that influences the Taxes.
Link For some videos showing how extended was the time on Arqueduct:


And I inform you that members of the rival guild who have benefited from this bug are using the flag in the topic, to prevent complaints from reaching the BMI.

They are afraid of losing territory if the problem is found!

We’ve had topics excluded before, because they’re using their members to flood the flag

Edit: New Evidence


they flagged older post. Why are afraid?
Because the score continuous 40 seconds after GTW ends?

Help us @STAFF_Yuri @Staff_Jin @Staff_Alex @STAFF_Amy @GM_Francis

Video with bug:

Plus: they confessed to knowing about the bug, and abused it


Guys… You need to fix it… FireEmblem is the rightful owner of Aqueduct on Silute Server… It can’t be forgot. Take some action, we need you to solve this injustice. If you do nothing, then we’ll know for sure that it’s not a trustworthy game for us to stay…


So you guys were prejudicated by a BUG
you guys reported the BUG
Who abused the BUG flagged your thread
and ofc IMC robots deleted the thread without even reading it?


Skyline R>


It is completely clear that the Guild Skyline got the map in the last second place of the wars in the guild territory - some people are recovering a good observation! Please, let’s watch as evidence carefully. The message that announces or Skyline gets the map at 07:00 from the server, or a clear proof that there was no error or reason to create tickets with panic. The guild fire emblem is a bad losers

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of course, “in the last second” Fire Emblem just wann’a justice


show us the video recorded from your own guild please ^^


@STAFF_Amy @STAFF_Bob @GM_Francis
see this, help the fire emblem

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The Problem is that this “last Second” Lasted 40 seconds. And These 40 extra seconds are clear has day. Its also clear that even if it was 10 extra seconds the territory would still not be seized. There wasn’t even the end screen of “Victory/Defeat” showing how wrong it was.


Skyline’s GTW VIDEO <<<< VIDEO >>>>
has 1 hour and 02 minutes




Bad loser foi engraçado

woooow so, the lag was fixed?
at the moment when the lag on server is fix thannnnnnnnnnnn you can comment.

Help us @STAFF_Yuri @Staff_Jin @Staff_Alex @STAFF_Amy @GM_Francis

1 Second on Aqueduct = 40 Second on real time?

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playing almost impossible and in the end such a problem happens?
it just discourages and does not make you want to call friends to play GTW or even the game itself. Discouraging, “congratulations” to Skyline because after all IMC will make it cheap for you. @STAFF_Yuri @Staff_Jin @Staff_Alex @STAFF_Bob @STAFF_Amy @STAFF_William @GM_Francis

I did not understand the reason for so many complaints, TOS does exactly what we all do when we have many pending tasks to finish before the deadline, stretch the space-time to complete all tasks of course =D

Vou escrever em PT BR porque to escrevendo pros players e nĂŁo pros GMs
Vamo deixar de choro? TOS tá a quatro anos no beta, pelo amor de Deus, é bug atrás de bug, é problema atrás de problema, vocês transformam o ambiente desse jogo em algo tóxico porque querem, a Paradise entrou no mapa faltando um minuto só pra tentar foder com a Sky e acabou fodendo a própria parceira Fire, porque quando tem 100+ pessoas no mapa o canal não aguenta de tão bom que é o servidor, vamo usar a racionalidade, parar de mimimi e continuar com a competitividade, não deu essa semana? tenta na semana que vem sem a porra da guild parceira foder com tudo, obrigado e boa semana, sem hipocrisia

1 - Paradise nĂŁo e Parceira da Fire
2- Quem passa pano pra bug abuser e bug abuser


The server time and GTW time often desync in both directions and this isn’t really new. I also don’t see a single person from the defending guild there… Sucks to lose that way but it is what it is. If you believe there is some way to influence the clock deliberately then please report it, but this is one of those really old issues with the client. Maybe UDP will fix it :stuck_out_tongue:


40 seconds of dsync is acceptable? LUL

And yeah, Skyline use some bugs for it. There are a 3 different videos and if IMC dont care Ill report on Steam because they`re reliable

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