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Goddess Card for Archer Class

Which is best goddess card for Cannon?

and you will can ask here for other classes too

cannons are physical, maybe Austeja?

Continual AOE: mergen arrow sprinkle
continual damage debuff: mergen downfall
I dont know if falconer tomahawk burning effect and fletcher broadhead bleeding effect count as continual damage debuff or not?

At the first glance, sfr alone make Austeja stronger. But 20sec cd vs 10sec of Saule. Austeja should be suited for skill with slightly long cd.

I use fletcher so Saule is better with boss due to 15s to 20s cd. But, with current wbr, raid and possible future raid has so many speciality trait they can come up with, Austeja become situationally useful. PVP definitely need Austeja.

Honestly I’m more curious about the upgrade method of Goddess Card.

So far no-one can get the card yet due to time gate, and I heard upgrading it requires multiple regions star 3~4. I’m curious about the actual upgrade process and the exact material needed.

I can’t find any info on this thread right now.

there is an item that requires you to buy different items from different NPCs for the same goddess. don’t know what it does. probably for upgrade. there is also the goddess enhancement card.

Is it true that Saule effect does not hit the target but only the mobs around it ? I heard it from others so I stop giving my precious time gated pouch to the tax collector(npc) emoticon_0008

I just also realized that Austeja also give stat boost, despite the patch note not having it.

I asked a KTOS guy he’s using it on WBR and he said it works on the target.
They patched it.