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Ghost Maiden's Request

Greetings Saviors!

We have made an announcement regarding ‘Ghost Maiden’s Request’.

You can check the details at our official website from the following link.

Link :

Thank you as always for your continued support, enthusiasm and love for Tree of Savior.


IMC Staff

Event shop is a complete copy/paste of the last event (plus two costumes and a couple new at the end).

“[Event] Quest Clear Scroll Package” really? So next is a “bot” scroll that plays the game for you?
However those attendence rewards are quite good compared to the event ones…

And why make the events so complicated??? With all the dailies we have to do are you sure we still have time to waste on a zillion steps to get points to buy seeds, statues and potions that restore 2000 hp???

Next event will have logarithm, sine and cosine, just wait. All of that while playing flute and juggling knifes.

But the prizes will STILL be the same, with the same short expiration.

They could at least have a longer duration. Or have something creative amidst them (it didn’t even need to be useful, just creative! Black cat ears? A little black cat balloon? Weapon skins? Whatever…

Hey, but it’s free, so I shouldn’t be complaining, right? At least isn’t PvP.

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Only IMCs explanation is too complicated, the event is actually very easy which boils down to:

-Do content
-Receive materials
-Use materials to cook pumpkins
-give pumpkins to NPC for event shop currency


Well … at least they didn’t add the old type diagram thingy hahahaha

bruh hahahaha

dem diagrams

In fact yes.

And it’s quick. A raid gives 150 points and you can only get 300 points per day (600 during weekend).

Apparently they added steps just to randomize the number/quality of items you get from cooking. But do people give a f*** about the options they choose while cooking the pumpkin stew?

You mean:
10 Do A
20 Get result B?
30 Yes? Goto 500
40 Goto 70
50 Get Result C?
60 Goto 10
70 Syntax error in 30


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where do i get the Halloween attendance check rewards? I’ve been online for about 3 hours, and i can’t see it.

appears in the inventory of the char you are on when the 60minutes tick

i think its for tomorrow … O.O didnt get the items today also … sad IMC making it complicated again XDD

It really reminds me of that gaming simulation game where those arrows target your waifu/harem girl gahahahaha

those costumes came from squid game :expressionless:

Do they have the right to use that design without copyright credits? :thinking:
or they just waiting to get sued so they can finally get a reason to close the game :smiley:

At least everyone is having fun! xD

I really wish the green one has a number tag on it … now, its just a dye from old jumpsuits >.<;;; sad …