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Giltine Armband Event

Please fill in as much as you can :

Date and Time(Please, specify the timezone) : 09/17/19 08:00 pm (server time)

Server Name: Silute

Team Name: YoRHaSquad89

Character Name: 07E

Bug Description :
Won over 15 matches of Giltine Team Clash and the armband didn’t appear into the character inventory as described on the event page.

Steps to reproduce the issue :

  1. Participate on the Giltine Team Clash event.
  2. Win 15+ matches without disconnecting or staying idle.
  3. Wait for the event stage to kick you out once it’s over.
  4. Return to Klaipeda without the armband

Screenshots / Video :
(attach screenshots or videos regarding the bug)

Game Control Mode (Keyboard/Joypad/Mouse) : Keyboard


  • CPU : Intel i7 4th gen
  • RAM : 8Gb
  • Graphics Card : RX 360 8Gb
  • Mainboard : Gigabyte G1
  • Storage : 1Tb
  • OS : Windows 10
  • Internet Connection : 18Mbps
  • Country, Region : Argentina, South America

the description about the event is misleading.
the truth is you don’t need to win 15x to get the giltine armband, you just need to reach 15 participation count.
note that the participation count can only be increased once per day, that means to get the armband you gotta join the event at least once per day, for 15 days. :neutral_face:

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IMC updated the description of the event to match the correct requirements. Sorry about the confusion!

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Hi @JerichoGhosteye,

Kindly send a ticket to customer support regarding this for further assistance.


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Oh, there’s no way I can get it then, since my participation is 5 and there’s only 5 days remaining for the event to end :pensive: If I only I knew about that before, I would have tried it once a day a long ago :sweat_smile:

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Are you guys sure you aren’t in need of a better customer support manager? :smiley:

that customer support tho… 10/10 imc. but still though, imc is right on this case. if they give you the armband, then other players would also rush 15x a day, then send imc a ticket for the armband. if imc refused them, they’d just point fingers to your direction and start screaming favoritism or something. so please understand that, and maybe read the event description next time.

the problem here is that the direction is a bit vague (before it was updated for clarification), and new players wouldn’t understand how events like this works compared to veterans

one might argue that they put an effort to get those 15 wins in one day.

then again, i did it on day 1 to confirm if it is or not back then Owo;;;

I thought that they make it clear on day one that it’s one count per day… idk, im new to this event myself but i kinda get it when i read the whole thing (?) although I did try my damnest to win on the few first days, before realizing why people just call it afk giltine and why my teamates are just chilling down doing nothing lul.

they kind used the word “win” instead of participation, and didn’t mention it only counts 1 participation per day in the original instructions Owo;;;

well, it is thanks to the veterans that behaved in such manner that you are able to come up with the hypothesis Owo

yeah before the description was updated it said
“Prove yourself as a true follower of Giltine and complete 15 victories in the team clash to receive Giltine Follower Armband”

it kinda implied you need to win 15x for the armband, while the daily entry thingy was for daily reward. so there was confusion.
good thing they updated it but it’s kinda late tbh :haha:

(fun fact: I copy pasted that description from the first giltine clash event)

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I do understand their point, even when I don’t agree with it. Say it was a game breaking reward, I wouldn’t even think about requesting it, but I find an accesory item wouldn’t cause any benefit to the playerbase which could potentially ruin game economy/ecosystem.

But, ok, no biggie, let’s leave that aside. What really bugs me in this case is: 1.- I’m a game dev myself. I pretty much know there ARE options available to them to grant such a request. I’d rather been told it wasn’t possible due to favoritism and all that. 2.- It’s certainly not the first time their event instructions are misleading. There were other iterations of this event before and the text in the event page also stated you needed to win 15x to get the armband. How come, if the community already knew about it from long ago, this wasn’t issued already?

It’s easy to see, from the exposed above, that as much as I love ToS, the people managing it aren’t taking their community/game seriously.

I think I call it quit at this point (these aren’t the only reasons, by the way, but I’m sure this isn’t the place for this kind of rants. I apologize for that). Can’t avoid the suspicion my hard-earned time/money can be better off invested on another game/entertainment media. I rest my case.

