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Go grab your critical shot gem fast, watson! KTOS patch 200820 APPROVED!

because new crit shot +1 level= + 2.5% final crit damage!!

interested xbow is x1.75

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will this ended up like tomahawk topic?


My crit shot is only level 1 do you need to max this skill? I thought even at level 1 it will be 50% final damage.

what i posted above is new critical shot, still at ktest.
Pray it doesnt change when patched to ktos 1-2 days from now.
itos currently just need lv 1 for +50% crit dmg

+1 to this^

It is in ktest so take this suggestion with a grain of salt

Just like Tomahawk thread mentioned by @idzkbpx

Outstanding move! +999 too!
The more people dont believe this thread, the further away hoarder from hoarding this gem!

That tomahawk thread i initially wanted to tell fellow falconers good news, but the result was hoarder selling it for 50m, so i quickly reedit the thread to make hoarder hard to sell and now tomahawk gem back to normal price again :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: but still very worth to get for every falconer

it seems ktos live already patched today, and ktest’s critical shot left unscathed to ktos
critical shot gem+ divine might= lv 12 crit shot +55% crit damage

Thank you, good samaritan seller!

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We can max the attribute issit?

max attribute critical shot?

you just need level
+1 level= +2.5% crit damage
ktos player usually shot at empty air just to get 30s crit shot buff

so you can put critical shot gem in secondary glove/boot, cast it, then swap to your original glove/boot

Oh okay so just for the buff effects… btw its kinda difficult to swap every 30 seconds.

if your main glove/boot not booked by another skill gem yet, then put that crit shot gem on your main equip

i usually put them in 1 row of keyboard, i.e
windrunner at key 4
critical shot skill at key 5
varna shoe at key 6
then just piano 4-5-6

the reason i put critical shot gem on secondary glove/shoe are:

  1. it is a buff, buff level wont go down when you swap equip
  2. it is more future proof, when new legend lv800 equip released, you dont need to get another critical shot gem for your new lv 800 legend glove/shoe