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Giltine's team clash


I really like the this minigame, the best one so far if you ask me.
but after playing more than 11 times I notice that I never saw the blue team win…
if you are in the red team you can go back and forward changing defense and offense as you see fit
while in blue team your way back to the center is blocked by houses and monster uses unfair paths.
I belive a simple balance fix would be to change the monster right path in blue team to use the stair instead of going through another house (like the blue left path behaves) or make it a new path for the red team between the 2 (where they go through the big house).


Blue team wins when red team has more afks.


Nope, I’ve won both sides with tryhards and no AFKers. The red team also have slight disadvantage. The orbs spawn more near red team. So I think pretty fair.