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Goddess\' Blessed Cube: September 10, 2019

Greetings Saviors!

We have made an announcement regarding ‘Goddess’ Blessed Cube: September 10, 2019’.

You can check the details at our official website from the following link.

Link :

Thank you as always for your continued support, enthusiasm and love for Tree of Savior.


IMC Staff

That kateen Forest hairpin was one of the most interesting in-game mysteries the game had

Instead of following up on the lore, it got added to gacha. RIP.


A bloody shame. People spent countless hours looking for the mystery, just to get told to spend TP for it.


There was never a mystery. It was an unimplemented, datamined item that was never added to the game. Players only knew about it through datamining and there was never a quest to give the item. The item was now added to the Goddess Cube after all this time due to player demand for the item in KR.

Players created their own mystery.

Just shows how out of touch the company is with the player community. Could’ve been implemented in an interesting way? Yes. But they choose the easy way out.

Nevertheless, it’s there now for anyone that want to have a chance at it.

what if… the hairpin itself is a key to solving the mystery and not as an reward Owo

can always add that for devs to do if it’s currently leading to an ded end

or is it owO?

still, i want those monochrome costumes X3

Legit. I’ve spent my fair share of many weeks exploring quests and reading countless forum posts about other players’ investigations to find this hairpin. Not sure if I should be happy I see it in the next gacha.

At the time no one knew that. That’s easy to say now because everything was pretty much discovered, but if you look at earlier forum posts most of the headbands and costumes we know now had no source. It took hundreds and thousands of hours of community input to make the list into what it is today of how to find the items. So its not correct to say there was no mystery at the time.

Years ago, yes. Eventually, things were discovered or datamining revealed everything. Datamining also revealed that there is no way to get the flower in game. If there was, it would’ve been known a very long time ago; the same time as everything else.

So I suppose it was a mystery when the item was datamined and players wondered if it was obtainable… but datamined items should always be taken with a grain of salt. You can’t expect them to be implemented, nor be angry with IMC when you find out that they’re not. You were never supposed to know about them to begin with, and IMC did not reveal the item’s existence. There was no tease or promise of the item ever existing.

If you check contents of this cube, there is clearly no golden pig inside.

You just destroyed the dreams and hopes of some players haha

the items order by rank is all messed up, if you inspect the cube on tp shop… and there’s no golden pig inside… REALLY IMC?(and they raised tp prices for silute…)

cant purchase tp from steam anyone else having the same issue?

An error was encountered while processing your request:

An unexpected error occurred while authorizing your transaction. Please try again.

EU too.
It’s not much 1-2€ but wow wtf, imc is so greedy.
Can your company not just die already ?

Not much of a surprise. For years people were wondering when cosmetic weapons from closed beta would be added back into the game and speculating on what kind of content they’d be a reward for since they were a beloved part of the beta game. Then they finally give us back our Twinkle Rod exclusively as a rare reward from a gacha disguised as an event instead of tying it to any game content because they don’t do that anymore.

BR prices raised up a lot to be honest.
just for example:
300 tp = 50,80 yesterday
300 tp = 67,16 today

without any announcement, i was saving money on my steam wallet just to purchase those cubes…
totally nonsense, almost 70 bucks for 11 cubes xD

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Not sure if it is because they choose to increase it, or it has something to do with exchange… Cause BRL went crazy last few weeks (I guess currencies from all South America, due to Argentina situation), so if packages are priced as USD and Steam do the money rating, then this might explain why it got increased.

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