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Golden Rabbit Coin acquisition. Seriously?

Did my daily repu run.
5 Maps, over 1000 mobs massacred.
10 Golden Rabbit COINS

Best way to acquire is to stay logged in, most probably afk.
And fishing! Which IS AFK!

Cmon IMC, I know none of you respect your players time, but stuff like this exactly why people are starting to leave.

I REALLY hope that abysmal droprate is simply a bug that will be swiftly fixed.

@GM_Francis @gmt16 @gmessier98 @gmazza23 @gmMoba @gmkalandar

EDIT: One more thing, you guys spelled rabbit wrong.

EDIT2: Some here saying that this game isn’t meant for fun, that the event is optional so stop bitching, that I’m complaining for a not important event. I guess you guys don’t want to see this game improve and be more populated huh?
I make complains because I like the game and I want it to grow to be better.
I know i should ignore the trolls, but I just want to put this out here.

Have a nice non-salty day everyone.

They just want to pump the CCU (concurrent user) count so that the game doesn’t look as dead as it usually does. Just typical games company stuff.

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I know. It’s glaringly obvious.
I just wished they did it some other way I guess. Something that’s kinda fun?

Idk man, why do I even expect IMC to try to innovate or anything.

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Don’t bother, just play normally and use whatever coins you get. Rewards are just the same bunch of expirables as every other events and you will have enough coins to grab whatever is useful and just forget about the rest.


I know; I can’t deny that I do need some of those (random) rewards.
I just wished IMC can come up with something new is all.

Ah well. It is what it is.

You’re asking too much.

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This game is not for fun.
That’s about right.

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I think it’s broken again:


3K daily rabbit (on weekends) caps out at 2000/3000 (can’t push further).

278/280 rewarded, so game thinks I’m capped

Apparently the rest 1000 point is acquired from afk. Because mine keeps adding 100 every hour im logged in.
Let’s hope it’s a bug.

10 hour AFK, LMAO IMC you’re delusional!

Tos: please stay in game longer

Ffxiv: please logout if you are idle, we will even force you logout daily


At this point, if this is deliberate, I’m not even surprised.

afk in tos … alt tab … play other mmo …

optional event OP you can either b*tch or you can do it lol

event items were trash tho…only thing with decent value is the res hard tokens, others are just very situational and probably will just expire in your inventory

I’m not disputing that, since my char is high level already.

But what about newcomers? Surely they would want all the help they can get.