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Give us a free market

  1. Server : All

  2. Full Name of Item : All

  3. Current Price Range (Minimum / Maximum) : Varies

  4. Reason for Suggesting Change :
    Simply put market restrictions and trade restrictions on their own are fine, but together lead to a nightmare.
    Other then the odd item used assumingly for RMT this will probably mostly go unnoticable until you hit 170 and try gearing your character. At this stage the market becomes redundant and people are forced to trade. Under normal circumstances I would be fine with this. But we are unable to directly transfer silver which leads to complications. This means players are forced to trade items of equivalent value for the item they want to buy/sell. Again there is a number of problems with this aswell due to the potential system which again I would be fine with if not for the other trade restrictions. Unless you have the particular item the person is looking for you have to assume that they are going to resell, this means that the items traded would have 1 less potential then those that someone else who farmed them themselves and accordingly less value. This means that people are less likely to trade for items to resell but rather only look to trade for talt or items they themselves can use. Talt again is a limited resource, under normal circumstances you can only recieve a maximum of 6 a day per a character. At a value of roughly 5k each, your looking at atleast 1month worth of dungeon runs to be able to trade for an item worth 1kk. There’s also cards and other “worthless” drops that lower this making the process even longer but that can be countered with creating more characters so you can do more runs per a day.
    What you’ve created is a sellers market. Unless you have a bunch of characters to farm endless amounts of talt daily or happen to be lucky enough to find another rare item that the seller just so happens to want, your at their mercy.
    Its also adding inflation to the market bc I’m assuming people like myself hold onto valuable items in hopes of trading them for items that will help they’re character. Lets say for example I want an Aias recipe and happened to stumble accross a Petamiom recipe, I personally would not put the petamiom recipe on the market and would look to trade it for the Aias recipe instead because the silver i’d obtain from selling the Petamiom recipe, could not be trading towards the Aias but would be stuck on my account. I could however use the silver to buy stuff off the market at the Aias Recipes seller’s request but in most cases its better to just hold onto valuable items until you get an item you want. So when i say the value of items is being inflated its because people are hoarding valuable gears inorder to trade for other valuable gears that help their characters leading to less of these items being on the market and less competition to keep the prices down.

Anyways I’m not sure how well i explained my opinion. But basically trade restrictions + market restrictions + talt restrictions + this and that restriction just make life hard.

  1. Screenshot of Item on Market (Evidence) :

Pretty much this. Supply and demand make for too much fluctuation in prices that can’t ever be changed under the current system.

Everyone is keeping dungeon drops to themselves and it becomes a chore to have to shout to trade it.

A huge number of recipes (much too many for me to list) are locked at prices when there was a high demand for them because people were at that particular level and wanted to buy weapons for themselves and they are stuck at the high prices. Dungeon recipes are locked at lower prices when there wasn’t a lot of silver among players.

The price lock just creates needless frustration when many times gold sellers can bypass these restrictions anyways.

Perhaps instead if you wish to catch people trying to trade items for high amount of silver you can do this:
Keep a private record of the average price, high and lowest for yourselves and allow the market free reign. You can still catch those selling things at strange prices without disrupting the players from pricing items according to the current demand.

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Thanks for the support :slight_smile:
Now that I have a bit more time, i’d just like to add some more opinions of how removing the market min/max prices will help as i noticed in my previous post its mostly in regards to how annoying of a situation it is.

Basically, removing the min/max price from the market would give all items a common currency: silver. At the moment the only common currency is talt but I said earlier is a limited resource with hard caps on how much can be obtained daily. Other then that the value of an item has to be made up with other items that satisfy the seller.

Is it going to destroy trading?
I cant see any reason why it would hurt trading. Yes it wont be necessary, but there’s plenty of people who’d like to do a 1:1 trade, auction, save a buck or just avoid the 2 day waiting period. So sure trading and player interaction will take a hit but I’m sure most people will be happier with the end result.

Is it going to help RMT?
I cant see how. Going to use dilgele as an example here. Atm there’ around 7k each due to minimum market price and RMT(we think). There real value is around 500silver. Now with the current system it will be alot harder to tell RMT vs someone in desperation although i doubt anyone would buy dilgele at that price other then RMT but there’s items like kepa wing? which have a high sale value due to again guessing RMT but are also required for endgame recipes. Something like kepa wings would be hard to distinguish between RMT and someone desperate to finish their gear unless large quantaties are sold. If the limitations are removed it would be alot easier to notice and such transactions would be more obvious. Like why is someone spending 10k on a kepa wing when there’s a bunch on the market for 500silver.

Market control
Again i cant see this becoming a problem. Materials can only be traded once so most attempts at controlling the market would be in vain. I highly doubt there would be many cases of buying out the market to sell your goods at a higher price where you can still make more profit while being stuck with a bunch of mats. Honestly even with equipments used in recipes(where potential doesnt really matter) i havent noticed much manipulation in prices. And obviously if it does become an issue, it can either be addressed or ignored at the time. Some developers just say suck it up as its a player driven economy, or you could make rules against it at your discretion. Either way potential is already a good deterrent in most cases.

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Well it could be like you or we could have servers running advertises from money sellers back again 24/7 around 10-20 per channel and be forced to walk with [Normal Chat] : OFF again.

Still I would love that ppl not be allowed to undercut prices like @ssh0l€s. If something is selling 200k… why do you allow them to seel it for 33k? That crap kills the market…

Most of my Purple item drops, I remove them from market and go straight to feeding my gems or to NPC…

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