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Goddess patch arrow sprinkler

am i correct in assuming these below?
old SFR: 51 hit x 920% = 46920%
new SFR= 26 hit x 1840% = 47840%

Sound about right.

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thanks! Just reassuring myself, because i read youtube comment that arrow sprinkler gem is not included in recommended gem for mergen

Perhaps, because if we miss 1 arrow, we automatically miss 2 hits unlike before. the gem recommendation seems like a conceptualize judgement. Is there any before and after patch damage comparison?

sadly no comparison, but my WBR result still put arrow sprinkle in the top of the list compared to other skills. Paper wise, it could be slightly weaker due to orbital’s giant arrow drop 50% less than before

Should be the same as each arrow hit twice as hard. It just rng make the wider dmg difference when we crit often and not crit. So, ensuring our crit chance near the cap is a priority.