You yourself described them as customer support. I’m surprised with you knowing this, and claiming to be a “game dev yourself”, you wouldn’t surmise that their description of “we cannot grant your request” and “…is something we are not yet capable to do” is not a technical limitation.

As often is the case for GMs and customer support in MMORPGs, they are given strict rules on what they can and cannot do for players. This very likely falls under the umbrella of a request they cannot grant due to these rules and boundaries, hence their response. I’m disappointed if you truly believe that them saying that “they cannot grant the request” is them trying to say they don’t have the tools and technical means to do so. The value or worth of the item in question has little to do with it; you are asking them to do you a favor, give you an item you are acting entitled to own, when they have no reason to be required to do so, and beyond that, clearly cannot do for reasons they cannot (and do not have to) divulge. I am certain that if it was a simple task to give you the item and they were permitted to do so, they would; there’s no reason to assume they are intentionally being malicious by keeping the armband from you.

Furthermore, while it is their fault that the event page was incorrect, that should not automatically grant the assumption that you and everyone else that noticed this fact are suddenly permitted to acquire the reward without completing the task. This certainly seems to the case for you, as you took knowledge of the event page being wrong and immediately rushed to put in a ticket and were shocked enough to resort to an insult upon realizing you weren’t going to get what you wanted.

None of this is excusable, but mistakes can happen, even repeatedly. It was corrected now (and in only a few hours after you reported it which I would say is pretty fast), but it still doesn’t default you to obtaining the reward.

This is a very general, broad statement for something that likely amounts to a single individual making a mistake writing up a web page. For a game you claim to love so much, you certainly are taking a simple mistake very harshly.

Every game has mistakes, every person makes mistakes, and it’s certainly up to you if you want to be critical about it. I’m sorry you had such a sour experience, but I don’t think it justifies such cruel words.

To be honest, I was absolutely and positively certain my request wasn’t going to be granted. I wrote the ticket curious about what kind of answer I’d get. I believe the result answer was vague, and while my assumption is of course biased, it’s not irrational.

I do recognize I have overreacted. However, it saddens me the community knew the description was wrong, apparently since the previous iteration of the event, and yet nobody seems to have pointed it out/fix it until (correct me if I’m wrong) I decided to do it. And I’m not an early bird, the event is almost over. I did plans so as to participate on this event on its last week trusting the information was right. Then, the question I did to myself was: “Did something similar to this happen to me in the past on regard some other game content?”. Yes. “Am I ok with it?”. Not anymore.

I apologize if anything I said is insulting to anyone on whatever degree. But I still hold my point; I think I’ll be better off investing my time somewhere else that better suits my needs, which doesn’t necessarily have to be anybody else’s case.


that’s because most of the peeps did the 15 wins in 1day while it was early so to confirm the actual mechanics Owo

another thing to consider is that english is not their main language owO;; so there are times like this they really cannot see the urgency of these misunderstanding especially no one made a complaint, that it until now (since everyone discussed it in the previous event’s comment section, aside from in-game shouts and among players playing the event)

i do not think it’s a vague reply, but more of a general spiel, something that is expected from CSR tbh ‘w’; nonetheless, it is a rather objective response on which you subjectively received

seems to me, you underestimated the game-breaking capabilities of the giltine armband :prince:
i mean, considering claiming to be a game dev yourself Owo

but in anycase, just because it’s an accessory of aesthetic purpose (with devastating potential[of which you {surprisingly} didn’t know of]) doesn’t mean that they can bend the rules u know Owo

that’s item categorism OAo;; the law abides to all otherwise none at all owO;;

i think it’s irrational to assume that assumptions are rational :haha:


because most people know how the event actually works by reading and testing to make sure.
otherwise if its exploitable and potentaly break the game you will see the complain early.
but its just another mistranslate or mistype thing imc use to do.
and people who knows ignoring this another imcs mistake because we think that everyone else are smart enough as well to understand the actual mechanic.
and we already know the auto response too well.

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there are next year, I got it last year so not participate well this time, so yolo I have that armband from last year event

actually the previous event was early this year Owo;;;

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Actually, the community shouts that the description is false for the first few days after the event started repeatedly (like a 2 or 3 times in the span of one hour) in telsiai. Also, try to join an active guild, as guildmates usually helps a lot in events like this. they would help you fill the queue, explain about the events, etc.